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From a distance, many spiritual events seem like they would be lovely, safe, inspiring, healing experiences. …
From a distance, many spiritual events seem like they would be lovely, safe, inspiring, healing experiences. …

Free Audiobook Sample--Introduction to Darkness Disguised as Light by Maya Zahira

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Hello, friends!

The following is a relaxed reading of the Introduction to Darkness Disguised as Light: The Hidden Truth About Psychic Protection and the Illusion Matrix, read by the author, Maya Zahira.

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Darkness Disguised as Light shares my real-life story of a horrific psychic attack I experienced in 2016 at the hands of a predatory spiritual teacher. 


Each chapter unfolds the suspenseful story along with all of the spiritual downloads I received about psychic protection and spiritual warfare.  


Many readers tell me they could not put the book down and that they read it cover to cover in two days or less.


The story is compelling and the content is potent.  I can hardly believe I lived through it, and I am constantly amazed at the direction my life has turned since those fateful events in 2016.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you to all of my readers and those who have shared my book with others. 


When I wrote my book, my hope was that it would help at least a few people.  I am grateful that it has met that goal and so much more.


Click to enjoy this free audiobook sample on YouTube!

Kindle and paperback versions are available on Amazon.


Much love,

Maya Zahira


Book excerpt from Darkness Disguised as Light: The Hidden Truth About Psychic Protection and the Illusion Matrix





I would like to share with you the core reasons why I have been called to step forward at this point in time and make psychic self-protection a focal point in my life’s work. Recently, I was talking with one of my teachers about how, and why, I am so passionate about this aspect of my work. In a very candid and heartfelt way, I was explaining some of my past experiences with psychic attack, and how they impacted me on such a deeply emotional and spiritual level. She responded, “Maya! You absolutely need to share this! Share it just like you did with me, straight from the heart. There are so many people who need to hear this!”


And so, here I am...sharing my story. My intention is that the information in this book will come straight from my heart with vulnerability and transparency. I am not one for putting slick and shiny offerings out into the world. I prefer to be authentic and real. As I write, I’m following my inner wisdom and guidance from the Divine, and I trust that it will unfold perfectly for the people who need it most. If you’re reading this book now, I believe there was a reason you were drawn to this topic, and my deepest desire is that you will receive what you need here.


I have worked as a healer and teacher for over twenty-five years, and throughout the long span of my work, I have always felt that psychic self-defense was extremely important. Over the years, I have encountered many people in the spirituality and alternative healing fields who have expressed their views on psychic protection. The prevailing comment is that psychic self-defense is not necessary, and that it is very fear-based to focus on protection of any kind. I respectfully, and strongly, disagree, and here is why: When we get into our car and we buckle the seat belt (because we are taking a prudent and reasonable safety measure), are we putting on that seat belt because we are being fear-based in our beliefs? No, we are doing it because we are being prudent. So, what about a woman or man who decides to go to a physical self-defense class at a karate studio? Is their decision to learn some physical empowerment tools necessarily fear-based? No, I don’t believe so. Of course, it does depend on the person and their intentions, but I think that learning self-defense techniques is very smart. In and of itself, it is a very empowered thing to do.


Similarly, I have always believed psychic self-defense is extremely important because it is part of being an empowered individual who lives in not only a physical world, but a spiritual one as well. Even though we are living in the physical realm right now, there are energies and entities all around us. Our world is multi-dimensional. There are many things around us that the majority of people cannot see with their physical eyesight, but those energies still have an impact on us.


This is why I have always taught my students about healthy energy boundaries and psychic protection.


While I had always interwoven concepts of psychic self-defense into my class curriculum, the topic had not been a primary focus for my work, that is, not until the spring of 2016. A very terrifying, profound, and powerful experience catapulted me into a higher calling. In some ways, it has been a more difficult calling, but very rewarding, nonetheless. This has involved focusing more fully on work with psychic self-defense. My work began to include assisting people who are being harassed and attacked by entities and dark energies, people who are experiencing psychic attack from human beings, and so on. What I went through in the spring of 2016 pushed me way beyond my comfort zone, in every way possible. I do not ever wish to go through that experience again, and yet I know deep in my bones that having that experience was vital to putting me on my current path.


