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Darkness Disguised as Light: The Hidden Truth About Psychic Protection and the Illusion Matrix tells…
Darkness Disguised as Light: The Hidden Truth About Psychic Protection and the Illusion Matrix tells…

2018 Reiki Courses with Maya Zahira

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: Reiki, Energy healing, Japan, Meridians, Chakra, Patterns, Certification course, Attunement, healing modality, hands on, holistic practitioners, Healing, Balance, Wellness, Crystals, Grids, Technique, Negative energy, clearing, medical professionals, massage therapists, Illness, Chronic pain, Channel, meridians, Symbols, Intuition, Boundaries, Earth energy, Universal energy, ethic, Usui Reiki

Hello friends,  

I wanted to focus this week on all the really incredible benefits you can receive from learning Reiki. I have Reiki I, II, & III Certification Courses coming up soon, and these are the only dates I'll be offering these courses in 2018. I began studying Reiki back in 1998, so I have many years of wisdom and knowledge to share with you! 

Reiki I & II Course 

☞ April 15th, 2018

☞ 9:00 am - 6:00 pm CST 

☞ Psychic Protection Sanctuary, Tonganoxie, KS

$150 for full day (or $75 for 1/2 day.) Save $30 on both! Reiki I is from 9-12 am, Cost is $75; Reiki II is from 1-6 pm, and the cost is $95. Knock out both classes in one day for just $150!

 Reiki III Certification Course 

☞ Reiki III is September 16th, 2018

☞ 10:00 am-6:00 pm, CST

☞ Psychic Protection Sanctuary, Tonganoxie, KS 

Take all 3 levels and get certified in 2018!

This is a HUGE savings over the egular pricing for Reiki! 

Most people know that Reiki energy is becoming more and more mainstream, even being used in hospitals. You've probably seen the benefits of Reiki in some of my previous emails, but to recap, the benefits of energy healing are deep and long-lasting.

Shifting energy, clearing out old energy, and bringing in new, light, positive energy helps heal disease, injury, emotional trauma, stress, and numerous other issues.

Here are just a few of the great benefits of Reiki:

☞Accelerate the body’s own natural healing abilities

☞Balance the endocrine system

☞Lower blood pressure

☞Help the body eliminate toxins

☞Minimize the side effects of medications

☞Speed recovery after surgery and medical procedures

☞Support and enhance the body’s immune system

☞mprove circulation

☞Promote anti-aging

 ☞Heal an injury faster

 Reiki can also help...

☞ those who have had chemotherapy get back into balance more quickly

☞ those who smoked in the past and still have toxic residue in the body

☞ anyone with trauma or stress from past-lifetime energy

☞ anyone struggling with addictions

☞ anyone struggling to gain or lose weight

☞ anyone going through childbirth

 Check out all the unusual ways Reiki can be life-changing..

☞ Reiki energy can be sent to a future event (such as an important meeting, graduation, wedding, or upcoming travel) that might be causing you anxiety or worry. Reiki energy is without regard to geographic distance, and transcends current date or time--this makes anything flow more easily.

 ☞ Big test coming up? Reiki sharpens the intellect and can help one to see with more clarity. It also helps open the mind and both sides of the brain.

 ☞ Reiki can help mend relationships. It can rekindle the love energy, understanding and acceptance between individuals even if they are unaware of receiving Reiki energy. 

☞ Gardening--Reiki energy sent to your seeds or seedlings before planting them will help them grow better, as well as will using Reiki on the plant's water. 

☞ Food--Reiki can be used like an additional ingredient to any recipe, enhancing flavor and adding extra life energy to the food--this increases the enjoyment for those who eat it. It also helps increase the absorption of nutrients.

 ☞ Infertility--Women who've had fertility problems used Reiki to increase their fertility and conceive.

☞ Reiki can reduce the negative effects of sunburn, insect bites and poison Ivy.

☞ Computer and electronics--by clearing devices with Reiki energy, it can clear any stuck energy causing them to malfunction. It can also help you get another bar on a cell phone in a weak signal area. 

 ☞ Shopping? By sending Reiki energy ahead, it makes it easier to find the perfect parking spot.

☞ Automotive--Reiki energy can help recharge a car battery and start the engine.

 ☞ Charge your bathtub water with Reiki energy for a spa-like bath. 

☞ Lose something? Reiki energy can help you locate it. 

☞ Dealing with a mean person, bully, coworker, or nasty waitress? Send them Reiki energy and watch the situation change.

 ☞ World events--sending Reiki energy out to disasters, wars, and other events can help shift the energy of the situation.

☞ Reiki your business card before you hand it out, to send out a positive vibration.

☞ send Reiki energy into your favorite pen and see how inspirational your words can become.

☞ Send Reiki energy into all your personal care products and see how much better they work, and how much longer they last.

☞ Send Reiki energy into your favorite music CD and see how much more you enjoy listening to it. 

 ☞ Reiki can help help in virtually every aspect of your life, and can also become a full or part-time career! There is nowhere that Reiki can't go!!

Click here to get registered for Reiki Certification Courses!


P.S. Are you new to Reiki and want to know more about what it is and how it can help you?

Click here to watch this video on YouTube. 


P. P. S. If you are not in the Kansas City region and are interested in studying Reiki with me, you can contact me directly to schedule private Skype Reiki instruction.




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