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Darkness Disguised as Light: The Hidden Truth About Psychic Protection and the Illusion Matrix tells…
Darkness Disguised as Light: The Hidden Truth About Psychic Protection and the Illusion Matrix tells…

CREATE Module 18

Welcome to CREATE Module 18!

Past Life Exploration

In this module our focus is on:

  1. Past lives defined.
  2. What if you don't believe in past lives?
  3. Archetypes and themes in your past lives (or your current life).
  4. Why explore your past lives?
  5. Important vocabulary terms relating to past lives.
  6. Exploring your own past lives through regression guided meditation.

Core Content

Video--Introduction to Past Lives




Click to download.

This handout includes vocabulary terms from the above video.  Click to download and fill in the answers.


The following audios were recorded in past CREATE and Master classes.  In each series, part 1 gives information about past lives and part 2 is the actual guided meditation. 

The focus in this module is to take the time to explore your own past lives for clues to your current life blocks, to gain clarity on your life purpose, to understand the archetypes that make you who you are, and more.  As you begin this exploration, you will find the guided meditations helpful in taking you through your journey into the past.  In time, you may choose to forgo the recordings and simply explore your past lives during your personal meditation time.

As you practice past life regression, your consciousness will open up more and more to the process.  For this reason, do not worry if you don't see much in your first one or two journeys.  (Although some people have tremendous experiences in their first try!)  It is different for everyone.  Many people worry that they are making stories up in their own mind.  Do not worry if the memories are real or made up.  Just keep going.  As you let go of resistance, you will open up more and more to authentic memories.  Either way, you are exploring archetypes that are metaphors for your current life, and personal strengths and weaknesses.

Trust that your consciousness will only take you to memories you are ready to visit.  You are in control at all times, and if a memory becomes too intense, you can give yourself the instruction to move to a different memory.

Be sure to have a journal or notebook handy!  You will want to write about your experiences *immediately* after the meditation.  Many people forget some or all of the details if they wait until later to write it down.  So, don't wait. 

Most of all, embrace a sense of curiosity when exploring your past lives.  Have fun!


Download Instructions

When you 'click to listen' you will be directed to Dropbox where you can download each audio.  Then click the back button to return to this page.

Exploring Your Current Life Blocks


Audio 1--Part 1

Information about past lives

Click to listen.


Audio 1--Part 2

Guided past life regression to explore your current life blocks

Click to listen.


Exploring Your Current Life Purpose


Audio 2--Part 1

Information about past lives

Click to listen.


Audio 2--Part 2

Guided past life regression to explore your current life purpose

Click to listen.


Exploring Life Between Lives


Audio 3--Part 1

Information about past lives, rescripting, life between lives, soul contracts and more

Click to listen.


Audio 3--Part 2

Guided past life regression to revisit and rescript a memory from your current life

Click to listen.


Audio 3--Part 3

Guided past life regression to travel to the time before this current lifetime, to explore your contracts and purpose for this lifetime.

Click to listen.

Remember to journal about your regression experiences.  Write down all the details, feelings, and messages you received.

Bonus Content

Author of the best-selling Many Lives, Many Masters, Brian Weiss, MD, has a lifetime of work that reveals the very real physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation that is possible when we embrace reincarnation. In this 30-minute video, he guides you through a past-life regression experience from the comforts of your home.


Past Life Regression program with Brian Weiss


Explore a past life regression with Dr. Brian Weiss.


Brian Weiss:  What does past life regression teach us about the afterlife?


Homework and Integration Questions:

Note:  For those wishing to receive professional certification upon completion of this program, these questions should be submitted as you complete each module.  I review homework and questions on Mondays, so be sure to submit homework by Sunday at midnight. 

For those not wishing to receive certification, this homework is simply for your own use to help you focus and complete all tasks in the modules.  Grab a pen and journal and let’s get started….

1.)  This month, take one or more aspects of this module and practice to the point of full mastery.  In other words practice the skill to the point where you can freely apply this skill and you no longer have to check your notes for guidance.

2.)  Scroll to the top of this module and view the section entitled, “In this module, our focus is on….”  Read each item on the list and make a note about each learning standard, indicating the following: 1.) Mastered it 2.)  Still working on it 3.)  Need clarification 4.)  Come back to it later.

3.)  Think about what you’ve learned in this module.  What aspects of the content will you integrate into your life on a LONG-TERM basis?  Be specific.  Will you integrate these aspects daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly?  How do you think this will benefit you?

4.)  Are there any areas of this module you don’t understand?  Email me with your question or post to the Facebook group.

Once you have worked through and *mastered* all of the core content, bonus content, and worked on  integration and application of 100% of the material, email me if you would like additional supplemental material, including recommended books and videos.  I’m happy to send supplemental content to those who have mastered the core and bonus content.  

Modules 1-12 are introductory through intermediate.  In modules 13-24 we cycle back through many of the topics and go deeper to cover more advanced material.  See the ‘What’s Coming Next’ menu to view upcoming topics.)


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What's Coming Next:

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