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From a distance, many spiritual events seem like they would be lovely, safe, inspiring, healing experiences. …
From a distance, many spiritual events seem like they would be lovely, safe, inspiring, healing experiences. …

This Is What I Do and Don't Do During Psychic Readings

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: psychic reading, psychic development, seeking truth

As someone who has been doing psychic readings for over thirty years and has had psychic experiences since childhood, I am in a position of authority to help educate the public about exactly HOW psychic abilities and psychic readings actually work.  Woven within this article, I'll also give details about precisely how I do readings.


I work at a lot of psychic fairs, where groups of highly experienced readers gather and work with the public.  During our breaks, the psychics often sit around together sharing support and also commiserating about some of the challenges of this work.


One of the main frustrations often expressed is that, while 90% of their clients are a great fit and a joy to work with, about 10% of the clients have some pretty mixed up ideas about how psychic readings actually work.  Some of these clients have never had a psychic reading before, and they have some very distorted expectations based on what they've seen on T.V. or in the movies.  (A mysterious woman wearing a turban and fancy jewelry who somehow knows everything about you by simply looking at you.)  Other clients may have had a psychic reading or two in the past, and they erroneously believe that all psychics essentially do the same thing.  This type of client then claims it was a "bad reading" or "not a true reading" because the psychic didn't work in the same way as the psychic they'd been to in the past.  In both cases, the misinformed client then deems the psychic (who's actually very gifted at what they do!) as illegitimate, and the psychic reading as a total waste of time and money. 


Let me be totally clear here.  I'm not talking about "baby psychics" here (the person who took a psychic workshop or read a book on how to be psychic, and is doing their first psychic reading for a friend or loved one).  In this article, I'm talking about experienced, seasoned psychics, professionals who really know their stuff.


I've hung out with a LOT of professional psychics over the years (some of them are world-renowned), and I've heard hundreds of these colleagues share not only their frustrations over this kind of scenario, but they also express great sadness over the fact that the client was not able to be open to receive the very important and often life-changing psychic information that had been shared with them during their very valuable reading.  I feel this sadness, too, when I see a client who completely misses out on the profound messages of the reading.


And so, that's why I feel inspired to write this article.  I KNOW there will still be misinformed people in the world, however, if you've found your way to my website and this blog, you may be thinking about working with a psychic in the future.  If you're thinking about working with ME in particular, this article will also give you a crystal clear idea of *exactly* how I work so you can make an empowered, informed choice about who you choose to work with.


I share this information with you with an open and loving heart, and with the clarity of a professional psychic with a lifetime of experience under her belt.



All Psychics Are Unique

The first thing you should know is that there are as many kinds of psychics as there are fish in the sea.  I’ve met countless psychics in my many years in this field, and each one of us is unique in our gifts and how we use them.  In other words, no two psychics are exactly the same, and many are quite different from each other.  (Keep that in mind if you think all psychics are alike.)

I have met many professional psychics who do not do even HALF of what I do (listed below in this article).  It's not about "comparing" here, but I think it is important for you to have this frame of reference.  There are also psychics out there who do cool things that I don't do.  The point is, all psychic gifts are valid, and all are unique. 

My colleagues and I all have one thread in common, and that’s that no psychic does everything.  I have tons of colleagues (even famous ones) who literally cannot see future timelines (like I can), who refuse to do yes/no questions (which I'm a whiz at), who won't give specific, tangible life advice during readings (that's what my readings are all about!), etc.  You get the idea.  And hey, as for my own skill set, I rarely ever get specific names of people during my readings.  I get all sorts of information about their personality, their feelings, their intentions, their future timeline, and more, but rarely do I ever get specific names.  Does that mean anyone's readings are crap?  Absolutely not.  You'll see--in the HUGE list further below--that I get TONS of information during readings, just not names.  

The main point here is that within the huge community of psychics I've interacted with over the years, I've never met a single psychic who does it ALL, who is fully omniscient, fully all-knowing (equivalent to God).

