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Darkness Disguised as Light: The Hidden Truth About Psychic Protection and the Illusion Matrix tells…
Darkness Disguised as Light: The Hidden Truth About Psychic Protection and the Illusion Matrix tells…

You Need to Know This

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: Psychic attack, Psychic protection, Entities, Attachments, Paranormal, Intuitive, Lightworker, Addictions, Boundaries, Manipulate, Exhausted, Discern, Spiritual, Vibration, Hooks, Tubes, Cords, triggers, practitioner, mentor, lineage, dreams, target, negativity, suffering, cold, anxious, depressed, energy healer, energy medicine, family dynamic, victim, control

 Hello everyone,

 As you may know, I have a number of videos on my YouTube Psychic Protection channel that I share with the public. The information that I cover in my videos goes over the basics of daily energy practices, empath sensitivity tips, entity attachments, and handling a severe psychic attack.

 Entities are energetic beings that attach to a person. There are all sorts of types of spiritual beings-many different types of entities from friendly ghosts, mischievous ghosts, evil spirits, demonic entities…and on and on. All entity attachments are unhealthy and interfere with your energy. Even if a spirit seems friendly, they are using your life-force energy, and they get it from who ever they hook in to.

 What is an entity attachment?

 An attached entity is a being in your energy field, or outside of it. It can have a cord like a hose or power cord that attaches itself from it to you via the energetic cord. Entities can also actually be inside you as well, which technically is considered possession. Not all possessions are evil or demonic, however that energy is running you and needs to be cleared. 

Entities can be a part of an infestation also. This means that there are numerous entities around or attached to you. Having an entity attachment is common, and most everyone has had this happen. Often times the cord that attaches from the being to the person is a 2-way channel. This sucks your life force energy and goes into the entity.

People who are suffering can be a real target for entity attachment. Sometimes it can send into you negative energy/thoughts and negative beliefs so that it can feed off of your negativity, manipulate you, and keep the suffering energy alive…creating a viscous cycle. 

Here are some signs that you might have an entity attachment:

 -You feel like you are being watched

-You feel like there is a presence around you

-You have really strange dreams 

-You experience paranormal activity

-You see something strange in a photo or video

-You might hear a voice around you, or from inside your own mind

-You may feel like you are being touched

-You feel cold, anxious, depressed, or dizzy

-You are physically exhausted for no apparent reason

-You have overpowering urges while trying to overcome an addiction

Of course these things can happen normally in life as well, so it is important to discern what is the actual cause. A skilled intuitive energy healer can help you tune in to help you discern what is really happening-if you have entities, how many, and help you get them removed.

Why do entities attach to people? 

Entities are beings that need energy. Some of them are stuck in the physical world and don't know how to leave, or don't choose to. There can be entities around us that don't attach to us. But when an entity attaches to us it penetrates the auric field which can be  extremely disruptive to your well-being. Attached entities are parasitic in nature, and their vibration is very low. When they are in our auric field we experience their thoughts, feelings and emotions, however nasty they can be.

Here are some issues that cause us to attract entity attachments:

-Past trauma (physical or emotional) in a person’s life can create weakness and distortion in their energy field, making it easy for the entity to get in and use your energy.

 -Physical trauma from an accident, surgery or illness can create energetic weakness that attracts entities.

-Grief, heartbreak, abuse, victim of a crime, and other serious issues can make it easier for an entity to hook in where there is damage in your energy field.

  -If you have been traumatized before, there can be an energy implant that is an energetic match and allows you to be a victim again. 

-An entity with a similar issue as you might try to plug into you because you match their vibration. Sometimes the entity attaches to a person with a vibrational match because they want to help them. This does not mean it IS helping the person! Also, allowing an entity to stay attached to a person does not help the entity get back to the light and move on.

-Entity attachments can be a result of ancestral patterns-a lineage of the same family dynamic issues can attract entities. There are a number of reasons why this can happen, that I go over in more detail in the video below.  

-Entities hook in to a person if the person is a lightworker-somone who consciously or unconsciously has a mission to bring more love, light and divine energy, to create positive change. This can include, healers, ministers, spiritual leaders, etc. Lightworkers can be a target to low vibration entities because the entity does not want a higher vibration to exist.

 -People with addictions can be an entity attractor. An entity who had the same addiction and is in the astral plane (hasn't moved on to the other side) will hook into the person to keep the addiction energy alive in them, because the addiction is so strong and they can still experience the addictive behavior. This encourages the person to stay addicted. (Watch the video for more important info on addictions and entities.) 

How entities keep you hooked...

Entities want to stay hooked to you so they can continue to manipulate and control you, to stay hooked using your energy. They can encourage their 'host' to not do anything that can cause them to be released. They help you stay in denial because you are in the middle of being manipulated. Hopefully this information will help you identify an attachment should that happen.

-They stir up life drama that is perceived normal but created by the entity to keep you distracted, so you don't heal the situation and remove the entity.

- They manipulate emotionally and mentally. They will talk into a person's ear--negative thoughts of self doubt, fear, trust, or doubt about whoever is helping them with clearing entities.

 -They encourage a lack of boundaries, which can be disguised as a message of self-love and love for mankind.

 -They will keep you physically exhausted or ill  to keep you from doing anything positive that may help you heal.

 -They will keep you addicted to any substance or any behavior not serving your highest good.

 -Entities will manipulate you mentally and emotionally, keeping you hooked by stirring up your triggers.


Be sure to watch the video below to get the rest of the information as well as the participants comments and stories on their experiences with entities!


P.S. Do you feel called to do psychic protection work out in the world? (The world needs more people doing this work!) I am in the process of forming a small, private psychic protection practitioner mentorship program which will take place 100% online. There are only a few spots left, so contact me for an interview.


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