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 July 6, 2021 Hello, friends! The following is a relaxed reading of the Introduction to Darkness Disguised…
 July 6, 2021 Hello, friends! The following is a relaxed reading of the Introduction to Darkness Disguised…

Spiritual Self-Defense 1-on-1 Package with Maya Zahira


Work with Maya Zahira 1-on-1!


12-Week Spiritual Self-Defense Emergency Package

1-on-1 Guidance, Energy Clearing, and Intuitive Coaching with Maya Zahira


In this immersive fast-track program, we will:
  • Identify the exact nature of the spiritual issues you're experiencing.
  • Uncover the root causes that made you a target in the first place.
  • Pinpoint the exact methods that will give you both immediate and long-term relief.


In this program, you and I work together as a 1-on-1 team to help you gain freedom from negative spiritual interference.  You must be fully aligned and committed to doing your part of the work. 


During your session, I assist you with:

  • Empath sensitivity and support (dealing with harsh energies)
  • Discovering and managing your spiritual gifts and psychic abilities
  • Spiritual discernment--knowing if your guides are genuine vs false light
  • Repairing your energy system and aura after physical, emotional, or spiritual trauma
  • Issues of psychic attack, curse, or spiritual warfare
  • Spirit releasement, soul retrieval, cord-cutting, ancestral clearing
  • The challenges associated with being a spiritually targeted individual
  • Spiritual recovery after ritual abuse or cult participation
  • Escaping from a predatory or abusive spiritual teacher or healer
  • And more


I have some gentle "tough love" for you....


If you are wanting a healer or shaman to "fix you", or "do it for you" in a quick-fix fashion....

If you are not willing to be actively and deeply involved in your own healing process....

Then you are still in a mindset of giving your power away to others. 


It's as simple as that.


That mindset is exactly the vibration that makes a person vulnerable to unwanted spiritual activity in the first place.  It's the truth.


I've seen it a million times.  The person ends up spinning their wheels, throwing money at healer after healer, while completely avoiding all of their own self-work.  Naturally, they don't get lasting results and the issue still persists.

Whether you work with me or someone else, you MUST be willing to commit to your psychic protection work long-term, and you must be willing to address those unhealed aspects of you that made you vulnerable to this issue in the first place.  You wouldn't go to the dentist once, and then never brush your own teeth, right?


What it comes down to is this: No one in the world can reclaim your power for you.  Only YOU can do that.


I am here as your way-shower and compassionate guide to help you...
  • Understand exactly why you have gone through this experience.
  • Gain the clarity that you are much more powerful than you were previously led to believe.
  • Know exactly how and when to use a potent arsenal of clearing tools for yourself and your home.
  • Develop the ability to check your own energy field, and swiftly resolve any issues on the spot.
  • Get to the root causes of your spiritual vulnerabilities so you will no longer be a target.


This is a 12-week immersion program that includes ongoing support from spiritual self-defense expert, Maya Zahira.
  • Six 90-minute Zoom sessions (one session every other week during a 12-week period)
  • Email support, as needed in between sessions
  • Pre-recorded and made-for-you audios
  • Made-for-you how-to instruction handouts for self-care and protection methods
  • Lifetime access to an extensive private library of instructional videos, audios, and handouts with over 100 hours of valuable content at your fingertips


The investment for this program is $15,000 USD which can be paid in full or in two installments. 

We begin once you've paid in full. 

There are no refunds or exchanges.


Apply now.


If you've already applied and your application has been approved, email us to let us know you'd like to proceed to the next step which is payment and scheduling. 


As a fast-track client, we will arrange a spot for you within one to two weeks.



Not quite ready for a one-on-one session?


If you're on a tight budget due to personal circumstances or issues of psychic attack impacting your finances, I completely understand! 

I devote my life full time to this work and am so happy to do so.  While I'm not able to offer discount pricing for my one-on-one sessions, I've created some other options that are free or extremely economical.  Click on the options below for more details.


Spiritual Empowerment Online Academy

The Spiritual Empowerment Online Academy is a great option for people who have been struggling to reclaim their power and develop their spiritual gifts.  It takes time to rebuild your personal power, and that's why I've created this sacred space for you.

This 12-month online program is available to students all over the world.  Rather than remaining dependent on a healer to do all the work for you each time, I created this course so you can learn how to do these powerful practices for yourself, with my loving support guiding you each step of the way. 

Part educational course, part spiritual support circle, this program covers a range of important topics to help you move into more empowered living.   

This program does have a monthly fee and a 12-month commitment is required.  There is a pricing tier, so you can choose the best option that works for you.



Buy my book on Amazon

Darkness Disguised as Light: The Hidden Truth About Psychic Protection and the Illusion Matrix, by Maya Zahira

For under $20, you can gain access to a huge amount of information about spiritual warfare and how it operates, plus you'll learn valuable steps to begin clearing and resolving your psychic protection issues. 


FREE YouTube Channel

Psychic Protection Sanctuary YouTube channel

My YouTube channel offers hours and HOURS of free content covering information on psychic protection and personal transformation.


FREE Facebook Group

Psychic Protection Sanctuary with Maya Zahira ~ Psychic Attack Support

The Facebook group is a sacred, safe online space where you can share your story and connect with others who have gone through similar situations.  I do a free Facebook Live class in this group each month, and I also pop in a couple of times a week to answer the questions on the question threads.  While I don't do personal readings or clearings within the free group, it's still a great forum in which you can ask questions and receive support from others who understand what you are going through.






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