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From a distance, many spiritual events seem like they would be lovely, safe, inspiring, healing experiences. …
From a distance, many spiritual events seem like they would be lovely, safe, inspiring, healing experiences. …

Which Ascended Masters Are False Light and Which Are Genuine

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: ascended masters, false light entities, Doreen Virtue, seeking truth

Hello friends, 

Recently, in my free Facebook group, Psychic Protection Sanctuary, a member asked a really important question that led us down a very interesting rabbit hole of information.


She wanted to know about the Violet Flame.


I'm not going to go into a lot of details right now about the violet flame itself, but here was my response to her question:


The current popular idea of the "violet flame" actually comes from the trendy New Age "ascended master" St. Germain.


St. Germain is actually a false light entity.


There is no TRUE version of St. Germain working with the earth right now.


All visions of "St. Germain" and all messages coming from "St. Germain" including the concept of the violet flame--it is all false light, 100% deception.


For this reason, I steer clear from any work with the violet flame.


Do I work with colors in my healing work, including the color violet?

Absolutely yes. There's nothing wrong with the color violet.


However, I advise against working with the violet flame, and most especially with St. Germain.


That said, if you are looking to do a meditation where you call in a color and speak an invocation, you can absolutely do THAT! Follow your inner guidance to choose the color and words that work for you.



I ended up creating a whole separate Facebook post about St. Germain so that more people would see it and join the conversation.


My post began with: 




And that led to a whole LOT of interesting comments.


Many people said they had felt an unusual aversion to St. Germain but they never knew why, and my post had validated this for them.


Others had contrasting opinions, which is also okay!  (My biggest hope is that you will develop your own opinions and not just believe whatever I say.)



Further down in the conversation, I asked: 


Who would be interested in a Facebook Live where I go through Doreen Virtue's former Ascended Masters oracle deck to see what I intuitively get about each one of the ascended masters?


A BUNCH of people were interested!


So, now, we're going to go down a really fascinating rabbit hole. 


In our upcoming Facebook Live, I'll be tuning in psychically to see which ascended masters are authentic, which are real, and which are real but also have imposter versions. 


I'll be exploring both female and male ascended masters.



Oh, and I want to mention one really important thing.

Someone in the discussion thread asked a truly valid question. 


She wanted to know WHERE I got the information that St. Germain is completely false light, who or what spiritual teacher had told me this.  (I applaud this kind of questioning!)


Here is my response:

These are great questions. I'll go into more detail in the FB Live. And to answer your question directly, the information is coming from ME, as I am very tuned in to be able to discern what is false light and what is not.

This ability was initiated within me in 2016 when I went to an angel healer who was actually working with a false light entity, not an angel. After that experience, I have had the ability to see and know what is false light.

Because of my deep knowledge of false light, lots of people have come to me over the years to get answers about this very topic.


Yes, I want you to find your own answers.  But also, most people don't (yet) have the strong ability to discern false light.  I'm here to help guide people as they grow into that clarity.


Click here to watch the Facebook Live class now.


Much love,

Maya Zahira


P.S.  Ready to take the next step?  Click here to learn the six different ways you can work with me.


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