So, what happened in the spring of 2016? This book details the entire story, as well as all the valuable knowledge I gained along the way. In short, I experienced an intense, terrifying, powerful, and mind-boggling psychic attack that included black magick, psychological manipulation, sexual violation, and attacks by dark entities including demons. The story is indeed 'stranger than fiction,' and I truly could not have made this stuff up, even if I had tried.


This attack occurred because I came into contact with some colleagues in my spiritual community who were secretly working with dark forces. In short, I was able to see the truth of what was really happening, and because I could see past the illusion, I became a primary target. It remains to be seen whether these individuals are fully aware of being influenced by the dark. My heart is open, and I send them prayers, love, and understanding. I always try to remain humble as I remind myself daily, “There but for the grace of God, go I.” Perhaps in a different timeline, it could have been me in their shoes being controlled, oppressed, and manipulated by the dark powers that be, and I thank God that is not the case.


This book is not at all about calling out any particular individuals or disparaging anyone’s reputation. That is simply not how I roll. For this reason, the names, locations, and identifying information of all of the individuals in the story have been changed. My observation has been that these types of issues occur to some extent in nearly all spiritual communities. The dark forces have had a very long history of trying to infiltrate the light by hiding in plain sight within spiritual and personal development populations. My goal is to bring these issues out into the open so that you, the reader, can have a greater awareness of what is out there and make more informed choices as you navigate through the world.


Over the years of teaching and working in spiritual circles, I have observed an overall lack of discernment when people are channeling entities, angels, and spirit guides. In many cases during channeling, there are beings that come through that are not of the Light, that are not of God. These beings are, in fact, imposters; they are the dark disguised as light. Overly trusting practitioners open themselves up to receive messages, assuming they are working with an angel or ascended guide, not even guessing that what they have called in is not what it presents itself to be. The deceiving entity will attach itself to the practitioner. It then absorbs life force energy off of all of that practitioner’s clients. This is not an uncommon occurrence. In fact, it is shockingly prevalent.


Interestingly, I have encountered a large number of people in the New Age community who believe that evil does not exist, that malevolent forces do not exist, that dark entities do not exist, that only love and light exist and all else is illusion. Nearly every day in my Facebook newsfeed, I see memes that say, "The light, the dark, there is no difference," emphasizing the common spiritual teaching of oneness, non-polarity, and the acceptance of all. The individuals I've encountered who do believe in dark energies have often expressed a belief that evil entities are simply not capable of harming human beings. On the contrary, those who have actually had malevolent spiritual experiences firsthand know and believe the truth. Psychic attacks and dark entities do exist, and they can cause real and significant harm.


The psychic attack I experienced in the spring of 2016 was by far the most terrifying and jarring experience of my life. From start to finish, the entire course of the attack lasted about six weeks, but it felt like an eternity. It started off as a somewhat mild psychological psychic attack but then escalated into a full-out attack by entities, including very evil demonic beings. The attacks became so powerful and malevolent that I truly feared for my life. I have always considered myself to be a pretty brave person when it comes to spiritual matters. After all, I have seen ghosts my whole life. I am definitely not a scaredy-cat, but this situation truly scared the crap out of me!


What was even more disturbing, upsetting, and unsettling was that when I reached out to people for much-needed support and advice, there were very few who understood what I was talking about. Quite simply, they had never experienced a psychic attack or an encounter with a malevolent being (which, by the way, I think is a huge blessing for them). Very few people could relate to what I was going through, which led to me feeling quite alone in the midst of a very traumatic event. Most who had never had this type of personal experience would tell me that I was making the story up, that they don't believe in such things, that what I was going through was literally impossible and complete rubbish.


Another aspect of non-support showed up in the guise of love and light spiritual teachings. Nowadays, there is a very popular spiritual belief that if you just surround yourself in love and light, nothing dark can ever touch you. There is also a common teaching that you will attract to you things that are aligned with your current energy vibration, so if something negative happens to you (like a car accident or illness), it is because you were radiating at that lower vibration. Numerous times, I was told by well-meaning spiritual seekers that I had literally caused these attacks because of some darkness within myself. I remember one person saying, "There must have been something in your vibration that drew this to you.” It was pure victim blaming at its finest.


