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Join our group for free tips on Psychic Protection.
Join our group for free tips on Psychic Protection.

Congratulations On Purchasing The Empath Survival Kit


Congratulations On Your Purchase!

The Empath Survival Kit will change your life, but ONLY if you do the work.  Take the time now to download the files, and block off some time in your schedule to work on it each week.


Click to download the complete file--Empath Survival Kit.

Empath Survival Kit

Once you've downloaded the kit, you'll have lifetime access to this valuable content.  You can also print the kit on your computer, allowing you to fill in the worksheets and make notes.

The kit also includes the audios, however, the files are also included below for your convenience.


Click to download your audio guided meditations.  Listen on your computer or mobile device.


Daily Guided Meditation for Empaths--Clearing and strengthening your energy, 30 min.

Quick Energy Clearing for Empaths--a 7 minute quickie version of the above 30 minute meditation.

Grounding Meditation for Empaths--approx 10 min.


Contact us if...

*  you have any issues downloading the files. 

*  you have questions about what you're learning and practicing in the kit.

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