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From a distance, many spiritual events seem like they would be lovely, safe, inspiring, healing experiences. …
From a distance, many spiritual events seem like they would be lovely, safe, inspiring, healing experiences. …

How to Question Everything and Not Run Away

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: spiritual discernment, false light agenda

Hello, friends!

This is on my mind today, and I just wanted to share. 


I speak out about controversial stuff sometimes. It's true.


Some of what I speak about is *in complete contradiction* to what's being taught in popular spirituality these days.
Some of what I talk about is super triggering for some people.



I've noticed some common responses around this. Those who get triggered will often do one of two things in:


1.) Push back, often very strongly. This shows up by vehemently arguing their point, why they're right and the other perspective is flat-out wrong.


2.) Door slam. This is when the person immediately slams the door on any potential conversation or exploration. They do this by quickly blocking the other person, leaving the Facebook group, unsubscribing to the email list, or etc.


I just wanted to say that I very much applaud anyone who is willing to question EVERYTHING:

* Their own beliefs

* What mainstream spirituality teaches

* And even what I teach.


One thing that makes me very sad is when people "door slam" when presented with ANYTHING that is contrary to their current belief system.


(For example, I've observed that people will immediately leave my group or unsubscribe to my email list because they get super triggered by something that is outside of their current belief system.)


I have an opinion about this. First, I'm totally okay with people leaving my group or unsubscribing to my email list. I know that everyone isn't going to jive with what I say, and I'm okay with that.


But, I have some deeper thoughts on this phenomenon.


My own observation and interpretation of this is that if someone is truly and genuinely SECURE in their beliefs, whatever they may be, then they will be *capable of holding space* for any contrary ideas they might encounter.


And I also believe the opposite to be true....


That when someone who isn't very stabilized in their belief, whatever it may be (and perhaps even a part of them deep down senses that there is something not in alignment or untrue about their belief) will often become *extremely defensive* when presented with an opposing belief. There is even a knee-jerk response of protection of that belief, through either arguing or running away.


My HOPE is always that anything I share or teach will help people think more deeply and gain more clarity, even if their clarity is that they believe I am completely wrong.


This deeper clarity cannot be achieved when one runs away anytime they are presented with anything contradictory to their own beliefs.


If you ever encounter something you don't agree with and you feel that strong knee-jerk inner impulse to door-slam the idea/group/person that presents a contrary perspective, take a moment to sit with yourself and feel into WHY you are feeling such a strong compulsion to push away or run away. There's something underneath that.


It's always okay to take good care of yourself, and if pushing against or running away truly feels like the right way to do that, then go for it. But, sometimes we are simply avoiding discomfort--the discomfort that comes from the important task of evaluating our own beliefs.


And so, friends, I always encourage you to stick around and think deeper.


Thanks so much for being here! (Those who are still here, ha!)


I truly appreciate you and I love that so many of you are deep thinkers and truth-seekers.


Much love,

Maya Zahira



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