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Hello friends,  Recently, in my free Facebook group, Psychic Protection Sanctuary, a member asked a really…
Hello friends,  Recently, in my free Facebook group, Psychic Protection Sanctuary, a member asked a really…

Your Daily Dose of Reiki


Dear ones,

We have been going through an unprecedented time.


This unique time has brought up a range of emotions and fears, financial setbacks, changes in work status, health situations, and more--for so many in the world.


It is my hope that A DAILY DOSE OF REIKI will assist throughout this challenging period.  



Your Daily Dose of Reiki with Maya Zahira

Donation-based group long-distance Reiki sessions


COST: $30 - $125 sliding scale "pay what you can" (a $195 value)

DATES:  Daily Monday through Friday ongoing weekly.
(We take a break every Sat / Sun.)

TIME: 9:00 p.m. PST /  10:00 p.m. MST  /  11:00 p.m. midnight CST / 12:00 a.m. EST


Each night, you receive a very powerful 10-minute Reiki session, sent with love from seasoned Usui Reiki Master, Maya Zahira.


This offering is very simple, yet very big. No bells and whistles; No daily Facebook Lives; No fancy content.

JUST REIKI--a powerful 10-minute Reiki transmission sent to you each night, Monday through Friday every week.



I've specifically chosen a time that is late at night so that you can receive the energy when you are winding down for the night or fast asleep. 


No need to be awake during the session, and no need to be "paying attention".  And, no matter what time of day it is where you live, you'll receive and integrate the Reiki energy in the timing that best suits your body's system.  That is the magic of Reiki!


Have you been struggling with....

  • Emotional ups and downs?

  • Feelings of worry, stress, grief, overwhelm, anxiety, apathy, or depression?

  • Concern over the health and well-being of you and your loved ones?

  • Your finances, job status, or life direction?

  • Feeling un-grounded, un-centered, and generally out of whack?

  • Managing negative energy at home and in the world?


If so, A DAILY DOSE OF REIKI can help!


As a participant in this event, you'll have access to a members-only Facebook group.  (You'll receive the link upon payment.)

Each day, I'll post in the group when I'm starting your session, and when I'm ending.

You'll also have the opportunity to submit your own healing requests each day.

Some people will feel the energy right as the session is happening, while others will feel it more subtly over the next 12 or so hours, while others will experience a more cumulative effect.  


During your session, I'll be sending Reiki healing energy to the following:
  • Reduce your own feelings of anxiety, fear, panic, worry, overwhelm, depression, loneliness, grief, and any other challenging emotions

  • Release any connections with the global collective of fear or any other non-beneficial global emotions on the planet

  • Enhance and strengthen immune system function

  • Enhance and strengthen lungs and entire respiratory system

  • Strengthen overall health and vitality,

  • Energy tune-up for all organs and all body systems

  • Clear and balance the aura and all chakras

  • Ground and center your energy, connect you with the earth, your spirit, and divine source

  • Establish a stronger auric field and stronger spiritual boundaries

  • Connect you with your sense of safety, clarity, purpose, and peace

  • Plus, any and all personal healing requests you submit to me before each session.


After receiving long-distance Reiki, many clients report feeling calmer, stronger, grounded, and more peaceful.



Here's what participants are saying....


"I don't feel so depressed and hopeless about this virus and my fear and anxiety are a lot less. Thank you Maya, you're amazing!"
"I definitely feel more calm and able to handle life better!"
"I feel more positive in my life, and better rested, too!"
"I have to tell you, I'd like years of these nightly Reiki sessions.  My general mood has improved, for which I am eternally grateful.  My pain levels are much less and I can move easier. I am so grateful for your help."
"I have had better sleep. better body awareness/less pain and major healing and clearing."
"I'm very glad I joined this month.  I noticed some blocks that have been around for a long time are clearing out of my way."
"It has helped me with sleep and stress levels.  Your Reiki sessions have been amazing."
"I love the comfort and feelings of support the healings bring me.  I have noticed increased confidence, feeling way more determined to go after the steps I need to take each day to be in a moving forward state of being.   These improvements are a big deal!  Thank you, Maya!  I am very grateful for you!"
" I feel calmer, less scattered, and I am sleeping better."
"I feel like the nightly Reiki helps me to declutter my mind so I can be more productive in my day. Have more energy. Better rest. Some nights I snuggle up with my son so we both relax even more from the day. I also feel like it helps me practice receiving from the universe so I can receive even more to come. And I feel like it activates my own Reiki and helps my body attune to the energies even more."
"I've experienced more calm, connection and energy shifting, like easy processing or releasing of thoughts coming up.  I do find it very helpful and soothing to be part of this and to be receiving your loving care. I would totally vote yes for another round of these Reiki sessions. Thank you!!" 
"I have felt more energy, and more myself. With everything going on I was feeling panicked, unfocused and fearful. These sessions have helped me move out of that fear mentality, through indifference, and into excited. Very grateful for these sessions."


Sign Up Now

"Pay what you can"  Sliding Scale--$30 - $125  (A $195 value)

If I were charging my "normal" prices, this service would be $195/month, but considering the challenges everyone is going through right now, I want to make this affordable for EVERYONE.  Everyone's circumstances are unique.  If things are going well and you can pay the higher amount, do that.  If money is tight, choose one of the other options.  This is my gift to you, given with so much love!

This is a monthly automatic payment which will allow you to conveniently continue with this service for as long as you wish.  There are no refunds for any past payments, however, you may cancel anytime.  

Click the down arrow to see all of the price options from $30/mo to $125/mo.




Upon payment, you will be automatically redirected to the members-only Facebook group.  Be sure to click 'request to join'.  The Facebook group is where I'll post daily announcements about the Reiki energy I'm sending and it is also a place for group discussion and support!  Please email me if you are not automatically directed to the private Facebook group.



About Me:

I began studying Usui Reiki in 1997 and working with Reiki clients in 1999.  Over the years, I became a double-certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher and have taught hundreds of students.  On a daily basis, I work with clients all over the world via hands-on sessions (Tucson, AZ) and long-distance sessions (worldwide), and I also use these techniques regularly for healing myself, my pets, and my loved ones. 



Disclaimer: Naturally, results may vary from person to person.

Your Daily Dose of Reiki and any of my other services are not considered medical treatment or diagnosis of any kind.  I am not a doctor or therapist.  My specialty is in energy. and spiritual matters.  Please see your medical provider for any health concerns.  Thank you. 



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