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From a distance, many spiritual events seem like they would be lovely, safe, inspiring, healing experiences. …

Enrolling NOW--Maya Zahira's Online Spiritual Empowerment Academy


Spiritual Empowerment Online Academy

This 12-month group online program is available to students all over the world. 


If you are dealing with...

  • Empath or lightworker sensitivity overwhelm 
  • Blocks to your intuition and spiritual gifts
  • A psychic attack, curse, or other negative spiritual interference
  • Exposure to unwanted dark forces or spiritual warfare
  • Spirit attachment or entity harassment
  • Disentangling from an abusive spiritual teacher, healer, or dark shaman
  • Or, the challenges of being a spiritually-targeted individual....

Then you need Maya's online Spiritual Empowerment Academy.

Membership includes:
  • Monthly Zoom class with Maya
  • Monthly long-distance group energy clearing sessions with Maya
  • Monthly group Q&A with Maya on Zoom
  • Members-only Facebook group for connection with other members
  • Exclusive access to Maya Zahira for personal support and optional 1-on-1 sessions


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