In other words, every psychic has their own unique gifts. If we asked every psychic in the world to make a list of their gifts, what they do, how they do it, and what they don’t (or can't) do, every single psychic’s list would look different.  Are you beginning to understand now?  :-)


Messages From Outerspace

Here’s an example of a psychic reader who is VERY different than me.  I went to this psychic reader a while back to get a second opinion, to ask her for some practical advice about my upcoming cross-country move from Kansas City to Tucson—a very important life event for me.  It turned out that the psychic reader was ONLY able to channel “spiritual messages from the aliens", and literally could not give even a tiny bit of practical advice about steps I should take or how things were going to unfold in my 3D real life.  The psychic reading didn’t help me at all.  Are there clients who DO enjoy doing readings with her, and are there clients who benefit from working with her?  Apparently so!  (I've chatted with friends who raved about her readings.)  True, she wasn’t a fit for me, and she is basically the exact opposite of how I work as a psychic.  Does this mean her work does not have value?  Nope, not at all.  I think her work has a LOT of value for the clients who are looking for this type of reading.


The Fancy Shoes

Recently, a good friend of mine was telling me a story.  This friend has worked in the field of spirituality for over fifty years, and I consider her to be a wise elder in our community, providing life-changing intuitive guidance to her customers.  She was telling me a story of a psychic she'd gone to many years ago who had really impressed her (but who, in my opinion, had also caused her to diminish the acknowledgment of her own psychic gifts).  The psychic had been able to perform "remote viewing" by psychically visiting my friend's home, looking in her closet, and telling her all about her favorite pair of shoes which had a very unique style and design.  (That actually is pretty cool and impressive!) 

My friend then went on to tell me about some very powerful psychic readings of her own she had done for her clients over the years.  But, she then explained that since she could not do what that one psychic in her past had done, she never saw herself as measuring up.  I probed her a bit.  "Tell me, I understand that the psychic gave you some information that really 'wowed' you, but did she happen to also give you any valuable information to assist you in your life?"  "Well no," my friend said, "But she sure impressed me!"  I asked her this question because I know that my friend's readings ARE the kind that are deeply impactful and healing for her clients, assisting them with navigating life's many twists and turns.  Therefore, (in my opinion!) her readings are extremely valuable and much needed in our community. 

My point here is that, sure, about 1 in 50 psychics really has that "wow factor" but there are so MANY gifted psychics in this world who can offer you assistance in a variety of ways.  "Wow factor" is just one type of psychic reading among a whole variety of styles.  Personally, I consider "wow factor" readings to be for entertainment purposes only, and that's not the style of reader I would typically choose to assist me with important life advice.  And we come back to our recurring point:  All styles are valid, and it simply depends on what YOU need and desire from the reading.


Advice or No Advice?

I happen to be on the email mailing list for one of my psychic reader colleagues who also trains future psychics, like I do.  One day, I got a promo email from her that was entitled something like, "Why I Don't Give Advice During Psychic Readings".  I was intrigued about what she had to say about this, because my particular style of psychic reading is chock full of helpful life advice.  While I apparently do things differently than she does, I thought her perspective was interesting and had a lot of merit.  Essentially, in her style of reading (which happens to utilize Tarot cards), she *guides* her client to find their own answers.  She also outright refuses to give any future forecasts whatsoever because timelines can change.  (It is true, timelines CAN indeed shift in some circumstances.)  This psychic professional feels that giving her clients outright advice or future forecasts is not the best route, and she feels that her method is more empowering.  I share this example because it shows yet another very skilled psychic professional working out in the world (who also trains other psychics!) who has a very different style than me.  Is her style legitimate?  Absolutely!  And knowing her as a distant acquaintance as I do, and what I've observed about her personality, I suspect that if any client demanded that she jumps through hoops and "perform" her psychic readings any differently than she does, she'd promptly tell them to fuck off.  (This makes me chuckle as I type this.  LOL.  I'm a bit more diplomatic than she is when dealing with naysayers, but I admire her tenacity!) 


Okay, so now you're probably understanding the basic theme of this article. 


Every psychic is different. 


All are valid. 


As a client, you should get clear on what you are wanting or needing, and choose a psychic who matches that. 




To help you gain that clarity, I'm including a VERY COMPREHENSIVE LIST of exactly what I do during psychic readings (and what I don't do).  



About How I Work....

As you've already read, I’ve been doing this work for many years, and I have had countless very happy clients who have received tremendous help from our work together.   This warms my heart and gives me the vitality and inspiration to help even more clients in the future.  I've worked with clients who tell me that I get far more information and details than any other psychic they have ever worked with.  This happens often with clients who are a good vibrational match with me, and it is pretty darned cool!

