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Hi everyone! If you saw my last email, then you know that right now there is a really great special offer…
Hi everyone! If you saw my last email, then you know that right now there is a really great special offer…

Do You Crave Some Down Time?

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Hello Everyone!

Maya's Oasis has a special event coming up soon! If you are craving time away from your busy life to relax, breathe, and just be you, this event is perfect for you! Please join us for an entire day to connect with nature, with other women, and with your true self! You will be heard, supported and acknowledged--all within a sacred circle of sisters, in a safe yet powerful environment. It will be a day of fantastic breakthroughs!


Do you crave time away from

your busy life? Do you need...


☼ time to just relax, breathe, and just be you?

☼ time to connect with nature, with other women, and with your true self?

☼ a safe yet powerful container where you can bust through old blocks and connect with your powerful wild woman within?


If this is you, sign up today for

the Women’s Wisdom Retreat!


☼ Saturday, May 20, 2017

☼ From 9:30 am - 6:30 pm

☼ Eighty Acres, 28013 167th St. Leavenworth, KS 66048


Our retreat will be held in and around the little cabin at Eighty Acres Farm. This means we will be outside--enjoying Mother Nature--most of the day! This place is so magical and I know you'll be blessed in so many ways by spending the day there.


What will we be doing?


Our topic for this retreat is Connecting With Mother Earth. We’ll explore how and why we have disconnected from our Mama Earth and how to reconnect with her once again. You will leave the retreat with a renewed love and acceptance for the true you.


Here's why a day in nature is so beneficial to your well-being:


☼ At the most basic level, we ARE nature--there is no separation. Our bodies are composed of the same elements as the earth's crust--water, minerals, hydrogen, oxygen, iron, and more. We are made mostly out of water as is the earth. That is why our body responds to the moon cycles--they affect the ocean tides and the water in our body, with everything synchronistically connected.


☼ The textures and forms we find by connecting with nature appeal directly to the deepest aspects of our consciousness and elevate our vibration.


☼ By immersing ourselves in nature we reconnect to our soul, find balance, and get immersed into the flow of life. When we make direct contact with the surface of the earth our bodies receive an energetic charge that makes us feel better, fast. Because the earth is negatively charged-with a greater negative charge than our bodies-we absorb earth’s electrons. (Normally, the rubber or leather soles of our shoes prevent this absorption of electrons from occurring, so that's why it's important to be barefoot.) 


☼ According to a study reported in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, grounding in nature can have an intense anti-inflammatory and energizing effect on the body. Spending time in nature has been linked to improved attention spans, boosts in brain serotonin levels, and increased activity in the parts of the brain responsible for empathy, emotional stability, and love. (Constantly being in a stressful environment will do the same and enhance fear and anxiety).


☼ Fresh air and sunshine also have amazing physical benefits such as increased oxygen in the cells, and elevated vitamin D levels. 


☼ Sounds of nature such as birds, animals, rain and insects, have amazing healing benefits as well. That is why sound machines mimic nature to help people fall asleep.


 Retreat Schedule:


☼ A special opening circle will include introductions, creating sacred space, drumming, and more.

☼ We will then have a morning lesson that includes small group sharing and a guided meditation.

☼ Lunch is shared potluck.

☼ The afternoon activities are optional, to allow people the choice to either attend classes or spend the afternoon lounging in nature. 

☼ The day will include a Clarity Breakthrough Circle (that, in itself is worth the $55), sharing, and a sacred closing circle.

☼ Just $55 for the full day retreat (a $150 value)! Register with a friend and save $15! $95 for 2 people. (a $300 value)


Space is limited, and this retreat

will fill! Our last retreat sold out,

so register now! 


☼ Our retreat will be held rain or shine, so this means we will keep our enrollment lower than last year to enable us to have a fun little daytime slumber party indoors if it's rainy.


☼ Dress for the weather, bring items for the potluck (see website), a sun hat, sun screen, walking shoes, a yoga mat or blanket, and a lawn chair.


"As a sensitive energy empath who tends to absorb lots of energy from others, I have been able to discharge a lot of non-beneficial energy while frequently sitting on the ground in nature. Even on the busiest days, when I make time for this earthing practice, my 'To Do List' gets done because I have more energy and clarity. I've had such amazing results that I will be continuing this practice long-term."


If you are aching for some deeper connection to the earth, why not

join me for a full day out in nature at the beautiful Eighty Acres Farm!



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