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From a distance, many spiritual events seem like they would be lovely, safe, inspiring, healing experiences. …
From a distance, many spiritual events seem like they would be lovely, safe, inspiring, healing experiences. …

The Best Device for Mitigating EMFs, 5G, and Psychotronic Interference for Targeted Individuals

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: targeted individuals, psychotronic weapons, v2s technology, 5G, EMFs, Somavedic

Hello, friends!  I have so much to say about the effects of EMFs and 5G, and also the impact of psychotronic devices like v2s technology and directed energy weapons on targeted individuals.  I will likely write more articles about this subject in the future because there are many layers to my own story.  That said, I invite you to read on to learn more about one aspect of my story.


Some of you may know that I developed a hyper-sensitivity to EMFs and wifi about twelve years ago when an internet tech person "innocently" set up my wifi router under my desk, mere inches from my left leg. 


I questioned him, "Are you sure it's safe to have the router that close to my body?"  He looked at me like I was an idiot.  "Of course it's completely safe."


My intuition knew he was wrong, but, because this person was the so-called expert, I gave my power away and listened to him.  (Have you ever done that?)  


Within two weeks, my legs almost gave out from under me when I was out with a friend.  Not only that, I was having strange tingling, prickling sensations all over my body. 


I knew something was very wrong and I made immediate plans to have the router moved to a different room.  Little did I know that the damage was already done and would be long-lasting.


After moving the router, the tingling in my legs and body subsided.  I continued using wifi in my home.  I thought it was fine as long as it wasn't too close to me.  In hindsight, I now see that the whole incident had caused me to be ultra-hyper-sensitive to all EMFs and wifi so that even a weaker signal would cause stress on my body.


Over the next few years, I developed strange symptoms I didn't understand.  My thyroid crashed.  I gained nearly 100 pounds despite being a very active professional dancer and fitness instructor and eating a very clean diet my entire adult life.  I had to significantly reduce my dancing and eventually quit altogether due to the ever-increasing radiating pain of fibromyalgia.  The pain progressed to the point that I had to use an electric scooter in the grocery store.  I developed extreme exhaustion, brain fog, depression, and felt like I could barely function.  


Fast forward to just a few months ago.  I had moved to a new city where I hoped the warm, dry climate would support my healing.  I grabbed the first one-room studio apartment I could find, figuring I could find a more permanent place once I'd had a chance to settle in.  But then COVID 2020 happened and the housing and rental market in my city fell in the hole.  Nothing was available and I was stuck at my temporary place.


That wouldn't have been such a bad thing except that a few months after arriving, they decided to change all of the electric meters to "smart meters" that put off a powerful wifi signal.  I discovered that there was not just one, but there were SIXTEEN smart meters on the other side of my apartment wall, literally mere inches from the head of my bed.  


My health wasn't great due to being around my apartment neighbors' wifi, but after the smart meters were installed, my health plummeted in a frightening way.  I began having the tingling feeling all over my body again and I felt like I could hardly walk at all without having to concentrate all of my mental will on simply moving my legs.  It was discouraging and scary.


One day, one of my clients (who also deals with health issues) sent me a link with information about the Somavedic devices.  I had never heard of it before, and frankly, it was above my budget to buy it not knowing if it would even work.


Another month passed and my symptoms were quickly worsening.  I was doing lots and lots of research on the effects of EMFs and wifi and tools used to mitigate the effects on the human body.  I bought lots of shungite, a gemstone that is supposed to protect against EMF's.  I bought those little holographic stickers to put on my laptop and phone, as those are advertised as a good solution.  I bought more Himalayan salt lamps.  I had an earthing mat under my feet at my desk, and another one on my bed.


Unfortunately, none of these things made my electro-sensitivity symptoms go away.



Finally, after putting it off for more than a month and wasting my money on a whole bunch of stuff that didn't help, I began to revisit the idea of getting a Somavedic.  I'd been saving up money to move, but when there were still no decent places available, I decided to spend some of my moving money on a Somavedic.  I had no idea if it would really work, so I was taking a leap of faith.


The order arrived very quickly, in just a few days.  I went outside my apartment and picked up the box.  I was immediately filled with such a strong sense of relief and an unmistakable emotional release.  I had not even taken it out of the box yet, and I was already feeling something very powerful happening to me.


I had read that people who are ultra-sensitive might feel a bit unwell due to detoxing when they first get their device.  To make the process gentler for my body, after peeking at my new Green Medic Ultra Somavedic, I placed it back in the box and stored it in my closet for three days.  I was working at my desk that first day, and my closet and the Somavedic) were right behind my back. 


After about six hours, I suddenly stopped my work because I noticed a distinct change in my energy.  The only way I can describe it was that it felt like life force energy was whooshing back into my energy field and body.  It felt amazing!


The next day, I felt a bit yucky due to some mild detox effect, and by the third day, I felt good again, in fact, better than before.


I was truly amazed.  I figured the Somavedic might have a subtle effect, but for me, it was so obvious, instantaneous, and impactful.


The following month, I was able to move out of the apartment and into a home where we have NO wifi and no smart meters.  The neighbors do have wifi, though, and it is strong enough to be picked up by my electronic devices.  I'm also now two blocks from a major cell phone tower.


Despite that, my health has continued to strengthen and improve.  I no longer have ANY tingling in my body and I am able to function overall better than before with less fatigue.  To be clear, I am also dealing with other lifelong health issues including Lyme, chronic Epstein Barr (mono), and more, but at least I no longer have electro-hypersensitivity lumped on top of those other challenges!


I can honestly say it was one of the best investments I have ever made because it has had such a huge impact for me.  (And I haven't even talked about how it cleared out a bunch of energetic roadblocks for me and also has offered a significant level of spiritual protection!  I'll save those stories for a different article.)


I believe that each person has unique challenges and unique needs.  I have various clients and friends who have purchased a Somavedic for themselves or their loved ones.  Some of them have had extremely powerful immediate effects, while others have had subtler effects.  My observation is that those who are very tuned in to their energy tend to feel the most obvious effects of the device.



Many people ask which one I have.


My first Somavedic was a Green Medic Ultra.


That one blew my mind so much that I immediately bought the smaller, less expensive travel Somavedic so I could be protected wherever I go.  (This is a good option for someone on a tight budget so you can have some of the positive effects at a lower cost.  It's not as strong as the Green Medic, but it is a place to start!)


Next on my wish list is the Amber model because it is 4x stronger than the Green Medic.  For someone with electro-sensitivity, I feel this is important for me to have considering that no matter where I go on the planet, there will be EMFs and 5G signals pretty much anywhere.


I've sometimes joked that this technology must be from either ancient Earth or alien sources because I have seriously never seen or experienced anything like this before.  LOL.



I wanted to share this information with you in case it is helpful for you.  Let me know if you have any questions!


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Much love,

Maya Zahira



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