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  How do you avoid getting hooked into the Illusion Matrix? By being informed. By questioning everything,…
  How do you avoid getting hooked into the Illusion Matrix? By being informed. By questioning everything,…

Spiritual Empowerment Online Academy


Enrollment is now open! 

The Spiritual Empowerment Academy is a 12-month online program for students all over the world.  It's intended for spiritual-seekers like you who want to dive deep into your personal transformation journey. 

Part educational course--part spiritual support circle--in this program, we explore personal transformation, intuitive development, Reiki, energy healing, shamanism, healthy energy boundaries, psychic protection, and so much more!


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(If your application is accepted, we will then schedule an online interview.)


Attention Spiritual Seekers …

Do you ever think…
There’s got to be more to life than this?!? 
Am I here for something greater?
Is it okay for me to want more out of my life?
Are there others like me who feel this way?

The answer to all these questions is a resounding YES!!!


You need to follow your soul’s longing to connect with something greater, and listen to your heart’s wish to blossom into the best version of YOU! 


The Spiritual Empowerment Academy will take you on a 12-month spiritual journey to discover your life’s purpose within the safe, supportive, powerful container of this group, and guided by a master healer with over twenty-five years of experience.


How many times have you looked around your life lately and wondered, “Is this it? Is this all I’m destined for?” How often do you find yourself mindlessly going through the motions of doing the laundry, cooking dinner, running around taking care of all the things you *should* be doing to maintain the lifestyle you thought you were supposed to be living? 


I'm guessing that every morning, it’s harder and harder to get motivated to get out of bed and you wind up rushing to make it to work before you’re late…again. And then you sit in an office, or worse, a cubicle, working a soul-draining, unfulfilling job day after day, hoping to avoid your boss’ attention so you don’t have to paste on your happy face yet again.  

Or maybe you’re trying to keep up with the frantic gerbil wheel of kids, laundry, errands, and family responsibilities while you try to maintain some semblance of sanity.  Of course, you love your kids and your family, but you know deep down that it's time to stop trying to give from an empty cup. 

You have been living the lifestyle dictated by society. You’re “supposed” to stay busy, always moving, always overloading your plate, trying to get ahead, trying to keep up with “the Joneses,” trying to prove that you can do it all…but none of that actually matters to you. 

Deep down, you’re longing for something deeper…for more satisfaction…more fulfillment…more connection. You need to feel like you have a purpose. In fact, you’re pretty sure you were destined for something important, but so far, you haven’t been able to figure it out.  

You’re probably asking yourself something like, "Why am I here? Am I really meant for more than this? Is there something wrong with me for wanting more? Am I the only one who feels this way?" 

I’m here to tell you that you are not alone. In fact, there is a group of people—just like you—who are all seeking something deeper and more purposeful in life. 


One of my current students shares her experience....

"I signed up for the Spiritual Empowerment Academy because I felt that I needed to learn more about my spiritual abilities, and I wanted to feel more confident in the decisions that I would be making on a daily basis.
Maya has such an amazing ability to connect with me and make it feel personal--whether I’m doing an in-person class, online, or just watching a replay. The content of her program has actually helped me daily--from grounding techniques that help me as an empath, to making sure that I’m making the best decisions regarding relationships, jobs, or any situation that life might throw at me.
I have definitely become more confident since starting her classes. So much so that I’m in the beginning phase of starting my own website and YouTube channel for intuitive readings and Reiki healing sessions. I would not be able to do this if it wasn’t for the techniques that she teaches.
Maya is not only a great teacher, but a great person who truly enjoys helping others who want to help themselves grow."  ~ Becci Ann, Blue Springs, MO, Reiki Practitioner



And right now, YOU have a unique opportunity to join this circle of powerful, supportive spiritual-seekers who are all on a similar journey.



The Spiritual Empowerment Academy will help you to:  

  • Treat yourself better and begin giving yourself the TLC you need.
  • Reduce life drama, stress, and overwhelm.
  • Have healthier, happier relationships with everyone in your life.
  • Explore and heal your emotional blocks, negative habits, and limiting beliefs.
  • Activate your body’s natural ability to heal.
  • Learn to make savvy, smart, empowered choices.
  • Clarify and transform areas of your life where you’ve been stuck.
  • Find your life purpose and begin living it!


Within this course, you will....

Connect with a community of like-minded spiritual-seekers and receive support on your personal journey.

