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  How do you avoid getting hooked into the Illusion Matrix? By being informed. By questioning everything,…
  How do you avoid getting hooked into the Illusion Matrix? By being informed. By questioning everything,…

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Welcome, dear one!  

I'm so happy you've decided to schedule a one-on-one session for yourself.  It is my greatest desire to support you.


Here are a few details about scheduling a one-on-one session:

Sessions can be done in person if you are local to the Tucson, AZ area, or via phone, Zoom video, or audio recording if you live elsewhere in the world.  If we are doing a phone session, be sure to send me your phone number.  If we are doing Zoom video, I will send you a link prior to your session.  (Zoom video is really easy to use--just a couple clicks.)

Appointment times are available Sunday through Wednesday daytime and evening. It is best to schedule about three weeks out to ensure you get a spot.

Your session time is dedicated completely to you, and you will have full access to me for energy healing, chakra balancing, intuitive guidance, life coaching, psychic protection, entity removal, and more.  I am able to easily flow from one thing to another during our time together, so we can shift with whatever comes up for you at the time.

Step 1:

Prepay for your one-on-one session by clicking the PayPal button below.  You may choose which session length works best for you.  When you click the payment button you'll be able to pay with either PayPal or your credit or debit card.

Choice 1-- Full-length session, 90 minutes, $295

Perfect for those wanting the full energy balancing treatment with plenty of time for intuitive questions, as well.  This is also a good choice for those who have complex issues or multiple areas of needed support.

 Choice 2--Laser focus session, 30 minutes, $175

Perfect for those wanting a talk consultation, those wanting to focus on one main area of concern, or those wanting an 'energy tune-up.'


Step 2:

Email me to schedule your session time.  Please include some days and times when you are available.  Keep in mind that sometimes it can take two to three weeks to get on the schedule.

Pre-payment is required in order to reserve your appointment time. 



Not quite ready for a one-on-one session?


If you're on a tight budget due to personal circumstances or issues of psychic attack impacting your finances, I completely understand!  I devote my life full time to this work and am so happy to do so.  While I'm not able to offer discounts for my one-on-one sessions, I've created some other options that are free or more economical.  Click on the options below for more details.


Spiritual Empowerment Online Academy

This 12-month online program is available to students all over the world.  Rather than remaining dependent on a healer to do all the work for you each time, I created this course so you can learn how to do these powerful practices for yourself, with my loving support guiding you each step of the way.  Part educational course, part spiritual support circle, this program covers a range of important topics to help you move into more empowered living.  Topics include psychic protection, personal energy management, spiritual discernment, energy healing, aura & chakras, crystals, Reiki, sound healing, personal transformation, and more.  (This program does have a monthly fee and a 12-month commitment is required.)


Buy my book on Amazon

Darkness Disguised as Light: The Hidden Truth About Psychic Protection and the Illusion Matrix, by Maya Zahira

For under $20, you can gain access to a huge amount of information about spiritual warfare and how it operates, plus you'll learn valuable steps to begin clearing and resolving your psychic protection issues. 


FREE YouTube Channel

Psychic Protection Sanctuary YouTube channel

My YouTube channel offers hours and HOURS of free content covering information on psychic protection and personal transformation.


FREE Facebook Group

Psychic Protection Sanctuary with Maya Zahira ~ Psychic Attack Support

The Facebook group is a sacred, safe online space where you can share your story and connect with others who have gone through similar situations.  I do a free Facebook Live class in this group each month, and I also pop in a couple of times a week to answer the questions on the question threads.  While I don't do personal readings or clearings within the free group, it's still a great forum in which you can ask questions and receive support from others who understand what you are going through.



Late Cancellation and Refund Policy for One-on-one Sessions with Maya Zahira

My late cancellation policy requires *48* hours advance notice to cancel or change your appointment time.  This is to allow enough lead time to offer that spot to another client.  Late cancellation/reschedule will result in forfeiture of your pre-paid fee.  There are no refunds.  Thank you for your consideration of these policies.  :-)


New Client Forms for One-on-one Sessions

Please fill out these electronic forms and submit before your session time.

Client Intake Form (for all new clients)

Psychic Protection Questionnaire (for those experiencing psychic protection issues) 






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