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  In this replay of a Facebook Live on our free Psychic Protection Sanctuary Facebook group, Maya explains:…
  In this replay of a Facebook Live on our free Psychic Protection Sanctuary Facebook group, Maya explains:…

Events and Classes


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Join Maya Zahira for FREE Facebook Live classes in the Psychic Protection Sanctuary Facebook Group!

Maya will be answering your questions about psychic protection, teaching you tips and techniques, and will be sharing stories about some of her recent psychic protection experiences!  Each time we cover a different topic. Go here to visit the Psychic Protection Sanctuary Facebook Group and join the group!   (Hint:  You must answer the three questions in order to be permitted entry into the group.)

The free classes take place on 3rd Mondays monthly at 6 pm U.S. central time.  



Usui Reiki classes with Maya Zahira

Learn Reiki on the beautiful Kansas prairie.  Reiki is a wonderful hands-on healing technique that anyone can learn.  Use Reiki techniques for your own self-healing, for your friends and loved ones, or for your clients.  Classes available: Reiki I, Reiki II, Advanced Reiki, Reiki Master.

Maya Zahira is a seasoned Reiki Master with more than twenty years in practice.  With her specialty of psychic protection, she understands how to create a safe energetic space for all students. 

Upcoming Class Dates:

Sunnday, June 2, 2019--Reiki I/II Intensive on the Kansas prairie

Sunday, Nov 3, 2019--Advanced Reiki (the level before Reiki Master)

Click here for registration and more in-depth information on Reiki classes with Maya.



Spiritual Empowerment RETREAT with Maya Zahira

July 14, 2019, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Hollis Renewal Center, rural Kansas City, KS 

Our retreat will be held in "The Lodge" building.  



Our retreat theme will be...

Using the 4 Elements for Spiritual Empowerment and Psychic Protection


In this hands-on retreat, we'll explore using aspects from the 4 elements--earth, air, fire, and water--to help you keep your energy clear, clean, and strong.  


Take time out from your busy life to....

Relax and recharge in nature.

Meet like-minded spiritual-seekers and make new friends.

Participate in powerful shamanic techniques for energy clearing and empowerment.

Chant and drum to manifest your sacred intentions.


You'll also have the opportunity to learn about, make, and take home....

Sacred salt for blessing and protection.

Your own herb bundle for smudging.

A spiritually blessed candle for releasing negative influences.

Energetically charged water for consecration and clearing.


This is the ONLY time this retreat topic will be offered in the Kansas City area!

Space is limited to just 25 participants.  As of today (Feb 13), there are already only 18 spots remaining.  People tend to register early, and these retreats usually fill.  Reserve your spot now.


Click here to register.

$75 for one person.  (This retreat is WORTH $175, but Maya is offering it at this special price!)


Invite your friends, family, etc....

$65 each when 2 people register together--$130 total  


$60 each when 3 people register together--$180 total


$55 each when 4 people register together--$220 total


$55 each when 5 people register together--$275 total  


Payment policy:  Because we have to purchase materials and pay for rental fees ahead of time, there are no refunds offered.  If you find that your plans change and you are not able to attend, you may transfer your enrollment to a friend or loved one so they can attend.


What to Bring:

Healthy potluck dish to share for potluck lunch (Once you register, we'll contact you to sign up for your potluck option.)

Healthy snack/s to share on our snack table (We'll be nibbling throughout the day.)

Drum, rattle, or sacred instrument

Any crystals or objects you would like to be blessed on our altar

Water bottle or personal drink

Notebook or journal, pen

Lawn chair if you wish to sit outside (Indoor seating will be provided)

Dress for the weather.  Wear layers in case you get chilly or hot.  Bring sunglasses, a hat, etc.  Wear shoes appropriate for outdoors.  

Sunscreen just in case.

About bug spray--Due to chemical sensitivity of the facilitators, we ask that you not spray standard buy repellent inside the retreat space.  If you prefer standard bug spray, a suggestion would be to spray yourself while you are still at home.  Lovely-smelling and effective natural essential oil bug repellant will be on site for your convenience as well.  Thanks!  :-)

Please bring anything else you need to make yourself comfortable through the day--a blanket, pillows, yoga mat if you prefer floor seating.


Questions?  Contact us.



Spiritual Empowerment Academy

Enrollment is now open!  Click here for details.

The Spiritual Empowerment Academy is a 12-month program with both online and in-person class options.  It's intended for spiritual-seekers like you who want to dive deep into your personal transformation journey.

Part educational course--part spiritual support circle--in this program, we explore personal transformation, intuitive development, Reiki, energy healing, shamanism, healthy energy boundaries, psychic protection, and so much more!



Holistic/Psychic Fairs with Maya Zahira

Join Maya Zahira at the following fairs where she will be offering professional psychic readings to answer your questions about important life choices, love, career, family, life purpose, identifying your spiritual gifts, psychic protection issues, and more!  Psychic fairs are also a wonderful place where you can shop for crystals, jewelry, metaphysical books, supplies, and decor, and more, plus other great psychic readers and energy healers, and classes on various spiritual topics.

Dubuque, IA--April 13 & 14, 2019--Psychic and Paranormal Expo at the Grand River Center Ballroom More info.

Lenexa, KS (Kansas City metro)--March 9-10--Cyndy's Spirit Fair  More info.

Kansas City, MO--May 4, 2019--Spring Gypsy Craft Fair More info.

Ames, IA--Sept 28 & 29, 2019--Psychic and Paranormal Expo More info.

Kansas City, MO--Oct 18, 19 & 20, 2019--PRS Fair hosted by Psychical Research Society More info.



Kansas City Paranormal Conference

Maya Zahira will be one of the featured speakers at the 2019 KC Paracon!

Friday, Aug 2 thru Saturday, Aug 3 at Kansas City Masonic Temple

Click here for details and tickets.


Maya will be speaking on the following topic....

False Light Entities:  Imposters In Our Midst


Presentation Description:

How many of us have had encounters with lovely, uplifting spiritual beings?  Perhaps you saw something beautiful, felt something comforting, received an important spiritual message, or, perhaps you even have contact with these spiritual beings on a regular basis.  You may believe that the beings are angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, loved ones, or benevolent ET's.


While there certainly are benevolent spiritual beings connected with our planet, did you know that MANY of the entities that communicate with the human race are actually imposters?  In other words, they are NOT who they present themselves to be.  In truth, they are dark entities disguising themselves as beings of light.  This is not a new phenomenon.  In fact, there is a long history of demonic and other dark forces pretending to be angels of light and other benevolent beings.
In 2016, Maya Zahira came face to face with a very powerful "false light entity" that terrorized her and nearly killed her.  This powerful presentation will have you on the edge of your seat as you listen to Maya's personal story, the life-saving information she learned about dealing with false light entities, how to discern which entities are imposters, why the "false light agenda" exists on our planet, and what you can do about it.
Presenter Biography:

Maya Zahira is a visionary teacher and spiritual mentor whose mission is to educate and empower spiritual-seekers with the most powerful and effective methods for energetic self-care and psychic protection. She lives on the Kansas prairie where she works with students and clients all over the world via online and in-person courses and sessions.

Referred to as “Mama Maya” by many of her clients and students because of her loving and compassionate, yet fierce, protective "Mama Bear" energy, Maya Zahira is a lifelong mystic, psychic, master energy healer, visionary spiritual teacher, and spiritual warrior.   For the last 25 years, Maya has worked tirelessly, sharing her spiritual gifts with many around the world.




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