Learn simple yet powerful energy healing techniques that you can use for yourself or others.

Develop and apply your natural intuitive abilities to your practical everyday life.

Apply powerful shamanic techniques to move you directly toward your goals.

Receive monthly energy balancing and intuitive support from spiritual teacher, Maya Zahira.


Hi, my name is Maya Zahira.



I remember when I joined my first sacred circle.  It was late 2008 and the economy had plummeted.  People were getting laid off and businesses were failing left and right.  My own business came crashing down, and I lost everything including my home and my life purpose.  I was devastated and lost.  With my life in a total whirlwind, I moved out to the middle of nowhere to live in a little cabin on my friend's land while I tried to regroup and recover.  

While I was there I joined my first sacred circle.  The group's facilitator was visiting the landowner one evening, and she invited me to join her group.  At first, I declined because I was so overwhelmed with my recent life challenges.  But, then I decided to follow my instincts and take this next important step in my life.  I made arrangements with the teacher, and the following weekend, I attended my first circle.  

I honestly don't even remember what was covered in that class.  What I DO remember was how I walked into the class feeling total despair about my life and like I had no sense of direction or purpose, and by the end of the class, I suddenly felt anchored, grounded, and a whole lot more safe in the world.  Nothing in my life had actually changed.  I just felt better.  

Knowing that I had a group of caring people I could connect with each month helped me tremendously and truly served as an anchor for me as I initiated some very big transformations in my life in the months that followed.  

A few years later, with my teacher's blessing, I started my own sacred circle, and have led many circles since then.  I have experienced the true power and support of being in a group of like-minded spiritual-seekers, and I want to share this with you, too.

Being a part of a spiritual circle helped me find a new sense of purpose in my life, and over the years, I've worked to bring to others the healing I’ve experienced. I strongly believe that if I can do these things, so can you. And I want to show you… you too can feel empowered to make powerful, positive changes in your life… to reclaim your energy so you don’t wake up feeling sluggish every day… to experience far less stress so you can enjoy life more… to set healthy boundaries so you don’t feel taken advantage of anymore… to let go of all your past traumas so they don’t repeatedly sabotage your life… to enjoy your life and all of your relationships again…
…and how to discover your life’s purpose so you can feel deeply fulfilled on all levels!


It took me a long time to learn what I needed to know to turn my life around.

I’m not offering a quick-fix program. Those don’t actually work in the long run.

No, what I’m offering is much more valuable and long-lasting. You see, I have taken all my hard-won lessons in personal transformation, psychic development, and energy balancing and packaged them into a 12-month academy for you. 

I’ve structured the program so that it can fit neatly into your current hectic schedule, but will provide you with the information, tools, opportunities to practice, and ongoing spiritual support that you’ll need to get to where you ultimately want to be in your life.

Before I share how you can experience these transformational shifts in your own life, let’s see if you might be a good fit for this program. Not everyone will be (and that's okay!). Some people don’t have the commitment, some aren’t willing to make the time, some aren’t truly ready for change, and others aren’t interested in the types of changes this program will introduce into their lives. 


Is the Spiritual Empowerment Academy right for me? 

Please answer YES or NO to the following questions:
1)    Are you a purpose-led, spiritually-driven person? 
2)    Are you struggling in any area of your life—health, abundance, relationships, life purpose?
3)    Do you feel drawn to learn about personal transformation, shamanic journeying, and more?
4)    Do you value your own personal transformation and recognize the need to invest time and money in order to make it happen?
5)    Are you committed to spending a full 12 months on this program and seeing it through from beginning to the end of the program?
6)    Do you understand and welcome the positive changes and transformations that this course will bring to your life?


If you answered yes to most or all of these questions, then I invite you to keep reading to learn how you can begin to reclaim your life and your sense of passion and purpose through the use of ancient, proven healing and transformation techniques.  



In the Spiritual Empowerment Academy, we journey together to transform and heal:

*  Disconnection from your spiritual source.

*  Old emotional wounds and past traumas.

*  Chronic negative beliefs that have kept you stuck.

*  Unconscious vows and agreements that no longer serve you.

*  Damage to your energy field that has made you vulnerable.

*  Patterns and habits that do not support your higher purpose.


The Spiritual Empowerment Academy is for those who are truly ready to dive deep and transform these issues once and for all!




