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From a distance, many spiritual events seem like they would be lovely, safe, inspiring, healing experiences. …
From a distance, many spiritual events seem like they would be lovely, safe, inspiring, healing experiences. …

Why I Still Work with Angels (The Truth About Angels)

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: angels, guardian angels, archangels, false light agenda, demiurge, Archons, seeking truth, false light entities


Recently, we had our monthly Facebook Live class in my free Facebook group, Psychic Protection Sanctuary.
Our topic was The Truth About Angels (aka Why I Still Work with Angels).



I chose this topic for two reasons:


1.)  There are a lot of people in the Facebook group who enjoy working with angels and would like to know more about the subject.


2.)  There are some deeper truth-seekers in the group who've been looking for answers about whether angels are safe to work with, where they actually come from, if they are actually beneficial beings, and what *I* think about this subject.  (This is a natural questioning process for those who've experienced psychic attack or who have been seeking deeper truths.)



In this video, I explain that I am NOT a Bible scholar.


Rather, I am an "open-minded skeptic" and a lifelong seeker of truth. I do not claim to have all the answers. That said, I know a lot of people join my Facebook group because they want to know what I think about these subjects.


Well, I've spent many years pondering and diving deep into the rabbit hole of angels, false light entities, the nature of "God", and so much more. This video details some of the standard commonly accepted information about angels, along with my own thoughts and interpretations, what I believe, and what I do NOT believe.



Ultimately, it will be up to YOU to figure out the answers for yourself.



Here's something weird....


I have noticed that a LOT of ANTI-ANGEL BULLYING occurs whenever I post a thought-provoking video about angels. 


No joke, I often get a handful of "hate emails" each month specifically because I choose to work with angels. 


I find it interesting that there are a whole group of people in the "Truther Movement" who have a strict dogma that "all angels are bad" because a few teachers with YouTube channels have said it is so.  I always laugh about how some folks feel such a strong need to "educate" me about what so-and-so teacher is saying about how angels are BAD.  I often wonder about the human nature of blindly following others and making all other viewpoints completely wrong.


One courtesy I do request with this video is that if someone is staunchly anti-angel, either simply skip the video altogether, or take the time to actually watch the video from start to finish so you will understand what I am really teaching.


The purpose of my video is to prompt people to think for themselves and question EVERYTHING.


If you have different beliefs than me, that is totally OKAY. I hope this video helps give you food for thought, and perhaps clarity (or questioning) on your own beliefs about angels.


Video Recap:


1.) In the first part of the video, I talk about some of the generally-accepted beliefs about angels from the Judeo-Christian tradition, why I question many of these beliefs, and what I DO believe.


2.) My own first-hand experiences with angels and encounters I've had with False Light Entities.


3.) How some jarring experiences with False Light Entities several years ago caused me to spend years researching on Archons, the demiurge, and more.


4.) My unique ability to be able to not only discern entities (including angels), but to also keenly discern whether they are benevolent or false light.


5.) How I came to the understanding that there are actually true benevolent angels from (true) divine source as well as false light angels, and that many in the Truther Movement erroneously believe that ALL are bad since they cannot discern the difference. (I do NOT work with the psychopathic demiurgic "God". I work with true Divine Source only.)


6.) Tips on how to tell the difference between false light and beneficial spiritual beings and how to identify false light.


7.) Information on some of the angels I DO choose to work with and why, and my favorite ways to connect with them.


8.) My general advice to all....

If you feel guided to work with angels, DO (provided that you discern genuine from false light). And if you don't feel guided to work with them, then don't.


Watch the video class now.



Much love,

Maya Zahira


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