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  Hello, truth-seekers, Would you be able to identify a false spiritual teacher if you encountered one?…
  Hello, truth-seekers, Would you be able to identify a false spiritual teacher if you encountered one?…

Events and Classes


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Join Maya Zahira for FREE Facebook Live classes in the Psychic Protection Sanctuary Facebook Group!

Maya will be answering your questions about psychic protection and spiritual warfare, teaching you tips and techniques, and will be sharing stories about some of her recent psychic protection experiences!  Each time we cover a different topic. Go here to visit the Psychic Protection Sanctuary Facebook Group and join the group!   (Hint:  You must answer the three questions in order to be permitted entry into the group.)

The free classes take place on 1st Mondays monthly at 6 pm U.S. central time.  



Join Maya Zahira for FREE Events in the Spiritual Empowerment Community Facebook Group!

This group is all about living a more empowered life from the inside out--empowered living, personal growth, and developing your spiritual gifts.  Maya hosts a Facebook Live on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6 pm central.  She also hosts at least two Facebook challenges per year, including the 10-Day Spiritual Empowerment Activation (winter) and the 7-Day Energy Tune-Up (summer), both of which include daily Facebook Live classes, guided meditations, and more.  Access is for members only.  Click here to join the free Spiritual Empowerment Community Facebook group.



12-month online Spiritual Empowerment Academy

Enrollment is now open!  Click here for details.

The Spiritual Empowerment Academy is a 12-month online program intended for spiritual-seekers like you who want to dive deep into your personal transformation journey.

Part educational course--part spiritual support circle--in this program, we explore personal transformation, intuitive development, Reiki, energy healing, shamanism, healthy energy boundaries, psychic protection, and so much more!



Special ONLINE Classes with Maya



Online Biz Crash Course for Holistic & Spiritual Practitioners

Sunday, August 9 from 1:00-4:00 pm PST /  3:00-6:00 CST

Taught by Maya Zahira

This is a sliding-scale "pay what you can" course.


This class will be held online on Zoom video.
That means that students all over the world can join!
Instructions on joining the Zoom video will be sent to you upon registration.
If you cannot join us live, you can enjoy the replay at your convenience.
All participants will receive a link with lifetime access to the replay.


Note: There is already a LOT of interest in this class.  People are signing up like crazy, so register asap (below) to reserve your spot.


A lot of holistic and spiritual practitioners have been TRULY STRUGGLING to make the necessary transitions from in-person to ONLINE OFFERINGS during this unique time.

Hi, my name is Maya Zahira, and I've been successfully doing my holistic/spiritual work online for the past several years with no side job. This is what I do full time and I pay my bills 100% through this work. In other words, I know exactly what it takes to create a sustainable online holistic business. It took me many years to learn what I now know, not to mention more than $20k worth of business training I received along the way to help get me on a sustainable track. 

I am not a "business coach" who is promising you'll make five zillion dollars working two hours per week.  I'm a real holistic practitioner who is working in the trenches and paying my bills doing it.  I'm eager to share my business knowledge and expertise so even more holistic practitioners like you can truly thrive doing what you love and living in alignment with your purpose.


Here's what we'll be covering in this course:

  • Getting crystal clear about your niche, your offerings, and your ideal clients
  • Low-budget effective marketing
  • Using social media to promote your business for free
  • How to create a sustainable biz infrastructure
  • Practical advice on how to attract paying clients on a steady basis
  • How to work with clients online
  • Essentials of online teaching
  • Suggestions on how to create your first online program
  • Methods for creating the most stable income possible
  • How to make the most impact while working 40 hours or less per week, or part-time on the side


Here's what we will NOT be covering:
  • Extended time helping you figure out your niche
  • Step-by-step detailed instructions on how to build your website, Facebook page, etc.
  • How to do expensive online advertising like Facebook ads
  • In-depth mindset work to clear any fears of success, money blocks, or false limiting beliefs


This course is for you if:

  • You want to start a holistic/spiritual business and you don't know where to start
  • You already have your own business and you're feeling totally stuck
  • You have an in-person biz and you're not sure how to make the transition to online work
  • You're overworked and overwhelmed, and barely getting anything in return
  • You've tried various business methods, but nothing seems to work
  • You REALLY want to create a successful business, but don't have a lot of money to invest
  • You have amazing skills in your field, but no idea how to attract a steady stream of clients
  • You want to live in alignment with your soul purpose but don't know how to make steady income doing it 


This course is NOT for you if you...
  • Want a magic formula with instant results
  • Don't care about helping people and are just in it for the money
  • Are not willing to put in the work, time, commitment, and patience to grow your business


There is already a LOT of interest in this class, so register asap (below) to reserve your spot.



To make this class affordable to ALL who need this information, the fee is being offered on a sliding scale "pay what you can" basis.  If you are doing well and can afford to pay the full price, go ahead and do so.  If one of the other options is what you can afford at this time, choose that. 

This course is a great investment considering how much knowledge I will be sharing with you.


Click the small down arrow on the right of the PayPal button text box to view all price options (which range from full price-$145-all the way down to just $45). 





Online: How to Use a Pendulum to Evaluate and Balance the Human Energy System

Saturday, August 8, 5:00-7:00 pm PST / 7:00-9:00 pm CST
Taught by Maya Zahira
Sponsored by The Ninth House, Tucson, AZ
Due to the Covid-19 situation, this class will be held online on Zoom video!
That means that students all over the world can join!
Instructions on joining the Zoom video will be emailed to you upon registration (approximately 24 hours before class).
Do you want to learn a simple yet effective technique to help you evaluate and balance your chakras and aura? In this 2-hour class, you'll learn how to use a crystal pendulum to check for energetic imbalances, remove blockages, and cleanse the energy field.