The Spiritual Empowerment Academy includes:


Monthly Live Classes

Monthly live class where we explore techniques for transforming your past and present, and there is plenty of time for sharing, too!  There are TWO class options:

ONLINE live video class for students anywhere in the world--2nd Monday monthly from 7:30-9:00 p.m. US central time (Replay available for your convenience.)

Ongoing Spiritual Support

Long-distance spiritual  support for the whole group. ~ Each month, we rotate through different types of online support, including:

a)     Group long-distance audio recorded energy balancing session with Maya (alternating months)

b)     Individual personalized psychic readings with Maya on our private Facebook group (alternating months)

c)     Monthly inspirational Facebook Live with Maya, 1st Tuesday monthly at 7:30-8:00 US central time.  (replay available)

d)    A complimentary 15-minute private video session just for you with Maya each quarter 


What’s the Program Cost and How Does Payment Work?

Similar programs to this, in which you receive 12 months of instruction, ongoing community interaction, personalized support, professional psychic readings, and energy balancing sessions from a seasoned spiritual teacher, can cost thousands of dollars.  (Just today, I ran across a program that includes only a fraction of what Spiritual Empowerment Academy offers, and the cost was nearly $3,000!)   

Whew!  Thankfully, you WON'T have to pay thousands of dollars to join MY program!  (Even though it's really worth that much.)   My genuine goal is to make this program available to any person who can benefit from it and who is ready to do the important powerful work to create awesome life transformations.  (Would that be you??)  :-)

The Spiritual Empowerment Academy requires a 12-month commitment.  Some students set up monthly automated payments while some students pay for the program upfront (and receive a 20% discount).  It's up to you.  All in all, the program cost equates to a daily specialty coffee, which truly is a small investment for such a huge outcome!

The online application includes preliminary information on pricing.  If this program is speaking to your heart, go ahead and fill out the free online application HERE!  


Bonus Free Gifts! 

To show you just how much I want you to succeed and start living the life of your dreams, free of drama, frustration, guilt, and dissatisfaction, I am giving you even MORE value for your investment: 

1.)  Free access to the Empath Survival Kit--an online course to help you manage your spiritual sensitivities (a $49 value)

2.)  New!!!  Access to over *50 hours* of bonus video and audio content in the archived content section--including in-depth lessons in energy healing, Usui Reiki I and II, Advanced Reiki, intuitive development, aura and chakras, crystals, essential oils, sound healing, psychic protection, personal transformation, and more! (valued at $3,000 or more!)

3.)  Complimentary 15-minute one-on-one video session with Maya to get you started in the program! (a $115 value)


Ready to join the Spiritual Empowerment Academy?

An application process is required in order to join the Spiritual Empowerment Academy.

Only a limited number of new members will be allowed to join, and to create the very best group possible, we are only selecting students who we feel are the BEST fit. 

Click here to access the online application. 

If your application is accepted, we will then schedule an online interview.  Maya Zahira will meet with you via Zoom video to determine if the program is the right fit for you.  You'll also be able to ask any questions you may have.


Here's what students are saying!

"Maya's Spiritual Empowerment Academy has been a wonderful experience!  I have met many interesting people and have gained new life skills.

Maya is a fellow traveler along the journey. She does not do the work for us, but brings a positive spirit. Everyone in the group is unique. Each person is guided to different kinds of growth, and has different needs, so there are no specific expectations beyond our own intentions.

Maya provides space for transformation to happen, lots of support, and instruction in specific skills related to spiritual growth and energy healing. I love attending her classes! I also love having materials available in written form and on the computer for personal study and reference. Thank you for this life-changing class, Maya!"

--E.W., Retired nurse, Lawrence, KS


"I've always felt that my psychic protection was somehow lacking, but until now, no one seemed to know any more than I did. Now I'm learning that I have skills in areas where I thought I had none. I can't wait to see what comes next!"

--R.W., retired EMT, San Antonio, TX


"What first inspired me to join Maya's program was her authenticity and connection to Spirit. I've enjoyed learning from the program over the past three years because her teaching is grounded, easy to follow, and the techniques are practical. She GENUINELY cares about her students and helps us achieve our potential through personalized spiritual healing and intuitive guidance. The best part, in my opinion, is the safe, loving, and sacred community space passionately nurtured by Maya."  

