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From a distance, many spiritual events seem like they would be lovely, safe, inspiring, healing experiences. …

Maya's 2nd book is now available!


The Psychic Attack Sourcebook:  Understanding and Surviving the Unimaginable

By Maya Zahira


Psychic attack can happen to anyone, and it is more common than most would like to imagine. Unwanted paranormal encounters, black magick, ancestral curses, entity harassment, possession, and more can wreak havoc on the life of a targeted individual. Without the right information and support, the victim can suffer for years, struggling to overcome the nightmare of ongoing spiritual warfare.


Within these pages, you will learn the secrets and tactics the Dark Forces do not want you to know. Gain the upper hand as you master tangible steps to help guide you on your journey to reclaim your energy from these malevolent powers. The better armed you are in these practices, the less vulnerable you will be to negative spiritual influences.


"This is THE most important book on psychic attack…. This book exposes the underbelly of what the Dark Forces are really up to and gives actionable steps on how to defeat them."

MCJ, Colorado, spiritual warfare survivor



"Maya is a true pioneer in this work of psychic protection. Her book... is unlike anything written down in the world! I know I will be referencing it for myself and all my clients forever."
Stephanie Hardy, Reiki Crystal Healer, Milton, Florida

With raw authenticity, Maya shares her wisdom and truth. She bravely and courageously articulates the indescribable with acuity and clarity.

-S.O., Lincoln, Nebraska



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