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Hi friends,  That's right!  A tornado hit my house on Saturday! But, first, let me back up and tell you…
Hi friends,  That's right!  A tornado hit my house on Saturday! But, first, let me back up and tell you…

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10 Ways to Ground and Why It's Important


Hi everyone! How often do you feel like everything is just off-kilter? Rarely...once in a while....almost every day? 

This instability can lead to disconnect from your true path, and your soul's desires. It is so easy to fall into the daily routine of living realistically to maintain a stable lifestyle.…

5 Simple Ways to Empower Your Aura


THE Most Powerful Technique to Heal Your Root Chakra



Hi there everyone,


I wanted to talk today about the root chakra, and how important it is to keep it clear, unblocked and moving in the correct direction. Yes, chakras can spin the wrong way and create all kinds of havoc in your life.



10 Ways You Can Help a Loved One From a Distance


Hello everyone,

My CREATE Course covers a wide range of healing modalities, including Certification for Reiki levels I-III. Learning Reiki is one of the most powerful things that anyone can do. Virtually anyone or anything can benefit from Reiki energy. This includes sending healing energy out to someone…

CREATE enrollment is open for a limited time!


Dealing With the Unexpected…

Hi everyone! 

Our Leadership Training is just around the corner and the deadline to get registered for this valuable course is midnight July 7th!


If you work directly with other people in a leadership or management position, then there…

Leadership Training for Healers


Hi friends,


I know that many of you receiving this email are a leader teacher, manager, or healer in some capacity. About once a year I do a very special workshop that targets those who have a direct impact on others through the services they offer. 


Being in this field comes with a handful…

Why you need to take this workshop.

Hello everyone!


 Last week I announced our upcoming workshop, Psychic Protection: Personal Empowerment Practices, and gave you a list of the important things that we'll be covering in this one-day class. If you missed the article, you can read it again here. In it, we covered the different types of energy that…

This 1-Day Event Can Change Your Life!

Hello everyone!  Psychic Protection Sanctuary is excited to announce a brand new event coming in less than 2 weeks! Join Maya Zahira, psychic protection expert, for a full-day intensive class--all about psychic protection information and techniques--specifically focused on your own personal protection and empowerment.

Why Sage Doesn’t Work!

Hello friends,


So many people believe that if you burn sage, visualize white light, pray, light incense, and think positive, you will be safe and whatever is happening will go away. It's just NOT the case! 


As someone who has experienced a…

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