--Shea F., therapist trainee, Lincoln, NE


"My path crossed with Maya’s just as I was experiencing a deep awakening to my intuitive abilities and had just come to the realization I was a highly sensitive Empath. As a manager, I was under constant psychic attack and with Maya’s guidance I have not only learned about psychic protection but have learned how to manage this for myself and to help others as well. The depth of knowledge Maya Zahira has to offer would be beneficial for anyone experiencing spiritual growth and needing expert guidance and personal mentoring. The amazing content of her class offerings are so aligned with my own growth journey I feel as though this program is completely custom-tailored to my needs."

--L.F., Insurance Manager, Blue Springs, MO


"I've known Maya for many years, and been one of her students for almost as long as that. She has taught me many ways to cope in this crazy world of ours. One of my favorites is 'Just breathe,' as I tend to stop breathing when under extreme stress, and don't notice.

She has also reminded me (or maybe reawakened) knowledge I've always had, but not recognized. Through her classes I am learning about the healing things that I do without a thought; that sometimes the intense feelings I have aren't mine, and other wonderous information. I'm also learning how to gain self-control and protect myself energetically.

You can learn these things too, I find Maya's teachings invaluable!"

--Anne B., creative craft lady, British Columbia, Canada


"Maya, I would like to thank you! I have grown and developed so much over the past two years working with you, I have come a long way from where I was in 2016! My confidence level has skyrocketed!! I have gained confidence in myself, in my interactions with other people, and in my psychic abilities. I feel empowered! I feel a sense of control over my life I haven't had in a very long time. I used to be so afraid of the negative "cooties" [bad energy], that I tried to shut down even the good things coming in. I now enjoy working to enhance my psychic abilities and no longer fear it. I am so glad I found you and the things you offer. I love having a group of people who also share similar experiences. I no longer feel alone and lost. Thank you for the support you offer on so many levels."

-- Tana P., Sleep Technologist, Independence, MO


"I love working with Maya! She is authentic, honest, and has strong integrity. I feel as if I'm working with a good friend who always has my back. She has great insight and encouragement, along with excellent ideas and solutions to any problems I am experiencing, and they really work! Maya is fun and has a great sense of humor and is very sweet and understanding. I trust her completely and feel as if I can tell her anything. I'm so glad I found Maya, because she is truly a blessing in my life.

I love how Maya shares so much helpful information! I've never known any other teacher or program that is this detailed, organized and complete. She is always there for me, whether I have a question, am afraid, or just need to share. Now that I've found her, with her programs and classes, I know I won't have to worry or be afraid anymore."

--Sahaila, Nature Photographer, Renton, WA


"I joined Maya's program because I felt I was being called to great change. Transition and transformation was about to happen... I could either choose gentle and ride the wave or go kicking and screaming. I knew Maya's program would help with taking a more gentle approach and she would be there with great grounding techniques and other tools to help me along this journey. I think in the last year I have accomplished and manifested more then I have in the 5 years prior to working with Maya. Each month of the program having the guidance in so many areas and knowing each 3rd Tue was Healing Week helped me through one of the biggest transformations. I moved from Kansas to Oregon with my 4-year-old son, went through being homeless for 3 months, and finally, the loss of my father recently. 2018 was a year of being fearless for me and this program helped me to be fearless in the face of so many life challenges. I know this year was only stepping stones and I am glad I invested in myself.

To anyone out there thinking about joining I would say jump! Jump and don't look back. The best investment you can ever make is in yourself. And if you're reading this you might, like me, have a heart for people and a desire to heal the world. When you heal yourself, you CAN heal the world. Breathe deep and be blessed knowing you are right where you need to be on your path.

Maya, I am so grateful for the love and support you give each week for this group! Sometimes life has gotten crazy over the last year with the biggest life changes I have gone through. Your program made the ride a little softer and the journey a little easier. Thank you!!!" 

--Stephanie R. Hart, Intuitive Energy Healer at TerraHart Living, Beaverton, OR



Ready to join the Spiritual Empowerment Academy?

An application process is required in order to join the Spiritual Empowerment Academy.

Only a limited number of new members will be allowed to join, and to create the very best group possible, we are only selecting students who we feel are the BEST fit. 


Click here to access the online application. 

If your application is accepted, we will then schedule an online interview.  Maya Zahira will meet with you via Zoom video to determine if the program is the right fit for you.  You'll also be able to ask any questions you may have.



Questions?  Contact us.






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