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From a distance, many spiritual events seem like they would be lovely, safe, inspiring, healing experiences. …
From a distance, many spiritual events seem like they would be lovely, safe, inspiring, healing experiences. …

3 Ways to Receive Intuitive Information From Dreams

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: Intuitive Development, intuitive messages, dream work, prophetic dreams, healing dreams, astral travel

Hello everyone!

Each of us is dreaming while we are sleeping, even though we many times have no recall of what we actually dreamed about. Every time you sleep, intuitive information specifically tailored to your needs flows directly to you. 

Our dreams can be intensely powerful intuitive messengers. They contain secret tips and clues to the deepest part of ourselves. Even though our dreams can sometimes seem scary or strange, they actually are a profound communication system that can be used to help heal, shift, and transform our lives. 

The average person has 5 sleep cycles each night. At the end of each cycle, there is a period of REM sleep. Most people dream for 100 minutes a night. The closer to morning, the longer your REM sleep becomes.  


Benefits of knowing your dreams can include: 

☯ easing your stress and anxiety

☯ awareness of things you’re overlooking or ignoring

☯ helping you make difficult decisions

☯ helping you to shift and break creative blocks

☯ helping you through tough spots in relationships

☯ warning of impending illness

☯ keys to help you heal your physical body

☯ helping you feel more connected to spirit 

Getting really connected to your dreams can be life-changing. Here are some tips on how to access the intuition that your dreams are telling you. Your dreams deal with your career, fears, needs, desires, aspirations, emotions, abundance, relationships, and spirit ... they are a reflection of everything you are and can be. 


Here are 3 things you can do to tap into the guidance from your dreams: 

1. Keep a Dream Journal 

☯ Think of a particular question that you are searching for answers to and write it down in your journal. Be specific so your subconscious mind is very clear on what you seek and chose a question with a definitive answer. Writing the request in your dream journal gives it more intensity in universal energy. 

☯ Keep the journal close to you while you sleep, so your subconscious mind is aware of the energy.

☯ Keeping a daily dream journal helps you identify recurring patterns of dreams so it becomes easier to identify the messages.

☯ Keeping a daily dream journal can help improve your memory and recall of your dreams. 


2.  Set Your Intentions 

☯ Ask the universe to clearly send you messages via your  dreams. Say something like, “Tonight I will dream about the guidance I need for finding the right career path." Be specific about exactly what you are looking for in the way of intuitive guidance.

☯ Before bed, affirm that you will remember everything that you dream of that entire night. This intention will help train your brain to be able to bring the dream thoughts into your conscious mind much more easily.

☯ Immediately upon waking, write in your journal exactly what you remember from the dreams. Or, use a recording device to get as much information as you can remember. The longer you wait, the more the dream will slip away.


3. Process the information and Make your Interpretations

☯ Capture the people in your dreams, the setting, the action, and your emotions (how you felt in the dream, or how you feel as you remember it). 

☯ Think about what you did the day before and ask yourself if the theme, emotions or actions in the dream in any way relate to something that happened recently in your waking life? 

☯ Look into the dreams for any connections to your daily life. Do you keep seeing the same people, the same situations, or the same objects? That is a signal that the dream wants to shake up your awareness on some particular issue. 

☯ Use a dream dictionary to see if there is a match with your life and your interpretations. Dream dictionaries are subjective, but can offer some insight to help you interpret your dreams. One site that I have found particularly useful is called Paranormality, based on the book 10,000 Dreams Interpreted. (Click on the link, then on the letter in the alphabetical black bar to find information on that subject. For example, if you dreamed of a horse, click on the 'H' in the black bar.) 


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