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From a distance, many spiritual events seem like they would be lovely, safe, inspiring, healing experiences. …
From a distance, many spiritual events seem like they would be lovely, safe, inspiring, healing experiences. …

Would You Know if Your Aura Was Damaged?

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: aura, chakra, Psychic attack, negative energy, Toxic environment, stress, Healing with Color, affirmations

Hi everyone!

I'm sure you all know a bit about your aura and what it means to make sure it is energetically in balance. Today I wanted to go a bit more in-depth about the aura and why it is so important to keep it balanced and clear of energy not serving you.

The aura is an energetic atmosphere that surrounds every living thing. It's a subtle form of matter (a vital force) that radiates and lies at the base of all manifested life. Your personal space is in direct correlation to the size of your body. So...if you put one of you one each side, and in front and back of you, that would be considered your personal space. Your aura is everywhere in that physical space. 

Have you ever noticed that when someone gets too close to you and is in that ring of your personal space, you can feel it? If that person resonates with your energy you may feel an attraction to that person. Conversely, if you perceive their energy as being really negative, you may automatically step back to create distance.

Most physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues we face in life can be healed energetically, and making sure the aura is perfectly functioning is part of that process. The color of your aura is determined by your internal state, your thoughts and feelings, and by your external environment including clothing and your surroundings.


 Your aura can become torn or damaged when:


☼ you are around extremely negative people that disrupt your aura, and interrupt the natural flow of energy around your body.


☼ you have emotions that have not been felt, acknowledged, processed, and released.


☼ you are under psychic attack by negative energy, entities or spirits, that can become lodged in your auras or chakra centers.


☼ your physical body is in a chemical or toxic environment, including environmental pollution.


☼ something triggers a past life memory or negative experience.


☼ the auras, chakras, and meridian system are out of sync with each other.


☼ drugs and alcohol are overused.


☼ you're not spending enough time connecting with nature, around trees and flowing water.


☼ you experience too much stress for too long.


What can happen to you when your aura is damaged?


☼ You can experience physical problems or have an unusual health issue. (Most issues in the physical body have a root cause that is energetic.) A damaged aura can include fatigue, exhaustion, injury, and even major illness.


☼ Your normal flow of abundance is slowed or stopped.


☼ You may have unexplained weight gain or weight loss.


☼ Your attitude changes and you feel a lack of motivation.


☼ You become hyperactive and have panic attacks.


☼ your relationships become difficult and out of balance.


Here are 5 simple quick tips to help strengthen your aura...


 ☼ Using color--all color creates waves traveling through space. Depending on the wavelength, our eyes register different colors. The color of your aura is determined by both your internal and external surroundings and environment. All thoughts, feelings, and emotions can be enhanced by your clothing and other colors in your environment. 


☼ food--eating a rainbow food diet is healthy for the physical body, and also beneficial for the other layers of the aura, including the spiritual layers.


☼ water--put some purified water into a colored bottle or glass container, and leave it in the sun for a couple hours to enhance the energy of the water. (Blue glass is a great choice for the healing the physical body and orange for the emotional body.)


☼ healing affirmations for the aura--do daily affirmations such as 'I am surrounded by healing light' or 'my aura and energetic body is in perfect balance.' You can define what affirmations are a perfect fit for you.


 ☼ visualization--sit quietly and imagine a bright white light coming in through your crown chakra, and going through your entire body, visualizing your divine perfect aura.


Learn more about cleansing and balancing your aura in the Spiritual Empowerment Academy.  Click here for more information.


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