However, I need to say something important here.  If you need/want me to be just like another psychic you’ve worked with in the past, please do *not* schedule with me.  This is common sense.  I say this with kindness and with the genuine intent that you get the most of your session time, no matter who you choose to work with.  Psychics are not cookie-cutter carbon copies.  We are all unique.

When clients who ARE the right fit choose to work with me, we can create a tremendous connection and the best reading possible!  That’s exciting.  I love those magical connections.


My scope of expertise is VAST.  (But, also remember, as I've mentioned before, NO psychic anywhere in the world is fully omniscient--all-knowing, like God.) 


Scroll down for a huge list of my gifts and the many ways I can assist you. 


What I do:

  1. Timelines / future forecasts for any area in your life
  2. Yes / no questions about ANYTHING
  3. Tune into other people’s feelings, intentions, and motivations
  4. Life advice (advice on navigating ANY of life’s situations)
  5. Important decisions (guidance on which path is optimal for you and why)
  6. Life questions about romance, family, career, job search, wellness, etc.
  7. Spiritual questions about your energy field, your spiritual gifts, managing your spiritual sensitivities
  8. Psychically evaluate paranormal situations and unwanted spiritual experiences, and the best methods to clear them
  9. Mediumship—information about the afterlife, connecting with your angels, guides, loved ones on the other side, identify loved ones based on their relationship with you (ie great-grandmother on your father's side, etc.) and what they are doing now in the afterlife.


My Top 2 Areas of Genius Are:

While I can do lots of different things quite well, these are the two areas I excel the most.

  1. Helping you NAVIGATE any and all LIFE SITUATIONS, big or small.
  2. Paranormal--Crystal clear psychic evaluation of paranormal situations, psychic attack, and unwanted spiritual experiences, and what to do about it.


Scroll down for a much longer detailed list below….


I am….

Clairvoyant—I can see images and mental “movies” that give me information about your situation

Clairaudient—I hear words and messages that give me information about your questions

Clairsentient (Empath)—I can feel other people’s emotions, intentions, and even physical sensations when I tune into them

Precognizant—I “know” about future events

(Most people in the world have just one or two of the "clairs".  I have ALL of them.)


I use….

  1. A pendulum for yes/no questions (Although I usually "hear" the answer well before I pick up my pendulum.)
  2. Oracle cards for future forecasts

But I don’t depend on those tools.  Most of my readings are just a direct psychic download using the skills I listed above.


Who I Am.... 

I’m a “nuts and bolts” practical advice kind of psychic reader.  Come to your reading with a list of specific questions and I’ll give you all sorts of very focused answers to help you live your best life.  I don’t do fluffy, flowery readings that *only* focus on the higher vibrations or messages from outer space.  I’m here to help you with real life.  (And that can also include spiritual issues having an impact on your life.)

My style is conversational and down-to-earth.  In other words, as we talk about your situation, I will get a download of psychic information and I’ll share that with you as we go.




Here's a detailed list of what I do.



As you may have surmised from my website, my unique niche is helping people who are experiencing unwanted paranormal/spiritual situations.  I am REALLY tuned in to the paranormal in a unique way, most likely because I've personally experienced some very unusual paranormal situations in my own life.  I jokingly say that I have the "spidey sense" when it comes to discerning paranormal situations.

  1. One of my most unique and important gifts is that I can clearly see if something is false light (dark entity pretending to be a light being).
  2. I can check for psychic attack, curses, black magick, and other negative spiritual interferences, identify where they come from, and how to resolve it.
  3. Identify the original cause of these unwanted spiritual situations--ancestral, soul contracts, past lives, targeted individual, etc. and how to resolve these issues.
  4. Check if you have entity attachments, exactly what kind, how many, and the best way to remove them.
  5. Remotely check your home for negative energy, entities, portals, vortexes, other problematic issues, and best ways to resolve these issues.


Important Life Decisions

  1. Come to your reading with a list of choices you are considering and I'll be able to see the timeline for each, with information on which is the optimal path for you and why.
  2. Questions on where you are supposed to live--state, city, neighborhood, home, etc.  Are you supposed to move?  Where?  When?  I can look at your timeline to identify optimal timing and the best windows of opportunity.
  3. Making an important purchase.
  4. Is there anything you can do to change a particular outcome in your life?
  5. Future forecast about any area of your life.  What's coming your way, good energy, red flags, etc.



