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Darkness Disguised as Light: The Hidden Truth About Psychic Protection and the Illusion Matrix tells…
Darkness Disguised as Light: The Hidden Truth About Psychic Protection and the Illusion Matrix tells…

Are you called to do this work?

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Hi friends,

 I know that many of you really resonate with psychic protection and keeping your space clear. Through my emails, videos and courses you may have picked up some helpful tips and techniques along the way. As you know, I have had intense experiences with entities, and have done in-depth research on this subject. I've learned some specific, little known techniques that have taken me years to gather and cultivate.

 Do you feel compelled to share with others what you have learned about psychic protection? Do you want to help others clear their home, office, car, or other space? Do you wish you had more in-depth techniques to really do thorough protection? If you feel a calling to learn more about space clearing and psychic protection, then this is for you! 

 Because of the magnitude of techniques and tips I have learned over the years, I've decided to put them all together and create a new program called Psychic Protection Mentorship that teaches you how to do this to help yourself and others. This is a 6-month certification course in psychic protection with an emphasis on space clearing.

 Here is what you will get: 

✓ Material from Maya’s new book, "Darkness Disguised as Light"

✓ Hours of pre-recorded video classes related to the reading materia  

✓ Guided homework assignments

✓ Access to the private Facebook group

 ✓ Our live monthly online class with Maya Zahira (Scroll down for class topics.)

 ✓ Replay of the live class will be available for your convenience

 ✓ Course completion certificate

 Note: This is not a casual course. You will be expected to complete all homework assignments each month.

 Live class + homework will equal about 5 hours of your time commitment each month.

 On the Psychic Protection Mentorship page, you will see a complete breakdown of the syllabus and class dates.

 Only a select few will be chosen for this course.

 You will know right away if you are drawn to do this work. If you feel the calling, please email me your answers to these 3 questions. (If your application is accepted, we will set up a video interview.)

 1. Have you had any psychic protection issues in the past? (Or currently?) If so, please explain the situation and how it impacted you.

 2. Why do you feel drawn to this program?

 3. What do you feel you will offer to the community once you have completed this program? 

As you read this, you'll know in your gut if you're supposed to do this program. Click on the link to read all the details, then contact me to set up your video interview.



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