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    Hello, dear friends!  I have a wonderful surprise for you! The other morning when I was still in…
    Hello, dear friends!  I have a wonderful surprise for you! The other morning when I was still in…

CREATE Module 15

Welcome to CREATE Module 15! 

Mastering Reiki I and II

In this module, our focus is on:

  1. New content:  Write your own blessing/intention/prayer to say before each Reiki session.
  2. New content:  Learn, practice, and master the multiple steps of a Reiki session.  (Note:  You will likely need to review some of the material below in order to fully master all of the steps.)
  3. Review and master all content from your Reiki I and II manuals from CREATE Year 1.
  4. Review, practice, and master hand placements for Reiki self-treatment.
  5. Review, practice, and master the Reiki II symbols, Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.
  6. Review, practice, and master the steps for clearing your space before working with a client.
  7. Review, practice and master Byosen scanning, the process of scanning your client’s energy before beginning a treatment.
  8. Review, practice, and master hand placements for Reiki treatment on others.
  9. Review and master the aura sweep technique at the end of a Reiki treatment.
  10. Review and master kenyoku, the process of releasing your client’s energy from you at the end of a session


Core Content

Video 1—Introduction to Module 15


Activity:  Write a Reiki Blessing

Now that you are preparing to go through all of the steps of a Reiki session, it is a good idea to write out a sacred intention which you can use before the beginning of all of your sessions.  It is not necessary to use the same exact prayer every time, but writing it out on paper will help you to clarify your thoughts.  In your sacred intention, you may wish to call in your spiritual source (God/Goddess), your guardian angels and spirit guides, Higher Self, Archangels, Reiki guides, etc., whatever resonates with you.  You may choose to ask that you be a clear and open channel for Reiki for the highest good of your client and for all.  You may also wish to set up a Grid of Protection (see module 1).  Add anything else to your prayer that fits for you.  Simple is just as good as complex.  The important thing is to make it your own.

Now, share your Reiki blessing on the Facebook group.


Handout—Steps of a Reiki Session



Video 2—The Steps of a Reiki Session

In this video I review the multiple steps involved in giving a Reiki session.


Video 3—Byosen Scanning and Aura Sweeps

This video from our live class in August 2016 covers Byosen Scanning and Aura Sweeping.

Note—The Reiki content starts at 14:00.


Review Content

Be sure to review this content so you have brought your Reiki I and II knowledge to a level of mastery.  You can skip any of the review content below that you feel you have already truly mastered.  But no cheating!  :-)  If you know you need a brush-up, take the time for review.  This is very important to do before you proceed to the future modules where we cover advanced material, including Advanced Reiki. 

Once you have reviewed the content below, then go back to the Steps of a Reiki Session above to practice all of your steps in order. 

Homework for this month: 

Practice at least one complete Reiki session on someone, being sure to include all of the steps of a session, including preparing your space, saying your blessing, performing Byosen Scanning, performing the Reiki treatment, doing the aura sweep, finishing the session with kenyoku, then clearing your space after the session.


For your convenience, I have included the review content below:


Reiki I Manual

REIKI I MANUAL_by-M_Zahira_WQ-3-31-16.pdf


Review Video 1—Self-Treatment Hand Placements

Part 1

Part 2—Self-Treatment Hand Placements


Review Video 2—Hand Placements for Working on Others


Reiki II Manual


Be sure to review your Reiki II symbols now.  Study them to the point where you can draw them from memory and easily remember their uses.

For the purposes of this module, we will be focusing primarily on Cho Ku Rei (the power symbol) and Sei He Ki (the emotional/mental symbol), however, you should also do a general review of Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (the distant healing symbol).  We will focus more deeply on distant healing in a future module.

To save images to your computer, right click over the image, choose “Save Image As” and save to your computer.  From there, you can open the file and print.


Review Video—Steps of a Reiki Session

I tend to be somewhat flexible in how I prepare for and perform a Reiki session.  This is a video from Module 7 in which I cover slightly different steps compared to the Module 15 video above.  Find a flow of steps that works best for you.


Review Video—About the Power Symbol (Cho Ku Rei)


Review Video—About the Emotional/Mental Symbol


Tying It All Together

Now that you’ve mastered your Reiki I and II material, specifically with emphasis on the steps of a session, what questions do you have for me?  Where do you need more clarity or assistance?

I look forward to supporting you!


Bonus Content

Reiki 1 Video Manual

This video is the video version of your Reiki I manual!  :-D  Watching this video is a great way to brush up on the manual content.


Reiki 2 Video Manual

This video is the video version of your Reiki II manual!  :-D  Watching this video is a great way to brush up on the manual content.


Homework and Integration Questions:

Note:  For those wishing to receive professional certification upon completion of this program, these questions should be submitted as you complete each module.  I review homework and questions on Mondays, so be sure to submit homework by Sunday at midnight. 

For those not wishing to receive certification, this homework is simply for your own use to help you focus and complete all tasks in the modules.  Grab a pen and journal and let’s get started….

1.)  This month, take one or more aspects of this module and practice to the point of full mastery.  In other words practice the skill to the point where you can freely apply this skill and you no longer have to check your notes for guidance.

2.)  Scroll to the top of this module and view the section entitled, “In this module, our focus is on….”  Read each item on the list and make a note about each learning standard, indicating the following: 1.) Mastered it 2.)  Still working on it 3.)  Need clarification 4.)  Come back to it later.

3.)  Think about what you’ve learned in this module.  What aspects of the content will you integrate into your life on a LONG-TERM basis?  Be specific.  Will you integrate these aspects daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly?  How do you think this will benefit you?

4.)  Are there any areas of this module you don’t understand?  Email me with your question or post to the Facebook group.

Once you have worked through and *mastered* all of the core content, bonus content, and worked on  integration and application of 100% of the material, email me if you would like additional supplemental material, including recommended books and videos.  I’m happy to send supplemental content to those who have mastered the core and bonus content.  

Modules 1-12 are introductory through intermediate.  In modules 13-24 we cycle back through many of the topics and go deeper to cover more advanced material.  See the ‘What’s Coming Next’ menu to view upcoming topics.)


Quick Links to Prior Modules

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Module 14--Psychic Self-Defense for places, objects, situations, etc.


What's Coming Next:

Module 16--Reiki III (Advanced Reiki Techniques)

Module 17--Receiving Guidance from Spirit

Module 18--Past Life Exploration

Module 19--Intermediate Aura and Chakras

Module 20--Vibrational Uses of Essential Oils and Gemstones

Module 21--More Long-Distance Reiki Healing Methods

Module 22---Removing Non-Beneficial Energy

Module 23--Sound Healing

Module 24--Working with special populations, Leadership Training for Healers




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