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  Hello friends,   I'm really excited to announce that I'll be offering a 14-Day FREE online Spiritual…
  Hello friends,   I'm really excited to announce that I'll be offering a 14-Day FREE online Spiritual…

If You Have Tried Everything...

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: Stuck, Trauma, rocking the boat, patterns, unhealed, aura, abuse, neglect, self-care, emotional wound disconnect, energetic body, Addictions, Exhausted, family dynamic, stress, Psychic attack, Psychic protection, Entities, Attachments, Paranormal, Intuitive, Lightworker, Boundaries, Discern, Spiritual, Vibration, Hooks, Tubes, Cords, Triggers, Practitioner, life purpose, Energy healing, Shift



Hello Friends,


Here we are in May, almost halfway through the year already! With time speeding by so quickly, I often reflect back on what I have accomplished, healed, created, or manifested during those months. In a sense, that timeline serves as a marker point to see the progress I've made.


Do you feel like you're on the mark this year with

your goals? Have you healed something big? Are you more

abundant, happier, and healthier?


If so, I congratulate you because it takes a lot of work to make deep, significant changes in your healing, transformation, by changing what's not working for you.


If you have not gotten where you want to be, what do you think is holding you back or blocking you? Are you feeling vulnerable, victimized, sensitive to energies, depressed, anxious, or stuck? Do you have trouble setting boundaries? Do you constantly struggle with abundance? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?


For deep-seated core issues that seem impossible to heal it's crucial to do the intensive, deep healing work, to get down to the core issues.


What if there was a group where you could receive the tools

and support you need to heal and resolve these issues

once and for all?


Have you tried loads of energy healing and protection techniques to help you feel stronger and more resilient, read books, taken classes, etc. but it just doesn't seem to be enough?


This is why it is so hard to shift:


It's not enough to learn basic healing and psychic protection techniques. You must also heal the ROOT cause of these issues. Past traumas, ingrained emotional patterns, and ongoing negative beliefs can all create damage in your energy field, causing you to be vulnerable to further victimization, suffering, trauma, illness, lack, and more.


This energy can remain hidden under layers and levels of negative energy, imprinted thought, karmic/soul agreements, psychic attack energy, and much more. You can practice techniques like grounding, raising your vibration, balancing your energy field, and protecting your energy, but it will never be enough if you don't also work to heal the original wounds that made you energetically vulnerable in the first place.


There are times when I feel like I have something healed, but then something else surfaces and I realize that I didn't get all the way down to the bottom layer of energy that kept me stuck.


On my healing journey, I came to understand that TRULY effective deep healing and solid psychic protection requires not only using my specific, little-known techniques, but also healing on multiple levels and layers of energy. So many healing modalities can't get to the bottom layers because they simply lack the tools and knowledge to do so.


The Sacred Healing Circle is for those who are truly

ready to dive deep and heal these issues

once and for all.


By the end of this program

you will have healed:


• Old emotional wounds and past traumas.

• Disconnection from your spiritual source.

• Chronic negative beliefs that have kept you stuck.

• Unconscious vows and agreements that no longer serve you.

•  Damage to your energy field that makes you vulnerable.

• A whole lot more that you didn't even know was there!


Healing oneself is a truly loving and selfless act; when we heal ourselves, we have more to give to the world, and when we heal ourselves, we help to heal the entire world.


The Sacred Healing Circle includes:


1.)  Live online class where we explore techniques for clearing and healing your past and present, and there is plenty of time for sharing, too!


There are 2 class options:

        a.) ONLINE from anywhere in the world--2nd Monday evening monthly from 7:30-9:00 CDT.

        b.) IN-PERSON in Overland Park, KS--1st Tuesday evening monthly from 6:30-8:30 CDT.


2.) Monthly long-distance healing support for the whole group. Each month, we rotate through different types of online healing support, including:

a.) group long distance audio recorded Reiki healing session

b.) individual intuitive readings on our private Facebook page.

c.) much more!

 Doing a 12-month energy healing program like the Sacred Healing Circle will forever change your life.

Here are more physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits you'll receive including:


• healing chronic pain

• clearing trauma or stress from past-lifetime energy

• clearing energy from present or past-lifetime relationships

• eliminating repetitive negative karmic patterns

• supporting and enhancing the body’s immune system

• improving circulation and promoting anti-aging

• healing an injury faster

• becoming more prosperous and attracting more abundance

• becoming more clear in thinking

• becoming more intuitive 

• being able to set boundaries 

• enhanced spirituality and feeling more connected to source 

• improving relationships 

• and so much more!


Ready to really change your life?

Hurry and get registered!   

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