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  In this replay of a Facebook Live on our free Psychic Protection Sanctuary Facebook group, Maya explains:…
  In this replay of a Facebook Live on our free Psychic Protection Sanctuary Facebook group, Maya explains:…

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Are You Going Through Life on Auto Pilot?

This short 3 minute video contains helpful tips and some life evaluation questions on getting clarity to make your life work better!

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5 Reasons You Need to Get Away!

This 6 minute video talks about the importance of getting away from our daily routine and getting out in a natural setting, to relax and reconnect.

How Can Your Animal Spirit Guides Help You?

Here is a 7 minute video on animal totems and how they can help us in many areas of our life!

What's the difference between a spirit guide and a guardian angel?

Here is a short video about angels and spirit guides, and the difference between them.

New Techniques....Amazing Results!

Maya Zahira is committed to ongoing learning and enhancing her healing skills.

New Technique to Enhance Healing!

Certified Reiki and Energy Healing Educator Maya Zahira is implementing a new healing technique into all healing sessions!

✽ How to Make Affirmations Really Work! ✽

This video shows you the REAL truth about why positive affirmations just can't always work, and how to make them really effective!

What Is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a broad term used to describe many specific styles of holistic healing, including Reiki, angel healing, chakra balancing, aura clearing, aromatherapy,…


Dear ones,

I've been thinking about 'authenticity' today as I've been riding happy waves of transformation.

In the last several days, a handful of people have mentioned that I'd seemed kind of negative and angry a few weeks back, and that they are glad to see that I'm in a more positive and happy space. (That is sweet and thoughtful for them to wish me well.)

First of all,…

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