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Join our group for free tips on Psychic Protection.
Join our group for free tips on Psychic Protection.

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Welcome to the CREATE Course! 

I am so happy that you’ve decided to embark on this journey.

This is a private page that is only available to members who are officially signed up for the CREATE program.  This is a sacred space that I’ve created just for *you.*

Below you will find our class materials organized by module.  Click on each module to view the lessons.


Module 1—Introduction to Energy Healing + healthy energy boundaries

Module 2—Reiki I energy healing, part 1 (focus is on healing self)

Module 3—Reiki I energy healing, part 2 (focus is on healing the physical body)

Module 4—Intuitive Development 101

Module 5—More Intuitive Tools + connecting with your guides and angels

Module 6—The Aura and Chakras

Module 7—Energy Healing with Gemstones

Module 8—Reiki II energy healing, part 1 (focus is on mental/emotional healing, plus distant healing)

Module 9—Reiki II energy healing, part 2

Module 10—Advanced Reiki, part 1 (focus is on spiritual healing)

Module 11—Advance Reiki, part 2

Module 12—Fun Reiki Tools + a full day CREATE Retreat at a beautiful nature location!!

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