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Hi friends!  I know many of you are following my adventures of moving out to the country, so here is…
Hi friends!  I know many of you are following my adventures of moving out to the country, so here is…

Space Clearing


Schedule an energetic space clearing 

Kansas City metropolitan area and surrounding area (Scroll down for other areas.)

If you'd like to improve the energy in your home or business, or if you're having issues with negative energy, ghosts, or other phenomena, a thorough space clearing can resolve the issues.  A space clearing helps improve relationships, health, finances, and the overall vibe of your home.  For those having more serious issues with ghosts or other troubling spiritual activity, I use extremely powerful, proven, tested methods to remove all negative interference and restore your home to peace.

Most who do space clearings use the same techniques no matter where they go (usually sage and a few other tools).  That's not how I operate.  When I do a space clearing for you, I do a thorough energy evaluation of every area of your home and I choose the exact tools specific to your situation so we can achieve the best results possible.  

I am highly intuitive, empathic, and psychic, and I can connect with those in the spirit realm--ghosts, angels, and more--as I discern exactly what energies you have in your home.  In addition to a thorough evaluation and clearing, I will also teach you how to do additional space clearing on your own so you can keep your space clear and high vibration for many years to come.  

After your space clearing, you receive up to five complimentary follow-up emails to answer all of your additional questions.


Space clearings--approximately 2 hours + up to 5 complimentary follow-up emails

$375.00 pre-paid via PayPal (Additional fees apply for locations outside Kansas City area)


Long Distance Energy Evaluation Phone Consultation

Long-distance phone consultations are available to those not living in the Kansas City metropolitan area and are done over the phone or via Skype.  During your session, you have the opportunity to share your concerns about your home, office, or other space, and I check the energetics of all potential trouble areas, identifying any spiritual interference or negative energy.  I then explain all the tools you will need and how to use them in order to perform an effective space clearing.

Most people I talk with do not have anyone local who knows how to do space clearing the way I do it.  If you have someone inexperienced attempt a space clearing on your home, they can actually stir things up and make things much worse!  It's worth it to do a phone consultation so you can rest assured you're doing it right.

Refer to regular session scheduling page for pricing.



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