I love love love helping people with their career and job searches.  I am an INFJ personality type, so I have a special way of being both highly intuitive and linear at the same time. 

  1. Bring me a list of your potential jobs, companies, career choices and I'll tell you which ones are good/bad for you and why.  Job searching is a HUGE task, and I can help you significantly cut down on wasted time spent applying for the wrong jobs/companies.
  2. Are you currently in the right job/career?  Which path is best for you?  Why?
  3. Future forecast of your career life.  What's coming your way, etc.



  1. Is your partner cheating?  Why aren't they calling you back?  Will you get back together?
  2. Are they the one for you?
  3. Are you supposed to stay with this partner?
  4. Are you and your partner soul mates, twin flames, soul family?
  5. Relationship strengths, weaknesses, learning opportunities, red flags, problem-solving.
  6. Love life future forecast.
  7. Dating--choosing between potential partners, what will life be like with each one, which path is best.
  8. When is your next relationship coming?  What are they like? (looks, personality, career, strengths)  How will you meet them?  In what timeframe will you meet them?  (Note: I don't typically get names.)
  9. What should you do to draw in your next partner?  What's blocking you from attracting your next partner?



  1. Babies--(Legally, I am not permitted to tell you if you are pregnant or will get pregnant, as this would be a medical diagnosis.)  What I CAN do: Tell you ALL about any of the wonderful souls waiting to come through you (via childbirth, adoption, or foster care), what gender they are presenting as, their personality, their connection with you, their strengths and challenges.
  2. Children, teens, and your adult kids--We all worry about our kids.  What are they struggling with?  Are they going to be okay?  What can I do to best support them?
  3. Future forecast for the entire home/family.
  4. Future forecast for one or more of your children.
  5. Interpreting and understanding the soul contract agreements you and your children have with each other.



  1. Is this the pet you are supposed to adopt?  When, how?
  2. How is your pet feeling?  Resolving behavioral issues.  Resolving issues with other pets or family members.
  3. Is their current routine, lifestyle, wellness care the right fit for them?  We'll go over the details and your pet will let me know what changes need to be made.
  4. Interpreting your pet's soul contract with you.
  5. End of life: Is this your pet's time to go?  If not, what are the timing and conditions that are right for them?
  6. Afterlife: Now that your pet has passed, what are they doing on the other side?  Who are they with?  Are they happy and at peace?  Do they ever come and visit you?  When and how?



Please note:  Psychics are not licensed medical professionals, and as such, we are legally not allowed to give any sort of medical diagnosis.  As I specialize in *energy* (not medicine), I can tell you all about the energy I see, energy blockages, areas of energetic damage, etc., all of which play a part in what is going on with the physical body.  I am also an empath, so I *often* will feel things in my body directly relating to the person in question (pain, etc.).

  1. Ask me any specific question about your wellness, and I will answer it (providing you are not asking me to diagnose).
  2. I can check if your current medical provider is right for you or if you should work with someone else or consider seeking a second opinion.
  3. I can check if the protocol, procedure, medications, supplements, etc. your medical professional has you on are vibrationally aligned with your body.  (If there is alignment, the treatment will likely be more effective, and vice versa if the protocol is out of alignment with your body.)
  4. I will connect with the consciousness of your body to see what she/he wants.
  5. Is there anything you need to be doing more of / less of in order to support your overall wellness?
  6. Note: I will never tell you what you should or should not do in regards to your medical care.  What I WILL do is tell you what your body is telling me and what I see in your energy.  Please consult your medical provider for actual medical advice.


Your Spiritual Gifts

  1. As someone with many spiritual gifts, I am able to identify which are YOUR natural spiritual gifts and the best ways you can develop them.  Is your strength clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience (empath), claircognizance, dreams, spiritual healing, etc.?  
  2. Potential blocks to your spiritual gifts and how to resolve this.
  3. Where your own spiritual gifts come from (particular ancestors, soul contracts, karma, etc. etc.).
  4. How to manage your spiritual gifts and integrate them in useful ways in your life.
  5. Empath sensitivity support.
  6. Helping you interpret your nighttime dreams.



