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Hello friends,  Recently, in my free Facebook group, Psychic Protection Sanctuary, a member asked a really…
Hello friends,  Recently, in my free Facebook group, Psychic Protection Sanctuary, a member asked a really…

Empath Survival Kit

Living life in this stressful world can leave you feeling anxious, depressed, and overwhelmed.  And if you are already sensitive to energies, things might be feeling totally intolerable right about now. 

I can help.  My name is Maya Zahira and I've been energetically sensitive my whole life. 

Over the years, I've collected and applied a great deal of information and techniques.  I know what works.  I used to be so energetically sensitive that I could not even go grocery shopping without feeling physically ill from the energies of all the people in the store and the vibrations of the foods that were not a good fit for me. 

As I've learned and applied more methods over the years, I've learned to thrive in even the most challenging energetic environments.

I've received a lot of questions lately in my psychic protection classes from people genuinely wanting to know how to manage and protect their energy right now while things are so stressful in our world today.  It's an important question that so many people need the answer to. 

This is why I've been guided to create the Empath Survival Kit, in order to support and assist those around me with the information and tools that have worked so well for me over the years.

If you're emotionally struggling and feeling overwhelmed with:

* the current energy of upheaval in the world right now...
* difficult relatives, friends, or co-workers who drain your energy...
* the suffering of people, animals, or other living things...or
* the state of our planet as a whole...
Then the Empath Survival Kit is for you.


Here's what the kit includes:

* 8 worksheets full of information, how-to details, and self-exploration exercises
* 2 bonus worksheets
* 30-minute audio-recorded guided meditation for daily clearing and protection
* Bonus Audio--7-minute quickie version of the daily clearing meditation
* Bonus Audio--Guided meditation for grounding


The Empath Survival Kit will help you learn to:

* Discern which energies are YOURS and which are not.
* Release energies that don't serve you and call your power back.
* Disconnect from collective energies that are not serving you.
* Clear, protect, and enhance your energy.
* Stay grounded and centered even in challenging environments.


Buy the Empath Survival Kit Now

JUST $49
Pay online and get instant access to the kit so you can learn to manage your energy and feel better right away!  Once you've completed your purchase, you'll automatically be redirected for instant access to the e-kit.


Upon purchase, you will be automatically redirected to the product you've purchased.  (Better on computer as opposed to phone.)  Contact us if you need any assistance.  We hope you enjoy the Empath Survival Kit!

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