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  How do you avoid getting hooked into the Illusion Matrix? By being informed. By questioning everything,…
  How do you avoid getting hooked into the Illusion Matrix? By being informed. By questioning everything,…

Psychic Protection Sanctuary ~

Psychic protection & spiritual empowerment to help you live a powerful, grounded, peaceful life. 


Offering assistance with:

* Unwanted paranormal activity

* Spirit attachment

* Psychic attack / curse

* Empath & lightworker sensitivity issues

* Intuitive / psychic development & spiritual discernment

* Spiritual & life empowerment


Online and in-person courses in:

~ Empath / Sensitivity Support

~ Psychic Attack and Entity Attack Emergency Support

~ Intuitive Development Training  

~ Reiki & Energy Healing

~ Personal Transformation & Empowerment


All courses are taught by psychic protection expert and master energy healer, Maya Zahira.  

These trainings are intended for both everyday people and professional energy healers.

Mystic, mentor, and visionary educator, Maya has helped hundreds of people empower and transform their lives over the last 25 years. 



(Long-distance worldwide and in-person in Tucson, AZ and the surrounding region)

~  Reiki, energy balancing, entity clearing for individual 

~  Psychic Reading for individual or event/party

~  Space Clearing for home or business



Want to develop your spiritual gifts? 

Apply now for the Spiritual Empowerment Academy


Order Maya's book! 

Darkness Disguised as Light: The Hidden Truth About Psychic Protection and the Illusion Matrix, by Maya Zahira


Watch Maya Zahira's welcome message.

(Note that in-person sessions are now available in Tucson, AZ.)


Meet Maya Zahira and learn why she teaches about psychic protection...  

Video recorded August 2016. 


Here's What Students and Clients Are Saying....

“One of the things I really appreciate about Maya Zahira is her authenticity, emphasized by her desire for integrity and discernment, and also how transparent she is with sharing techniques and tools to help people when they are in incredibly vulnerable situations like psychic attack. Maya provides an expertise that empowers others to ultimately help themselves, which is invaluable.”  Jennifer Minns, Naturopath, Clairvoyant Healer, Adelaide, South Australia


"Hi Maya, I just wanted to touch base with you since our last appointment.  I used to have at least have one to two episodes of sleep paralysis per month. Since our video meeting a few months ago, I followed your recommendations for clearing the issue.  Since then, I have not had even one instance of sleep paralysis!  That breaks the record for me!  (I'd been experiencing it for so long.)  I wanted to thank you and hope you keep me in your prayers.  You’ve been so helpful and I really appreciate not feeling hopeless anymore."  A.J. Milton, GA


"Using psychic protection techniques learned in Mays's classes I, personally, was able to ward off a direct entity attack and clear negative energies from my home. Under Maya's guidance, I was able to assist two family members in clearing long-standing entity attachments. Maya continues to be a support to all of us.S.D. Gladstone, MO 


"Maya,  you were there when I needed help with clearing my house of entities, and you helped me SO much. You went into action immediately and set things right. You went above and beyond answering my many questions patiently and left clear instructions and tools allowing me to keep it going after you left. Not everyone would do that. Every day I am thankful you made my home calmer." C.M. Parkville, MO


"I was having issues with a false light entity. At first, I wasn’t aware it was a false light entity and was confused by the fact that this spirit was telling me lies and I was having some major problems and bad luck in my life. Maya identified the entity as a false light during a video chat and immediately offered me her protection toolkit and personal advice to help me find ways to get rid of the negative spirit. Maya has devoted her life to helping others who have been invaded by evil, dark and false light spirits. She is incredibly wise and experienced in her protection techniques and doesn’t want others to suffer like she did when she was attacked. She knows how hopeless a person can feel when they are desperate to find answers and get their life back to a peaceful state. Maya has supported me 100% and has my back and will continue to support me until we can successfully end this negative spirit attachment issue."  S.R. Belton, MO


"I KNOW focusing only on good does not work alone! I have been sensitive to the spiritual realm since I was a very LITTLE girl! I LOVE the angels and positive energy around me!! I have NEVER intentionally invited ANY negative or demonic entities to me...NEVER! Because I didn't know how to totally protect myself...I attempted to just shut off that part of me. (It doesn't really work) I have discovered a safe place where I CAN open up my spiritual side again! I feel I have been guided to a mentor (Maya Zahira) that can help and teach me the right way to be whole! I was very surprised (but not shocked) to discover I am wide open to negative attachments....(28 of them?....beginning around 8 yrs old or so) I truly had no idea but believe that is a huge contributing factor to my current health issues!! Being so young, I assume I just didn't even know I could feel differently! By attempting to "turn off" I knew I was missing out on the wonderful feelings of Angels and positive entities and protect myself from evil ones....BUT had no clue I remained WIDE open for some much-unwanted draining negativity without my conscious knowledge!" T.P. Independence, MO 



Are you struggling with negative or toxic energies?

Click HERE to learn how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe!
































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