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        It's springtime! It's that time again when the air is fresher, the birds are chirping, wildlife…
        It's springtime! It's that time again when the air is fresher, the birds are chirping, wildlife…

CREATE Module 1


Welcome to CREATE Module 1! 

Intro to Energy Healing + Healthy Energy Boundaries

In this module, our focus is on:

  1. Introduction to the CREATE program
  2. Goal setting—What transformations do you want to create for yourself?
  3. Introduction to Energy Healing
  4. Why it is important to protect your energy
  5. Step-by-step energy clearing and protection protocol



Video 1—Welcome to the CREATE program

Video 2—Setting Goals


Core Content

Video 1—What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a broad term used to describe many specific styles of holistic healing, including Reiki, angel healing, chakra balancing, aura clearing, aromatherapy, vibrational sound healing, and more, all of which are techniques that Maya uses during her sessions.

Energy Healing is a method of natural healing that involves….Click here to read entire article.


Video 2—Introduction to Maya’s Energy Clearing Protocol
Video 3—Energy Clearing Protocol, Practice Steps 1 & 2


Video 4—Energy Clearing Protocol, Introduction to Step 3 (easy version)


Video 5—Energy Clearing, Step 3, Triple Grid of Protection (advanced version)


Video 6—Energy Clearing Protocol, Final practice with steps 1, 2, and 3



Bonus Material

Audio Recording--Peace Within the Storm Guided Meditation

I am so delighted to share this bonus gift with you!  This guided meditation helped me through one of the most challenging times of my life, and I know it can help you, too.  This technique is a compassionate lifeline for yourself, and a powerful technique for finding peace during times of chaos.  I trust that this guided meditation will help you find peace within the storm.  


Bonus Content

Video—What do you value in your life?

This is a past Facebook Live video from our private CREATE course for women.  Share your comments on the CREATE Facebook page. 

Yes, Facebook Live can be a bit glitchy, but I wanted to share this video with you anyway, imperfections and all.  :-)

Bonus Material—30-min Video Class with Maya
Why Positive Affirmations Don’t Work (And How to Create Affirmations that Do!)

Have you noticed that positive affirmations just don't seem to work as well as you'd like?  In this bonus 30-minute class, I take you step by step through easy techniques to make your positive affirmations 1000% more effective! 


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