While it is indeed true that we often attract similar vibrations to ourselves, what's equally true is that opposites attract.  Let me be crystal clear. When you have a very strong inner light, it can actually make you a target of the dark forces. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of accounts throughout recorded history of saints and devout individuals being prime targets of demonic attack. There's a common teaching that radiating love and light will protect you from all darkness. This popular belief is not only false, but it is also dangerous and misleading. I don't share this to initiate fear, but rather, to help spread truth. When you know what makes you vulnerable, you can take practical steps for your own protection and empowerment.


In addition to the lack of moral support from my community, there was also a serious lack of knowledge. I was seeking out spiritual teachers, healers, and anyone who would know how to handle advanced psychic attacks. The really common practices of burning sage, calling in angels, and visualizing white light were not working at all in this situation. This attack was so extreme and so powerful that none of those soft techniques were effective at all, not one bit. I reached out to numerous people, saying, “None of that stuff is working. What do I do for the really extreme stuff?” Nobody had a clue. I kept thinking, "Surely other people have gone through experiences like this. How is it that no one knows what to do?” I even tried contacting two priests in the Catholic Church, and they did not believe what I was telling them. After several weeks of living through hell, I finally connected with a couple of people who had some nuggets of wisdom to share. Aside from that, I had very little support in figuring out how to get through this very treacherous situation.


I was desperate to find answers, and there were very few people who had any information to help. I remember going online and doing research to try to find a community or some people who knew how to deal with severe entity attacks. I could not find anything. There were virtually no resources online. I remember thinking, “Why is there not a support group for this???” I knew in my heart that there were other people with similar experiences, and that those people were also struggling through it on their own. At that moment, I made a deep and sincere vow that once I got through this, I would help others by sharing my knowledge. I can’t imagine anybody else having to feel the way that I felt, feeling alone, feeling the lack of support, and being terrified for my life and for the safety of my soul, having no support whatsoever. I don't want anyone else to ever have to feel that way, to experience such a horrible thing without support. That was the reason why I started doing the work that I’m doing now—teaching and assisting people with issues of psychic protection.


There was apparently no credible information available regarding how to clear severe spiritual attacks. I found very few people who knew anything more than just the basics. I did have a couple of teachers that I connected with, and I am eternally grateful for them. With the information from those teachers, and some other earth angels who gave me tips along the way, I was able to completely clear out all of the effects of the psychic attacks, showing me firsthand that the techniques I found were not only useful, but extremely effective. Eventually, I was able to get back to my usual peaceful life, for which I am so very grateful! There were times during the attacks when I believed that those entities were going to be after me for the rest of my life. I was afraid that I would never be able to clear them.


Luckily, the techniques I found are super powerful, effective, and not very difficult to complete. I have been helping to spread this knowledge. What I recognize is that, apparently, I know a lot more about psychic protection than most people, and yet there is still so much more to learn. Every day, I am researching, reading books, studying, going online, consulting with teachers, doing my own spiritual practices, and also connecting with my own spiritual team—my spirit guides and angels—through meditation, as I bring in new information about what is going on in the spiritual realm and which techniques are most effective for resolving various types of psychic protection issues.


Going through this experience was like walking through fire. It was the most uncomfortable, frightening, and painful experience of my life, and yet it strengthened me in ways I cannot even describe. My spirit is so much stronger and braver than I ever thought possible. I feel very blessed to now be sharing this knowledge with the world. I believe that every person on the planet would benefit from learning about psychic protection—what makes you vulnerable, how to identify a psychic attack, what types of energies can harm you, and how to protect yourself and your loved ones.


The good news is that most people will never have issues with extreme psychic attack, but a fraction of the population will. Those who work in the field of spirituality are often prime targets, and this includes spiritual teachers, clergy, energy healers, psychics, mediums, etc.  On the other hand, anyone can become a target, because sometimes it can simply be a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whether a person experiences mild or severe issues regarding psychic attack, everyone needs information, support, protection, and empowerment about this important topic.


Kindle and paperback versions are available on Amazon.



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