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Hello everyone!    Last week I announced our upcoming workshop, Psychic Protection: Personal Empowerment…
Hello everyone!    Last week I announced our upcoming workshop, Psychic Protection: Personal Empowerment…

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5 Healthy Tips for Your Labor Day Weekend

Enjoying Holidays in Moderation...

5 Important Steps to Finding Your Purpose

Is Your Life's Purpose Unclear to You?

Long Overdue For a Breakthrough?

Breakthrough to Clarity!

Are You Trying to Be Superwoman?

Hi everyone,

If you are the typical wife/mother/career woman, then you can probably relate to the term 'Superwoman.' And, I am guessing that if there were actually a real-life Superwoman, she'd have nothing on you! Do you find yourself mindlessly going through the motions of doing the laundry, cooking dinner, shuttling…

Deadline Looming to Protect Yourself

Hello friends,

As you may have seen in the past few newsletters, we discussed the importance of psychic protection for you, your surroundings and your family.

Did you know that psychic attacks can impact your physical and mental health, your vitality, abundance, relationships, and more? Over the…

Do You Need Psychic Protection?

Hi everyone!

If you watched my 2 videos on what happened to me when I was under psychic attack, then you really KNOW the importance of why you need to protect yourself at all times! I was targeted because of my deep commitment to working with light…

Chronically Exhausted? Read now for the Solution.


Special Event for Healers!

Calling all healers...don't miss this great event!

Lessons Learned…7 Important Updates About My Psychic Attack

How to deal with psychic attack...

I Was Violently Attacked. Read My Story.


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