We'll start this class by going over the foundations of:
  1. The 7 primary chakras, how they operate, and their qualities
  2. The 7 layers of the aura and the qualities of each layer
Through hands-on application, students will learn how to:

  1. Clear, charge, and program your pendulum
  2. Use your own energy to move the pendulum in circles
  3. Use your pendulum to evaluate each chakra
  4. Observe and interpret the nuances of your pendulum's movements
  5. Use the pendulum to clear and charge each chakra
  6. Evaluate the various layers of your aura by using the pendulum
  7. Interpret and pinpoint specific spiritual imbalances in the aura
  8. Cleanse then charge the aura by using a pendulum
  9. Ground and clear after doing pendulum healing work

These techniques will be practiced on yourself, and the skills can easily be transferred to working with loved ones or clients.

Please bring your own pendulum or purchase ahead of time from the Ninth House.
For the purposes of this particular workshop, your pendulum must be a crystal or gemstone on a chain.  (No necklaces, and no pendulums with a metal or wooden pendant.)
Use the pendulum you already have, or choose a specific crystal or gemstone based on the metaphysical / healing qualities.
  • Clear crystal quartz:  very cleansing, and a great pendulum for multiple purposes
  • Rose quartz: brings a gentle healing energy of love to the work
  • Any green gemstone (like green fluorite, green aventurine, etc.):  brings a healing vibration on all levels
  • Amethyst:  enhances intuition, gentle cleansing, calming, protection
  • Shungite:  a very powerful black gemstone for deep cleansing, grounding, and protection
Click here to access the Crystal Vault's reference guide to crystals to research your own crystal.  

If you're new to pendulums and want to see examples, for your reference, here is a link to a search on Amazon for "crystal pendulums for divination".

Cost is $45 per student.
Registration is through The Ninth House.
To register, please visit The Ninth House website here.
Or contact them here.

Instructions on joining the Zoom video will be emailed to you upon registration (approximately 24 hours before class).

Tucson Area Workshops and Presentations

Due to the Covid-19 situation, all local workshops are on hold until further notice.  Please join one of the excellent-quality online workshops!



Holistic/Psychic Fairs with Maya Zahira

Join Maya Zahira at the following fairs where she will be offering professional psychic readings to answer your questions about important life choices, love, career, family, life purpose, identifying your spiritual gifts, paranormal, psychic protection issues, and more!  Psychic fairs are also a wonderful place where you can shop for crystals, jewelry, metaphysical books, supplies, and decor, and more, plus other great psychic readers and energy healers, and classes on various spiritual topics.


Tucson, AZ

Tucson Metaphysics Fair--Monthly on 3rd Sundays  More info. 

(Note: Maya will *not* be at this fair in Nov 2020 due to being at the Embracing Your Journey Fair in Phoenix.)


Phoenix, AZ

1.)  The Phoenix Psychic Fair--occurs 1 Sunday quarterly  More info.

2020 dates:  Oct 25, Dec 6 


2.)  Embracing Your Journey Expo in Phoenix  More info.

2020 dates:  Nov 15


Kansas City area

October--PRS Fair hosted by Psychical Research Society More info.

Due to the Coronavirus situation, Maya will be postposing her 2020 trip to Kansas City. 



Usui Reiki classes with Maya Zahira

Learn Reiki within the magical energy of Tucson, Arizona.  Reiki is a wonderful hands-on healing technique that anyone can learn.  Use Reiki techniques for your own self-healing, for your friends and loved ones, or for your clients.  Classes available: Usui Reiki I, Reiki II, Advanced Reiki, Reiki Master.

Maya Zahira is a seasoned Reiki Master with more than twenty years in practice.  With her specialty of psychic protection, she understands how to create a safe energetic space for all students. :

2020 dates coming soon!  Our in-person classes are on hold during the Covid-19 situation.

Let us know if you are interested in taking an online Reiki course!

Click here for registration and more in-depth information on Reiki classes with Maya.




Special Events


Free Presentation--False Light Entities: 

What They Are and How to Avoid Them

Next date TBD  Please contact us if you'd like Maya to speak on this topic.

False Light Entities are master imposters who like to pose as spirit guides, angels, ascended beings, loved ones, and more in order to throw genuine spiritual seekers off their true path. Maya knows about this subject from firsthand experience and working with clients all over the world. The more you understand about this subject, the better you will be able to effectively keep your own spiritual connections clean and clear. 

Recently moving here to Tucson from Kansas City, Maya Zahira has been a spiritual teacher and guide for over 25 years. Her specialty is helping truth-seekers develop their spiritual discernment and spiritual gifts.




Replays of Past Events


Sovereign Self Radio Show with ZofiaRenea Morales

June 29, 2020

Is It Spiritual Teaching or Abuse?
Listen now to the replay of Maya Zahira's interview on Sovereign Self Radio with ZofiaRennea Morales. Maya and Zofia discuss the 3 Types of Abusive Spiritual Teachers, and so much more.

"Cinnamon Moon at Night" Radio Show

December 2, 2019

Click here to visit the show website and to listen to the replay.

Maya will be talking about her book, Darkness Disguised as Light, and answering the host's questions about psychic protection.


Sovereign Self Radio Show with ZofiaRenea Morales

August 26, 2019

Click here to visit the show website and listen to the replay.

Darkness Disguised as Light, The Low Down on Psychic Protection

Have you ever felt like something was dragging you down or holding you back? Zofia explores Maya Zahira's spiritual journey and the unexpected places it took her. She thought she was going to be all about Reiki, but it all took a sharp turn into a calling she'd never imagined, Psychic Protection. Discover the questions you should be asking before taking your next spiritual class, retreat or workshop and how to hold a safe space for your clients if you lead these kinds of events.





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