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Darkness Disguised as Light: The Hidden Truth About Psychic Protection and the Illusion Matrix tells…
Darkness Disguised as Light: The Hidden Truth About Psychic Protection and the Illusion Matrix tells…

A Gift from God

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: birthday, sacred healing circle, group, support, wellness, shift, clarity, transformation, life purpose, miracles, God, gifts, past-lifetimes, Energy healing

Hi friends,

I can hardly believe it has been 5 weeks since I moved out to my prairie home in Tonganoxie, KS! I'd been working on manifesting a place out in nature for a couple of years, and it took a huge amount of hard work and dedication to make it happen. 

You know, some things can happen effortlessly in life, and some things can feel like giving birth! This move was one of the hardest, most stressful things I've gone through in my life, due to some unforeseen circumstances, which required me to move in a BIG hurry. I'm continuously grateful for my awesome community who provided moral support, resources, and help packing and moving.

Some of you may know that the house I moved to is a temporary place until the house I truly want becomes available. When I was presented with this choice, I knew I had to take it. Intuitively, I could see that it was a necessary next step to manifesting what I really wanted. So, my current place was a compromise. 

Don't get me wrong--it's a great place, and a big step forward! But, it's not the place I want for a handful of reasons. While I'm here, I'm making sure to be in full appreciation of all the gifts this place has to offer.

As I'm typing this, I'm sitting outside with my laptop, looking out on the expansive prairie with my bare feet in the grass. I love, love, love my huge bathtub at my current place, which has encouraged me to take lots of healing baths with Dead Sea salt and essential oils. And this place is huge--even bigger than my last home.

My current home has truly been a gift from God. On the morning I was supposed to drive out here for the first time to view it (and possibly sign a rental contract), I felt a bit depressed and let down since it was not the house I wanted. The house I'd been living in for the past three and a half years was no longer a good fit, and I needed to move as soon as possible. 

I'd spent the last two weeks looking at as many houses as I could, and was having trouble finding anything right for me. I kept hitting dead end after dead end, and the clock was ticking. I knew I had to find something soon, and I was so relieved when my soon-to-be landlord called me. The house I'd wanted was not available, but there was another one that I could move to temporarily if I wanted. I was excited yet disappointed all at once. 

As I was driving here that day, my guardian angels suddenly came in loud and clear. They told me that this (temporary) house is a special gift that they arranged just for me. As soon as I received this message, I saw and felt streams of beautiful golden light flowing into my crown chakra. By the time I arrived for the house viewing, I no longer felt depressed and disappointed. I knew I was making the right step forward.

As I settle into this temporary home, I take time to both appreciate where I am, and keep my vision on where I want to be. I've been careful to release expectations of when the next house will become available, and just enjoy the wonderful gifts in the present moment.  

Yet, I have some BIG NEWS.... 

Yesterday, my landlord called to tell me that the  house I want might be available for me in November or December, if I want it. I said, "YES!  I do want it!"  Now, I had been a little hesitant in sharing this news because it is not final yet. Some of you know that I've had a couple possible moves fall through in the last six months, so I am still going with the flow, and releasing expectations. I know I will eventually be moving to my next place, and I'm excited at the possibility that it might happen sooner rather than later. The new house is a cozy, stone bungalow on a quiet road with an even better view than what I have now.

Will you join me in visioning the highest & best outcome so I can best share my gifts with the world while being supported in a lovely, nurturing nature home? This good news has come at the perfect time, because this Thursday is MY BIRTHDAY! 

 It's time to celebrate life and all the new possibilities it has to offer.

Check oou my Sacred Healing Circle! 



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