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Happy Holidays everyone! I love this time of year for a number of reasons. There is a certain energy…
Happy Holidays everyone! I love this time of year for a number of reasons. There is a certain energy…

Discounts for CREATE Students


Psychic Self-Defense Certification Course

Special Discount for CREATE Students--Regular price is $75—CREATE students pay only $40

This class will fill, so grab your spot now!


Learn to protect yourself and those you love from negative energies

Sunday, Sept 27 from 2-6 pm

Maya’s Oasis, 7115 Outlook St, Overland Park, KS  66204

In this powerfully important course, master healer, Maya Zahira, will teach you:

  1. Why it is important to protect yourself from unsavory energies, and the negative consequences of not protecting yourself
  2. What are energy cords, negative attachments, energy vampires, and psychic attack
  3. When you are most vulnerable to negative energies and what to do about it
  4. How to perform Maya’s step-by-step Energy Protection Protocol to clear your energy, call your power back, and set up a powerful protective field around you!

Psychic attack can occur in small subtle ways--when we pick up a bit of negative energy from our environment, like the grocery store, work, a party, etc, and as a result, we feel somewhat drained and depressed afterward.  Psychic attack can also be more extreme and harmful, with more powerful negative energies involved, causing emotional distress, life drama, physical pain, and even illness.

If you are alive and living on the planet, you need this course!  Everyone needs to learn psychic self-defense.  It is important for you to learn empowered methods to take charge of your energy and to protect yourself from harmful energies.

$75 includes official certification from Maya’s Oasis Energy Healing Institute. 

Only $40 for current CREATE students.

This class will sell out!  Register online to reserve your spot.

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