  1. I can read your chakras and tell you where you're blocked and what it means.
  2. I can tell you what colors are in your aura right now and what that means.
  3. I can see any tears, holes, damage, blockages in your energy field.
  4. I can connect with your angels, guides, guardians, and identify their roles for you.  (I don't typically get names, but I get all sorts of other information about them.)
  5. I can look at your past lives, akashic records, and soul contracts.



  1. I have a very special connection to the afterlife, most likely because, since I was a young child, I've had clear memories of the other side and what it was like before choosing to come into this incarnation.
  2. Because of this connection, I am able to connect with your loved one on the other side, see what the crossing over process was like for them, how they are feeling, what they are doing right now, etc.
  3. Connect with your loved one's angels and guides.
  4. Get information on your loved one's soul contracts and agreements in connection with their death and their relationship with you.
  5. Do they visit you?  How, why, how often?  How does your loved one feel about you now?
  6. My strongest psychic sense in regards to mediumship is clairsentience (empathy) and I will be able to feel the emotions, feelings, and personality of your loved one.
  7. Identify your loved ones based on their relationship with you (ie great-grandmother on your father's side, etc.) and what they are doing now in the afterlife.

Important note: I cannot "force" your loved one to communicate.  If they are shy with strangers, if they don't believe in psychics or don't want to interact with one due to their religious/personal beliefs, if they have a stubborn personality type, or if they are simply busy on the other side and not available to talk, I will have to ask your loved one's guardian angel for answers instead.  Your loved one has free will, as all humans do, and you or I should not force them, nor should we want to.  I ask that you show the courtesy of not holding this against me.  If your loved one wants to talk, great!  If not, there are plenty of other things we can explore, like what I've listed above (what they are doing over there in the afterlife, etc.).  ALL information we get is valuable and valid.  I am always a very strong advocate for getting as MUCH information as possible for my clients, but I am not the boss of the afterlife.  It is up to God and the angels as to what is permitted in regard to someone who has passed on.

You'll see in my list of "don't do's" at the bottom of this article that I rarely get names.  So, it is very unlikely I'll get the names of your deceased relatives.  It's just not what I do. Although I'll get plenty of information on who they are (uncle on mom's side, etc.), their personality, their feelings, their role, and I am a whiz at *confirming* names, etc.  I also don't specialize in finding lost items (like where your deceased loved one has hidden an important heirloom). 

Also, it is illegal for someone who is not a medical professional to give a medical diagnosis, cause of death, etc., so if you ask me to do that, you're asking me to break the law. Because I am an ethical psychic, I will not and cannot do this for you.  I would appreciate your understanding that I must adhere to the medical laws in this country.   For medical questions such as cause of death, please refer to the attending physician. 


List of Things I Do NOT Do:

Please take note of the items on this “don’t do” list, and if these are things you’re wanting, it is best that you don't schedule with me, but rather, schedule with someone else who does do these things.  I truly want you to work with whoever is the best match for you.


I Don’t Do….

