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Work with Maya Zahira



Welcome!  On this page, you will find information on how you can work with Maya Zahira--ranging from her free offerings, books, self-study courses, paid group programs, and more. 



Looking for private 1-on-1 sessions with Maya Zahira?


1-on-1 sessions are available only to students in Spiritual Empowerment Academy. Click here for details. (These sessions are not available to the general public.)




Online Group Programs with Maya


Spiritual Empowerment Academy

This 12-month group online program is available to students all over the world. 


If you are dealing with...

  • Empath or lightworker sensitivity overwhelm 
  • Blocks to your intuition and spiritual gifts
  • A psychic attack, curse, or other negative spiritual interference
  • Exposure to unwanted dark forces or spiritual warfare
  • Spirit attachment or entity harassment
  • Disentangling from an abusive spiritual teacher, healer, or dark shaman
  • Or, the challenges of being a spiritually-targeted individual....

Then you need Maya's online Spiritual Empowerment Academy.


Membership includes:
  • Monthly Zoom class with Maya
  • Monthly long-distance group energy-clearing sessions with Maya
  • Monthly group Q&A with Maya on Zoom
  • Members-only Facebook group for connection with other members
  • And more.

Click here for complete details.


Please note: Spiritual Empowerment Academy is Maya's premium program.  If you feel you cannot yet afford the academy, be sure to check out one of the other options below, including the donation-based energy-clearing sessions.  There are many options here for you.



Your Daily Dose of Energy Clearing

A DONATION-BASED monthly membership with Maya Zahira


Receive powerful group energy-clearing sessions five days a week from master energy healer, Maya Zahira.  This is a donation-based program, which means you get to choose the amount you can afford as your membership fee.  $20-$125/mo.  Join anytime.  Cancel anytime.



Self-Study Courses

Work on your own in a short, self-directed course taught by Maya Zahira.  

Psychic Protection Energy Clearing Bundle with Maya

2 of Maya Zahira's most powerful energy-clearing sessions plus a helpful handout with step-by-step instructions on Maya's daily energy-clearing protocol.  $177 

Click here for instant access.



Maya Zahira's Books

The Psychic Attack Sourcebook: Understanding and Surviving the Unimaginable

Non-fiction, informational

This book gives detailed information on psychic attack, psychological warfare via entities and black magick, strategies of the Dark Forces, explanation of entity types, ancestral curses, soul contract interference, and more, plus, detailed step-by-step instructions for addressing psychic protection issues with a variety of physical and spiritual tools.



Darkness Disguised as Light: The Hidden Truth About Psychic Protection and the Illusion Matrix

Non-fiction, part personal story, part informational

This is the story of the dangerous psychic attack Maya experienced in 2016 that catapulted her into this work.  Each chapter ends with a lesson about psychic protection.  Lessons include a detailed explanation of psychic attack, intuitive development, ethics of energy, energy cords and entity attachments, tapping into your personal power, recognizing energy portals, explanation of false light entities, and more, plus, instructions on my top two recommended clearing techniques.



Free Offerings 

FREE YouTube Channel

Psychic Protection Sanctuary YouTube channel

Maya's YouTube channel offers hours and HOURS of free content covering information on psychic protection and personal transformation.


FREE Psychic Protection Facebook Group

Psychic Protection Sanctuary with Maya Zahira ~ Psychic Attack Support

The Facebook group is a sacred, safe online space where you can share your story and connect with others who have gone through similar situations.  



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Newsletter Sign-Up

Sign up for Maya's newsletter and receive these Free Gifts:
1.) Are You Under Psychic Attack? QUIZ
2.) Audio-Recorded Energy Clearing Session with Maya: Break Through Your Energy Blocks


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