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Hello everyone!    Last week I announced our upcoming workshop, Psychic Protection: Personal Empowerment…
Hello everyone!    Last week I announced our upcoming workshop, Psychic Protection: Personal Empowerment…

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Why you need to take this workshop.

Hello everyone!


 Last week I announced our upcoming workshop, Psychic Protection: Personal Empowerment Practices, and gave you a list of the important things that we'll be covering in this one-day class. If you missed the article, you can read it again here. In it, we covered the different types of energy that…

This 1-Day Event Can Change Your Life!

Hello everyone!  Psychic Protection Sanctuary is excited to announce a brand new event coming in less than 2 weeks! Join Maya Zahira, psychic protection expert, for a full-day intensive class--all about psychic protection information and techniques--specifically focused on your own personal protection and empowerment.

Why Sage Doesn’t Work!

Hello friends,


So many people believe that if you burn sage, visualize white light, pray, light incense, and think positive, you will be safe and whatever is happening will go away. It's just NOT the case! 


As someone who has experienced a…

NOW is the time to sign up--big savings!

Hello Dear Ones! June is upon us, the weather is warm, and everything is green and lush. I have some exciting news to share! I've felt called to offer some big discounts on TWO of my offerings!

If you've been following my emails for a while, you may have noticed that I don't tend to offer discounts or sales…

No Cost Psychic Protection...

Join our group for free tips on Psychic Protection.

How do you pull your weeds?

Hello Friends,


I hope you had a chance to read last week's email newsletter where I went into some very specific detail about why it's so difficult to heal certain issues.


As I indicated last week, there are multiple layers and levels of energy all around us. Whether it's dark…

If You Have Tried Everything...



Hello Friends,


Here we are in May, almost halfway through the year already! With time speeding by so quickly, I often reflect back on what I have accomplished, healed, created, or manifested during those months. In a sense, that timeline…

Did You Notice Our Changes?


Did You Notice Our Changes?


Hello Friends,


As you might have noticed, this newsletter, my website, and my Facebook page now have a new name and look, Psychic Protection Sanctuary.


As I transition away from the Maya's Oasis name,…

I've Got a New Picture For You...

Join us for a life-changing retreat!

Do You Crave Some Down Time?


Hello Everyone!

Maya's Oasis has a special event coming up soon! If you are craving time away from your busy life to relax, breathe, and just be you, this event is perfect for you! Please join us for an entire day to connect with nature, with other women, and with your true self!…

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