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Hello friends,  Recently, in my free Facebook group, Psychic Protection Sanctuary, a member asked a really…
Hello friends,  Recently, in my free Facebook group, Psychic Protection Sanctuary, a member asked a really…

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FREE Facebook Live classes with Maya Zahira


In the Psychic Protection Sanctuary Facebook Group!

Maya will be answering your questions about psychic protection and spiritual warfare, teaching you tips and techniques, and will be sharing stories about some of her recent psychic protection experiences!  The free classes take place on 1st Mondays monthly at 6 pm U.S. central time.    Each time we cover a different topic. Go here to visit the Psychic Protection Sanctuary Facebook Group and join the group!   (Hint:  You must answer the three questions in order to be permitted entry into the group.)



12-month online Spiritual Empowerment Academy

Enrollment is now open!  Click here for details.


The Spiritual Empowerment Academy is a 12-month online program intended for spiritual-seekers like you who want to dive deep into your personal transformation journey.

Part educational course--part spiritual support circle--in this program, we explore personal transformation, intuitive development, Reiki, energy healing, shamanism, healthy energy boundaries, psychic protection, and so much more!



Your Daily Dose of Reiki  

Donation-based group long-distance Reiki sessions 

Have you been struggling with....

  • Emotional ups and downs?
  • Feelings of worry, stress, grief, overwhelm, anxiety, apathy, or depression?
  • Concern over the health and well-being of you and your loved ones?
  • Your finances, job status, or life direction?
  • Feeling un-grounded, un-centered, and generally out of whack?
  • Managing negative energy at home and in the world?






Replays of Past Online Events


Sovereign Self Radio Show with ZofiaRenea Morales

June 29, 2020

Is It Spiritual Teaching or Abuse?
Listen now to the replay of Maya Zahira's interview on Sovereign Self Radio with ZofiaRennea Morales. Maya and Zofia discuss the 3 Types of Abusive Spiritual Teachers, and so much more.

"Cinnamon Moon at Night" Radio Show

December 2, 2019

Click here to visit the show website and to listen to the replay.

Maya will be talking about her book, Darkness Disguised as Light, and answering the host's questions about psychic protection.


Sovereign Self Radio Show with ZofiaRenea Morales

August 26, 2019

Click here to visit the show website and listen to the replay.

Darkness Disguised as Light, The Low Down on Psychic Protection

Have you ever felt like something was dragging you down or holding you back? Zofia explores Maya Zahira's spiritual journey and the unexpected places it took her. She thought she was going to be all about Reiki, but it all took a sharp turn into a calling she'd never imagined, Psychic Protection. Discover the questions you should be asking before taking your next spiritual class, retreat or workshop and how to hold a safe space for your clients if you lead these kinds of events.




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