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  How do you avoid getting hooked into the Illusion Matrix? By being informed. By questioning everything,…
  How do you avoid getting hooked into the Illusion Matrix? By being informed. By questioning everything,…

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The False Light Matrix


How do you avoid getting hooked into the Illusion Matrix?

By being…

Spiritual Imposters--Darkness Disguised as Light


I have always believed psychic self-defense is extremely important because it is part of being an empowered individual who lives in not only a…

Illness and Spiritual Bypassing


Hello, grounded friends,
I deal a lot with "Illness Bypassing" in my life. As someone living with an autoimmune illness that has not responded easily to standard and holistic…

How to Check If Your Guides Are False Light Entities



In this replay of a Facebook Live on our free Psychic Protection Sanctuary Facebook group, Maya explains:

*  Her definition of what she calls "false light entities."

*  Why dark entities pretend to be beings of light.

*  How to check if your spirit guides are angels…



Darkness Disguised as Light: The Hidden Truth About Psychic Protection and the Illusion Matrix tells the story of a horrific psychic attack I lived through and the lessons I learned along the way.  Since those life-changing experiences a few years ago, my mission…

FREE 7 Day Psychic Skills Challenge with Maya--Access Now


Hello, dear friends!  I have a wonderful surprise for you!

The other morning when I was still in bed only half awake, I received a message from my angels.

I was shown that I was supposed to create a series of short free video classes…

How to Deal with Toxic People, Energy Vampires, Narcissists, and Sociopaths

(Scroll down to watch the video.)

HI Everyone! 

As you may know, I do a monthly Facebook live session in my free Facebook group. Today, I wanted to talk…

Why I Help People With Psychic Protection

(Scroll down to watch the video.)

*Original post from 2016*

HI Everyone! 

This week I wanted to talk about psychic protection, and why it has become the focus of my business in recent years. I have always believed that learning about psychic self-defense…

Would You Know if Your Aura Was Damaged?

Hi everyone!

I'm sure you all know a bit about your aura and what it means to make sure it is energetically in balance. Today I wanted to go a bit more in-depth about the aura and why it is so important to keep it balanced and clear of energy not serving you.

The aura is an energetic atmosphere that surrounds…

7 Stones You Need For Healing

Hi friends,

This past weekend, I had a booth at the PRS Psychic Fair.  Fairs like this are filled with lots of powerful energies, so it can be challenging to stay grounded, especially when tuning in intuitively for multiple clients each day in a busy, crowded environment. Each day, I was sure to wear gemstones…

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