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From a distance, many spiritual events seem like they would be lovely, safe, inspiring, healing experiences. …
From a distance, many spiritual events seem like they would be lovely, safe, inspiring, healing experiences. …

How To Know When You Are Being Attacked By Negative Energy!

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: Support, group, Facebook, Psychic attack, Psychic protection, Entities, Attachments, energy vampires, Paranormal, Intuitive, Lightworker, Addictions, Boundaries, Exhausted, Discern, Spiritual, Vibration, Hooks, Tubes, Cords, triggers, practitioner, mentor, lineage, dreams, target, negativity, suffering, cold, anxious, depressed, energy medicine, energy healer, family dynamic, victim, manipulate, toxic, book

Hello everyone,

I once heard that if we could see all of the entities, beings, and energy around us--both light and dark--it would be so thick it would block out the sun.

We can't escape from the energy that is around us at any given time, but there are a number of ways that we can block the negative, dark stuff from attaching to us, or getting in our space.

We can also be under psychic attack, which means the manipulation and movement of different types of dark energies, entities and spirits. Many times this energy can get into our physical body through our aura. An aura weakened by stress, poor health, or living a negative environment can allow dark energy to move in.

Negative energies sent intentionally by others are also considered psychic attack. Being in a longer than normal state of anger, resentment, or fear can attract negative energy and allow it in. When we are stressed, ill, depressed, anxious, under the influence of alcohol/drugs, or in any state of being where our energy vibration is lowered, we can become a target for psychic attack.


► You suddenly become moody, irritable, or cranky, or feel ill for no reason.

► You feel a sense of fear or panic not associated with anything in your life.

► You have lights flickering or objects moved in your home or workplace.

► Your thinking becomes foggy and you have memory loss.

► You experience sudden ongoing fatigue, for no apparent reason.

► You suddenly experience an icy-cold feeling on some part of your body.

► You hear voices around you, or feel like someone's watching you all the time; you have nightmares frequently.

► You feel fear when you are in a particular part of your home or workplace.

► You feel like you always have bad luck; your computer won't work, your car breaks down, etc.

These are just a few of the ways that negative energy can disrupt our lives, and why you should be more aware of how to protect yourself.

In the class you will learn how to protect yourself and loved ones so that this kind of energy stays away. You will then know how to prevent psychic attack, negative attachments, energy vampires, and energetic cords from interfering in your life.

Maya can teach  you a step-by-step Energy Protection Protocol to clear your energy, be fully in your power, and set up a powerful protective field around you! 

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