  1. Names--I get all sorts of info during a reading, but seldom do I ever get names from out of nowhere.  Just not one of my gifts.  Now, I AM a whiz at CONFIRMING names.  You provide the name, "Is it so-and-so?" And I'll get an immediate firm confirmation 'yes or no', along with a string of other pertinent info about the person.
  2. Telepathy—This is a fancy word for “mind reader”.  Yes, there are actual telepaths in the world who are also professional psychics.  I’m not one of them.  (Most psychics I meet aren't telepaths.)
  3. Telekinesis--No, I cannot control objects with my mind, bend spoons, or levitate out of my chair.
  4. Pull info from nowhere—If you sit there and say nothing, thinking I should magically “know” what you want from your reading, you’re going to be wasting your money--and my time (Remember, I’m not a “mind reader”.)  You may say, “But if you’re a REAL psychic, you should KNOW what I want.”  Nope!  Telepathy (mind-reading) is one skill.  Psychic abilities are not the same as telepathy.
  5. Answer “trick” questions—If you want me to jump through hoops to “prove” I’m legit, please go away.  I’m here to actually help people, not manage tricksters.
  6. Trance channeling—I DO often connect with spiritual beings, angels, loved ones, etc., but I never, ever let them TAKE OVER my body and talk through me.  I believe this practice is dangerous for anyone who does it.  (I believe in spiritual safety!)
  7. Astrology--I love astrology, but no, I'm not an astrologist.  That's a whole different skill set!
  8. Lost items—I’ve been totally on target with finding lost items when I’ve helped some of my past clients, but I don’t consider it to be one of my strong suits.
  9. Lost pets—Not my strong suit.
  10. Medical diagnosis—It is unethical and illegal for a non-medical professional to give a medical diagnosis of any kind.
  11. Cause of death— It is unethical and illegal for a non-medical professional to give a medical diagnosis of any kind.
  12. Death predictions—I DO often see potential “exit windows” when a person might choose to leave their life, but telling someone their exact death date is just plain unethical and wrong and only serves to create fear in the client.
  13. Pregnancy—Just take a pregnancy test or go to the doctor.  (Pregnancy prediction would also be considered a medical diagnosis, which I cannot legally do.)  Now, I CAN tell you details about any possible souls of babies waiting to be birthed (or adopted) through you, and this is very awe-inspiring!
  14. Prediction of terrible events—I won’t sugar-coat things.  If I see a red flag, I WILL tell you.  But I’ll frame it in a way that is helpful rather than fear-inducing.  One of my professional pet peeves are psychics who purposely try to terrify their clients with predictions of terrible events in order to manipulate them into coming back for more sessions.  This type of behavior is unethical and wrong.
  15. Legal advice—I am not a licensed attorney.  I CAN tell you about the energy around the situation and potential outcomes.  But, please consult with your lawyer for actual legal advice.
  16. Remote viewing—This is a skill that some psychics have where they can visually travel to a location or situation and “see” all sorts of details.  One of my friends told me she went to a psychic who did remote viewing, psychically looked into her closet and told her all about her favorite shoes.  This is really cool!  But it is not something I do.
  17. If you are going to various different psychics to ask the exact same question so you can compare answers and argue with each psychic about what each psychic said….Why????  All I can say is, YOU are more intuitive than you think.  Listen to your intuitive guidance to help you choose ONE psychic to help guide you.  Find the person who is the best fit for you and stick with them.  In the long run, this will be the best use of both your money and your time.


Wrapping things up....

Many psychics specialize in just one area, like pet psychics, akashic records readers, love life psychics, etc.  I love the fact that I am able to work with my clients in the many areas I listed above, which I believe makes our session time even more useful.  This means that when you schedule a reading with me, you can ask questions about all sorts of things during your session time, or if you prefer, you can stick to just one topic.  It's totally up to you!   


My Readings Receive Consistent 5-Star Reviews:


Thank you MAYA!!! loved your reading and I’m so glad I chatted with you today :)
Maya does fantastic work! I love that I can ask a clear question, and get a clear, honest answer. I'm grateful that when I pose a question, we get right to the point; I feel like she is so respectful of both her time and mine. Invaluable service; Maya is truly gifted!
Absolutely love her! Can’t wait to see her predictions.
She is very good. She explained things very well and with lots of original specific detail. I was really impressed! Her timelines are longer but would rather that than false expectations. I would definitely read with her again.
I had a wonderful and insightful reading! She was on point when describing the other person’s personality and tendencies which will help me be more understanding. She was also very diligent in providing me with guidance on my next step as I was facing a difficult decision. I will definitely be back.


Maya is the type of person who makes you feel like you're talking with a good friend who only wants the best for you.  She has always been spot on when it comes to giving me insight into what I should be doing next.  If you need guidance or a nudge in the right direction, she's the one you want to call!


Maya gets information that's not surface-level.  She has clear sight and lots of discernment in psychic protection situations.  I have personally made big life choices after receiving a reading because of the amount of clarity I receive from her.  For example, where and when is best for moving my family to a new city.  I love how much Maya's readings confirm what I am feeling and give so many layers of information about my situations that taking next steps are much easier.


Maya is always great!  She tunes in quickly and she's compassionate!


Maya is a truly gifted psychic. I've known her for more than a decade and she gives consistently reliable information coupled with grounded, practical advice. When I want insight I trust, I go to Maya.



I hope you found this article informative and helpful.


Let me know if you have any questions about how I can assist you through a psychic reading. 


Click here for information on scheduling a psychic reading with me.


Much Love,

Maya Zahira











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