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  Black magick is the act of using spiritual practices to control, manipulate, cause harm to another,…
  Black magick is the act of using spiritual practices to control, manipulate, cause harm to another,…

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Free Audiobook Sample--Introduction to Darkness Disguised as Light by Maya Zahira

Hello, friends! The following is a relaxed reading of the Introduction to Darkness Disguised as Light: The Hidden Truth About Psychic Protection and the Illusion Matrix, read by the author, Maya Zahira.

Why I Help People With Psychic Protection

(Scroll down to watch the video.) *Original post from 2016* HI Everyone!  This week I wanted to talk about psychic protection, and why it has become the focus of my business in recent years. I have always believed that learning about psychic self-defense and learning about discernment (what energies are ok and not ok) is an important part of the healing…

Why Sage Doesn’t Work!

  Hello friends,   So many people believe that if you burn sage, visualize white light, pray, light incense, and think positive, you will be safe and whatever is happening will go away. It's just NOT the case! As someone who has experienced a severe psychic attack, I am here to tell you that during those intense circumstances, you need to be fully armed with all the specific techniques I teach,…

I Was Violently Attacked. Read My Story.

*Original post from 2016* Hi everyone! ● If you read last week's email, then you know I filmed a video on psychic attack and how to prevent it. I hope you got a chance to watch it and utilize the tips and techniques in it. ● If you watched the entire video did you notice anything unusual? I took the video on a…

About Psychic Attack--7 Secrets to Prevent it!

What happens during a psychic attack? When you are under psychic attack the following can happen. It's rather like little poison arrows that can be directed at you by other people, or beings...and it gradually weakens your energy. If you have or are experiencing any of the following things, you may be under psychic attack right now: ►…

How to Know if You're an Empath

Are You An Empath? What is an empath? Are YOU an empath? Here's how to know... ☯ Empaths are people who are easily affected by other people’s energies, and have an innate ability to intuitively feel and perceive the energy of others. They are sensitive to their surroundings and pick up the joy or pain of others. ☯ Empaths have a tendency to openly feel what is outside of them, more…

How To Know When You Are Being Attacked By Negative Energy!

Hello everyone, I once heard that if we could see all of the entities, beings, and energy around us--both light and dark--it would be so thick it would block out the sun. We can't escape from the energy that is around us at any given time, but there are a number of ways that we can block the negative, dark stuff from attaching to us, or getting in our space. We can also be under psychic attack,…

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