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  Hello friends,   I'm really excited to announce that I'll be offering a 14-Day FREE online Spiritual…
  Hello friends,   I'm really excited to announce that I'll be offering a 14-Day FREE online Spiritual…

Events and Classes


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Join Maya Zahira for FREE Facebook Live classes in the Psychic Protection Sanctuary Facebook Group!

Maya will be answering your questions about psychic protection, teaching you tips and techniques, and will be sharing stories about some of her recent psychic protection experiences!  Each week is a different topic. Go here to visit the Psychic Protection Sanctuary Facebook Group and join the group!   (Hint:  You must answer the three questions in order to be permitted entry into the group.)

The free classes take place weekly on Mondays at 6 pm U.S. central time.  



Usui Reiki classes with Maya Zahira

Learn Reiki on the beautiful Kansas prairie.  Reiki is a wonderful hands-on healing technique that anyone can learn.  Use Reiki techniques for your own self-healing, for your friends and loved ones, or for your clients.  Classes available: Reiki I, Reiki II, Advanced Reiki, Reiki Master.

Maya Zahira is a seasoned Reiki Master with more than twenty years in practice.  With her specialty of psychic protection, she understands how to create a safe energetic space for all students. 

Click here for more in-depth information on Reiki classes with Maya Zahira.


Free 14-Day Spiritual Empowerment Activation with Maya Zahira


Coming in January 2019, this online Facebook Challenge will take you step-by-step through releasing the blocks that have held you back in the past so you can embody a more powerful way of living.


In the 14-day activation, you'll learn:

*  Where you are leaking energy and what to do about it

*  How to ground and center in a way that really works

*  A powerful technique for managing your personal energy field

*  Your own personal way for connecting with divine source

*  How to identify and appreciate both your shadows and gifts

*  The key to finding your soul purpose


With my loving direction and guidance, you'll be able to shed what was hindering you in your past, and begin 2019 with more personal power than ever before.


The event begins on Monday, January 7th and continues weekdays for 14 days (ending on January 24).  We'll take Saturdays and Sundays off.


To participate, simply join the Spiritual Empowerment Community Facebook group

Hint:  Be sure to answer the three required questions that appear when you click 'join.'  This enables us to ensure you are not a robot or spammer, and helps us cultivate a group with high-vibe people.

The Facebook group a high-vibe, sacred circle of spiritual seekers, where you can share and receive support, information, and inspiration about personal development, spiritual awakening, Reiki, energy healing, intuitive development, and empowered life transformations.


Every day of the challenge, I'll host a Facebook Live as I take you through each step of this powerful activation. 


When you watch live, you'll be able to ask questions and participate fully.  If you can't watch live, each replay will also be available so you can watch at your convenience. 


Click here now to join the Facebook group so you can participate!  The energy is already beginning to build for this powerful energy activation!




Spiritual Empowerment Academy

Enrollment is now open!  Click here for details.




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