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Pre-Schedule Your Psychic Fair Session ~ Phoenix Event


 Do you need help navigating important life decisions?

Are you wondering what the future has in store for you? 

Would you like to know the good things coming your way?  



I absolutely love doing psychic readings!  I've been providing psychic advice to others for more than 30 years.  

My approach is honest, straightforward, and compassionate, and my goal is to help you live your life with purpose and empowerment.



Consistent 5-Star Reviews:


"Maya does fantastic work! I love that I can ask a clear question, and get a clear, honest answer. I'm grateful that when I pose a question, we get right to the point; I feel like she is so respectful of both her time and mine. Invaluable service; Maya is truly gifted!"
"Maya gets information that's not surface-level.  She has clear sight and lots of discernment in psychic protection situations.  I have personally made big life choices after receiving a reading because of the amount of clarity I receive from her.  For example, where and when is best for moving my family to a new city.  I love how much Maya's readings confirm what I am feeling and give so many layers of information about my situations that taking next steps are much easier."


"Maya is a truly gifted psychic. I've known her for more than a decade and she gives consistently reliable information coupled with grounded, practical advice. When I want insight I trust, I go to Maya."


Schedule Your Reading

Follow these steps to schedule your appointment.

1.  Pre-payment is what reserves your spot.  Click the PayPal button to pay with credit, debit, or PayPal.  Please be informed that there are NO REFUNDS.


Payment Option A:  $145 for 30 minutes 



Payment Option B:  $275 for 60 minutes   

Appropriate for in-depth questions, multiple areas of concern, or complex issues.



2.  Email us to schedule your time.  Spots are on a first-come, first-served basis.  


3.  Please make sure you are fully informed about how psychic readings work and about exactly how I do readings.  (Some people have misconceptions about how psychics work.)  Click here for an article including a very comprehensive list of exactly what I do and do not do during readings.  You are responsible for reading this before your session.  There are no refunds.



1.  There are no refunds or transfers for any reason.

2.  A no-show will result in forfeiture of pre-paid fee. 

3.  Please arrive on time for your pre-arranged session time.  Late arrival may result in forfeiture of your fee, and we cannot guarantee another spot will be available. 



Thanks so much, and I look forward to working with you!



Maya Zahira



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