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From a distance, many spiritual events seem like they would be lovely, safe, inspiring, healing experiences. …
From a distance, many spiritual events seem like they would be lovely, safe, inspiring, healing experiences. …

I Was Violently Attacked. Read My Story.

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: Psychic attack, Psychic protection, Entities, Paranormal, sage

*Original post from 2016*

Hi everyone!

● If you read last week's email, then you know I filmed a video on psychic attack and how to prevent it. I hope you got a chance to watch it and utilize the tips and techniques in it.

● If you watched the entire video did you notice anything unusual? I took the video on a day when I didn't have any clients scheduled. I was home alone working in my office, and had not done the ultra deep clearing techniques that had been my usual routine whenever I had students or clients at my home. 

● When I began filming, I sensed something was off in the room, but I decided to go ahead with the video anyway, to see what would happen. After reviewing the video, I was a bit shocked (but not actually surprised) to see that there were entities right there in my video! 

I kept filming because I wanted to show you firsthand, why it is so crucially important to keep your space clear, and how to recognize when it is not.



● In the video, there is a gray circular ornate piece hanging on my wall in the background. As we get closer to the middle of the video, you'll see a white pulsating energy slowly coming out of that gray piece on the wall. It is barely noticeable at the beginning of the video. Towards the second half, it get’s bigger and more intense. CLICK HERE to watch it again!

● Healers, empaths, light workers, and spiritual people can be targeted by negative entities more so than others. Sometimes opposites attract--like a magnetic force--those who walk in the light can be direct targets of the darkness. Spiritually-based people have a higher energetic vibration, and can be under psychic attack because they might be perceived as a threat that can eradicate the entities.


As you can see, the sage I burned during the filming did not even phase this entity…it was a situation of being under severe psychic attack and you get to see it 1st hand! Why were there entities in my video? This is my story:


Here's exactly why this happened to me...

● Unfortunately, I came into contact with some people in my community who said they were spiritual healers, but who had dark entities attached to them. The result was an ongoing, very extreme psychic attack on me-by those entities-which lasted for several weeks. Two close friends also experienced ongoing, severe psychic attacks after having come in contact with these individuals.

● Most psychic attacks are fairly mild and include things like noticing bad vibes, having nightmares, feeling ill, suddenly being cold, nausea, having problems with electronics, etc.--all of which could be explained away as stress, or over-imagination. However, in my case, these severe circumstances could not be explained away.


I was targeted with multiple attacks by dark entities, including the 'white' entity in my video! 

● One terrifying situation included a wrathful entity that violently attacked me and tried to tear my soul out of my body! For anyone who has never experienced anything like that, I know it might be difficult to relate to or understand. I have been a clairvoyant my whole life, and have seen many entities and energies during my lifetime. I consider myself someone who does not scare very easily. But I can say that having a being attempt to rip my spirit out of my body was the most terrifying thing I have experienced in my entire life.

● The aftermath of all this was equally intense. I had a very hard time functioning in my day-to-day life. I cried daily, and was terrified of being attacked again. I began wondering if victims of physical assault had a similar post-traumatic reaction to what I was having. I had been violently attacked and violated, yet when I tried to reach out for help and support from trusted friends, very few understood what I was going through. Some friends did not believe me, some friends left me, some told me it was my fault or I did something to cause it, and some did try to be supportive, but couldn't relate at all to what I had been through. 

● My support system got smaller, and included the 2 other women who had gone through the attacks with me. We shared many lengthy phone calls, hundreds of text messages, and pages and pages of Facebook messages. If not for that tiny support group, I do not know what I would have done, or how I would have pulled myself through. It was truly the most traumatizing and terrifying experience of my life.

● While it is true that extreme psychic attacks are somewhat rare, they DO happen, and they happen to real people just like you and me. Some people believe that you are only susceptible if you are dabbling in the dark arts, but that is simply NOT true! Anyone can be vulnerable to psychic attack. I used to believe that I was not vulnerable to this type of psychic attack because I am a very good person, I only work with the light, and I have a deep devotion to God. 

● Afterwards, I was left wondering, why are there no support groups for people who have gone through this?  I looked online and found very little.  I contacted various churches and support organizations and they did not understand what I was talking about.  Now I understand that entity attacks, including violent attacks, can happen to literally anyone, including those who consider themselves to be light workers.  

I did quite a lot of research and I found ways to clear and stop the psychic attacks.  It took a lot of trial and error because all of the usual techniques that work for mild situations did not work at ALL in this situation.  I contacted multiple people for advice and very few had any knowledge beyond just the basics. 

Finally, I found a technique that cleared the entities away for 24 to 48 hours at a time. Anytime I had students or clients come to my home I did this technique beforehand, and the energy was always very sweet and peaceful for a day or two afterward. But it took more trial and error to find the technique that cleared the energies out for good.  I now teach those new techniques to my students.


Tirelessly extensive research led me to new techniques to clear these beings FOR GOOD!

I now incorporate these NEW techniques in my sessions, classes and teachings.

Knowing how to recognize psychic attack and what to do when it happens is very crucial to your health, abundance, relationships, and much more!  


Don’t wait until your life falls apart because of extreme psychic attack! Believe me, it's not pretty!


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