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        It's springtime! It's that time again when the air is fresher, the birds are chirping, wildlife…
        It's springtime! It's that time again when the air is fresher, the birds are chirping, wildlife…

CREATE Module 16

Welcome to CREATE Module 16! 

Reiki III (Advanced Reiki)

In this module, our focus is on:

  1. What is Reiki III?  In what ways is it traditional?  And how is it non-traditional?
  2. The healing process that occurs when receiving a Reiki attunement and embarking on an ongoing Reiki journey.
  3. Receiving the Reiki III attunement.
  4. How Reiki symbols work, and how to activate Reiki symbols.
  5. Your new master Reiki symbol, how to pronounce it and draw it, and its uses.
  6. Practicing the “Reiki Sandwich” including the new master symbol.
  7. Review technique for the Microcosmic Orbit meditation process (from the end of year 1)
  8. Learn and practice a slightly more advanced procedure for the MCO meditation.


Dear one,

Oh my goodness, I can hardly believe how far we’ve come together on this journey!  I am so proud of you for your ongoing devotion to your own personal growth and transformation. 

In this module, you’ll be receiving your Reiki III attunement as you take your next step in your Reiki education.  Be sure to contact me a.s.a.p. to schedule your personal one-on-one attunement time (either in person or long-distance). 

It is best to contact me at least a couple weeks ahead of time to ensure that you can receive your preferred appointment time choice, as I am not always able to fit people in right away. 

Contact me now to schedule your Reiki III attunement.

Don’t worry, it is totally fine to work on videos 1, 2, and 4 without having yet received your attunement.  You’ll need to receive your attunement, however, before working with video 3 and the new Reiki symbol.  So, go ahead and start your module work now.  :-) 


Core Content

Video 1—What Is Reiki III?

What do we cover in Reiki III (Advanced Reiki)?  Which of the material is traditional, and which is non-traditional?


Video 2—The Reiki Healing Process

What to prepare for at this step in your Reiki healing journey.


Important—Be sure to contact me to schedule your Reiki III attunement before working with your new master symbol.  Without the attunement, the symbol will not work for you. 

Email me.


Please refer to the following handouts while viewing Video 3 below.

Cho Ku Rei (The Power Symbol)

Sei Hei Ki (Emotional/Mental Symbol)


Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (HSZSN—The Distant Symbol)


Your new symbol for Reiki III:

Usui Dai Ko Myo (Reiki Master Symbol)

As I discuss in the video below, you receive the master symbol in this level even though this is Advanced Reiki content.


Video 3—The Master Symbol

Watch this video once you have received your Reiki III attunement.


Please refer to the following handout as a guide to the Review Video and Video 4 below pertaining to the Microcosmic Orbit.


Review Video—The Microcosmic Orbit Meditation

This video from CREATE year 1 goes through the steps of the MCO meditation.  Be sure to practice and master the steps of this meditation before going on to video 4.  Practicing this meditation will further open your Reiki channels, cleanse your chakras, and activate healing.


Video 4—Advanced MCO Meditation



Bonus Content

Reiki Music

Enjoy this lovely Reiki playlist from YouTube, inspired by many of the Reiki II and III symbols.


Bonus Video--How You've Made Yourself Small, and Why It's Important to Live a Bigger Life Aligned with Your Purpose.

Zoom video from our live CREATE class on 9-12-16.  Topic:  How You've Made Yourself Small, and Why It's Important to Live a Bigger Life Aligned with Your Purpose. Part 1 includes our oracle card readings for the month.  Part 2 includes the core lesson. (Note:  The audio is not always aligned with the video in this one, however, you'll still find the lesson quite useful.)  :-)  Enjoy!

NOW is the time to recognize your gifts and embrace them as you move forward as a Reiki III practitioner. Be sure to do the exercises in part 2 of the video.  Write down your answers, spend time journaling your thoughts and reactions, and most of all, proclaim your gifts, talents, and attributes to the world.  You can even post your responses to the Facebook group.



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