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  Black magick is the act of using spiritual practices to control, manipulate, cause harm to another,…
  Black magick is the act of using spiritual practices to control, manipulate, cause harm to another,…

Have you ever ignored your intuition and later regretted it?

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: Intuition, Intuitive, Intuitive Development, gaslighting, psychic abilities, dreams, prophetic dreams

Have you ever gotten a psychic / intuitive hit about something, but someone in your life insisted you were wrong? So you doubted yourself and didn't heed your own intuitive knowing?


Seven years ago, I was considering moving into a rental house in Kansas. I had a dream that water was leaking through the roof into the office and causing water damage. I asked the homeowner, and she insisted that NO, there is absolutely NO chance of a leak, and that I was completely wrong.

Sure enough, one week after I moved in, we had some rain, and water was leaking in through the roof in my office just like I had dreamed.


Turned out I WAS RIGHT.


This wasn't the first time I had received a clear warning about something only to have others boldly tell me, "NO, you're wrong."

And then to find out later that I was right.

And that I shouldn't have doubted myself in the first place.




Have you ever had a gut feeling about something that came true?

Have you ever felt like someone was lying and found out later they really WERE lying?

Have you ever felt a strong intuitive nudge about something, but the people in your life told you that you were wrong...or even crazy?


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Much love,

Maya Zahira


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