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  Hello everyone, My CREATE Course covers a wide range of healing modalities, including Certification…
  Hello everyone, My CREATE Course covers a wide range of healing modalities, including Certification…

Psychic Protection Emergency Kit


Pre-order the Psychic Protection Emergency Kit now!

Purchase now for just $49 (90% off regular price of $499.00!)  One-time payment of $49.  You will receive a sneak peek of the e-kit once you've made your purchase, which means you'll get immediate access to all the great content!  Final launch date is planned for the week of July 17th, and then the price will go UP to $295.00.
Nearly every day, I receive messages from individuals who are having REAL emergencies in the area of psychic protection.  I've received messages from people dealing with evil spirits in their home, people with spirit attachments that are harming their health, people who are the genuine victims of curses sent by jealous individuals, and more.  Many of the situations are complex and require a great deal of support and information to provide real relief and resolution.  With each message that came through, it became more and more clear to me that I needed to create a program that people could download and use immediately.  Now, let me be clear; Serious issues are rarely a quick fix.  The e-kit will give you all the tested and proven techniques you need to steadily work on clearing the situation.


The Psychic Protection Emergency Kit is for you if you:

* Have experienced any type of spiritual activity that made you uncomfortable or scared.
* Have been the victim of either psychic attack, curse, hex, or psychic bullying.
* Have had issues with ghosts or other unwanted spiritual activity in your home.
* Are an energy healer or spiritual teacher.  (This e-kit will give you invaluable information as you work with your clients and students.)
* Are vulnerable to experiencing psychic attack or entity issues in the future.  (To find out if you are vulnerable, click here to download my free quiz: Are you Vulnerable to Psychic Attack?)

Based on my over 25 years as a spiritual teacher, including first-hand experience effectively clearing psychic attacks on myself and my clients, this e-kit includes information and techniques that are tested and proven to work.  


The e-kit includes:

* Personal evaluations, worksheets, supply lists, and step-by-step instructions for clearing and protection.
* Demonstration videos for daily protection and clearing protocols as well as emergency clearing techniques.
* Audio guided meditations for personal clearing and protection, house clearing, cord cutting, and releasing all negative spiritual contracts and agreements.
* And more!
Plus, when you pre-order the Psychic Protection Emergency Kit, you'll receive access to all future additions to the kit at no additional cost.

Pre-order price is just $49!  (90% off)

Once the kit is officially launched, the price will go up to $299 and then later to $499.  Why such a high price?  Because the knowledge I share in this kit was hard won through blood, sweat, and tears through very difficult firsthand experience.  I'm pouring my heart and soul into this kit and want to only give access to those who are serious about using the material.  
Can't afford $499.00?  No worries, because you can purchase it NOW for 90% off--just $49!  Happy dance!  I'm offering this special pre-order price so that you can have access to this material as soon as possible.  At $49, this e-kit is truly affordable for everyone who values this important material.

Purchase the e-kit now for a one-time payment of $49 (90% off)

You'll be the first to receive the Psychic Protection Emergency Kit as soon as it is available!  Official launch date is planned for the week of July 4th, in honor of your own spiritual sovereignty.  May you be blessed with true freedom, strength, and joy.
Still not sure if the Psychic  Protection Emergency Kit is right for you? 
Email Maya with any questions.  We can also set up a free 20 minute phone consultation to discuss your needs.
Download Maya's Free Quiz--Are You Vulnerable to Psychic Attack?
Get to know Maya Zahira.  
Listen to this audio where Maya shares her personal stories of psychic attack due to black magic, demons, hauntings, and more.  Through these experiences, she has developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the area of psychic self-defense.


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