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        It's springtime! It's that time again when the air is fresher, the birds are chirping, wildlife…
        It's springtime! It's that time again when the air is fresher, the birds are chirping, wildlife…

CREATE Module 21

Welcome to CREATE Module 21! 

More Distant Reiki Healing Methods

In this module, our focus is on:

1.  Mastery of Reiki I and II principles necessary to perform distant Reiki healing.

2.  Review of Reiki II symbols including the Power Symbol, Emotional/Mental Symbol, and Distance Symbol.

3.  Review of the Reiki Sandwich and activating the symbols at the beginning of a session.

4.  Review of the Reiji-ho process of scanning the client's energy.

5.  Review of Kenyoku (dry brushing). 

6.  Complete run-through of the Surrogate Method of distant Reiki.

7.  Practice and application of the various forms of distant Reiki covered in the Reiki II manual.

Core Content

If you have not downloaded, read, and studied the Reiki II manual from Module 6, it is vital that you do so now before proceeding.  The main focus of this module is to master all the content from the manual, with less focus on video content.  Now is the time to utilize all of the step-by-step content in the manual.  Click to download the Reiki II manual.

While the main focus of this module is on the Reiki II manual, you may want to refer back to the Reiki I manual to refer back to the basic Reiki hand placements for a Reiki session.  Click to download the Reiki I manual.

Module 21--Video 1 of 2--Introduction to Module 21

Scroll further down for Module 21, video 2 of 2.

Review Content

Refer to these pages in your Reiki II manual for the following content which applies to Distant Reiki. 
Read, highlight, and study these sections until you have FULL MASTERY.

p. 11-13--Gasho and Reiji-ho (meditation then scanning the client)

p. 23--The Power Symbol

p. 26--Emotional/Mental Symbol

p. 30--Distant Reiki Symbol

p. 35--Reiki Sandwich

p. 37--Kenyoku (dry brushing / clearing your energy after working on a client)

p. 38--Distant Healing Methods

If you need more review, you can also refer to:

Module 6--Videos on the Power Symbol and Emotional/Mental Symbol.

Module 7--Videos on the Distant Reiki Symbol (scroll down).

Review Video from Module 7--About the Distant Reiki Symbol


Review Video from Module 7--Paper Technique for Distant Reiki

***Practice this technique NOW before going on.***

More New Content

Module 21--Video 2 of 2--Surrogate Method of Distant Healing

Bonus Content

Bonus Audio--Distant Healing Techniques

Bonus Audio--Honoring the Womb

The Reiki Distant Healing Symbol--Meditation Music


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