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        It's springtime! It's that time again when the air is fresher, the birds are chirping, wildlife…
        It's springtime! It's that time again when the air is fresher, the birds are chirping, wildlife…

CREATE Module 4


Welcome to CREATE Module 4!

Intuitive Development (part 1)

In this module, our focus is on:

  1. Practical reasons why it is important to develop your intuitive (psychic) abilities
  2. Reasons why you are more psychic than you think
  3. Each type of intuitive ability defined (psychic sight, hearing, knowing, etc)
  4. Guided meditation to help you develop your skills
  5. Fun hands on practice to help you develop each skill (bonus material)


Core Content

Video 1--Psychic Development for Everyone

Note:  This specific video is part of your CREATE core content, and is also available as a free sample to the public.



Worksheet—Types of Intuition

Download and print the worksheet and use it to take notes during the Types of Intuition videos.



Video 2—Types of Intuition (part 1)


Video 2—Types of Intuition (part 2)



Audio—Five Senses Intuitive Development Guided Meditation

In this audio, I gently guide you through a visualization exercise to help you connect more with your five physical senses and your intuitive senses.

Click the link below to listen to the guided meditation.



Bonus Content

“Enhance Your Intuition” Handout

This handout includes two additional practices for increasing your level of intuition.



The following bonus materials can also assist you with your personal transformation.


Sacred Contracts Lecture—Audio

“Rough cut” live lecture from prior CREATE class



Sacred Contracts Guided Meditation—Audio

“Rough cut” live guided meditation from prior CREATE class




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