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 Hello everyone,  As you may know, I have a number of videos on my YouTube Psychic Protection channel…
 Hello everyone,  As you may know, I have a number of videos on my YouTube Psychic Protection channel…

Important Event is Now Free!

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Hi Friends!


As you may know, I will be focusing a lot of attention on psychic protection in the coming months ahead. In fact, I've recently created a new Facebook group called Psychic Protection Sanctuary.


I have made some important changes in the upcoming event
on January 31st as follows:


The class, 5 Myths About Psychic Protection (And What To Do About It) is now a FREE event!


✪ It will be held January 31st 2017, 6:30-8:00 p.m. via (It will no longer be a Zoom event.)


To participate, join the Psychic Protection Sanctuary group,
get on the page at 6:30 pm CST on January 31st, refresh the
page, and you're in! 


✪ I've had some really interesting conversations with people this week regarding psychic self-defense--what they think it is, and what they think they want to learn. My observation is that some people truly want to know the real truth about psychic protection. However, many who think they're interested in this subject are *actually* interested in what one of my friends called "sexy techniques."


✪ By this, she was referring to flashy techniques worthy of being in a Hollywood movie, right along side Stevie Nicks or an episode of Teen Witch... techniques that may indeed feel intriguing and exciting to the practitioner. It would make them feel like they're doing something effective and powerful, when in fact, these techniques are all for show and don't do a damned thing!


✪ Sorry if I offend anyone by this, but actually I'm not sorry. I would be doing you a disservice if I did not tell you the real truth. There are tons of books out there on the market that are filled with techniques that are sexy but don't work one bit.


✪ There are a lot of books out there, and people teaching classes, based on TOTALLY incorrect and ineffective information that is just being regurgitated over and over again. The techniques *feel* effective so people get suckered into using information that is nothing but flash.


✪ Then, if they are ever unfortunate enough to experience a serious psychic attack or entity attack, they have a bunch of methods that don't work at ALL, leaving them totally vulnerable and in danger.




✪I don't want people to continue being SO misinformed, and to have to experience potential trauma without the proper tools and support. What I deliver with my offerings is REAL information from a sincere person who has had actual experiences, both firsthand and through many years working with clients. (In other words, primary source material--NOT material regurgitated from inaccurate books.)


✪ I do not teach flashy, yet empty feel-good magic spells or herbal incantations--because I ONLY teach accurate information that has been tested and PROVEN TO WORK.


I wanted to share my truths here with you so you can
get clear about what you are wanting.


✪ If you are wanting 'sexy techniques' (that don't actually work!) this information may not be right for you, and that's totally okay. However, if you want REAL information, feel free to stick around and participate in the Psychic Protection Sanctuary group.


✪ This group is a friendly, supportive, space for all who want to learn and share. Feel free to email me with your thoughts. Any opinions on what I've shared?


✪ We recently had a great conversation on the Psychic Protection Sanctuary Facebook group all about this. Here's what one member and client had to say:


"I definitely want to learn techniques that work. I suppose inexperienced people may be looking for dramatic quick fixes or an obvious big flashing sign that a technique worked. As a new person to these techniques, I have found it can be very subtle changes that take persistence! I trust you, Maya Zahira, and what you are teaching me. I don't follow you blindly. I pray about it daily!!"

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