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  Fifteen years ago, if you had asked me to give a name to my spiritual leanings, I would have told you…
  Fifteen years ago, if you had asked me to give a name to my spiritual leanings, I would have told you…

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Have you ever ignored your intuition and later regretted it?

Have you ever gotten a psychic / intuitive hit about something, but someone in your life insisted you were wrong? So you doubted yourself and didn't heed your own intuitive knowing?   Seven years ago, I was considering moving into a rental house in Kansas. I had…

3 Ways to Receive Intuitive Information From Dreams

Hello everyone! Each of us is dreaming while we are sleeping, even though we many times have no recall of what we actually dreamed about. Every time you sleep, intuitive information specifically tailored to your needs flows directly to you.  Our dreams can be intensely powerful intuitive messengers. They contain secret tips and clues to the deepest part of ourselves. Even though…

How to Know if You're an Empath

Are You An Empath? What is an empath? Are YOU an empath? Here's how to know... ☯ Empaths are people who are easily affected by other people’s energies, and have an innate ability to intuitively feel and perceive the energy of others. They are sensitive to their surroundings and pick up the joy or pain of others. ☯ Empaths have a tendency to openly feel what is outside of them, more…

How To Know When You Are Being Attacked By Negative Energy!

Hello everyone, I once heard that if we could see all of the entities, beings, and energy around us--both light and dark--it would be so thick it would block out the sun. We can't escape from the energy that is around us at any given time, but there are a number of ways that we can block the negative, dark stuff from attaching to us, or getting in our space. We can also be under psychic attack,…

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