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  Hello friends,   I'm really excited to announce that I'll be offering a 14-Day FREE online Spiritual…
  Hello friends,   I'm really excited to announce that I'll be offering a 14-Day FREE online Spiritual…

What's In Store for Your Love Life?

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: love, relationships, boundries, excitement, past-lifetimes, soul agreements, karma, timing, psychic reading, Valentine's Day, partner

Hello everyone!


As we approach Valentine's Day, we are surrounded by reminders about love. Stores are full of decorated windows and shelves, red heart-shaped balloons and chocolate boxes. The Valentine's Day specials at your favorite restaurant are in your mailbox. For some, this may be exciting...for others, depressing. 

If you are in a love relationship you may be planning a special event with your special someone. If not, maybe you are planning to go out where you could possibly meet that special someone. For most people, being in a relationship is crucially important as it helps them define themselves. For others, they may just enjoy the company of another person on a frequent or casual basis. 

There is an entire realm of unseen energy existing in relationships that can sometimes create havoc in them. Love can be so very confusing, especially when there are strong emotions or tangled energy cords! It's hard to see the truth of what's going on when you're in the thick of it, or are not fully aware of what is causing it. That's why intuitive guidance from a seasoned psychic can be so helpful.


Are you single and looking for someone?

When will you find love again, and what

will this newrelationship be like?


For some, being single can be a lonely time. I can help you see what the universe has lined up for you for your next relationship, and when. I can identify some of the energetic ways you can make your next love relationship work better, and the energy cords you may be dealing with based on their personality and energy. While like attracts like in many areas, our fundamental energies typically cause opposites to attract as well. Your next partner might be very different energetically from you. Why not have a psychic reading to get the best possible information ahead of time!


Relationship on the rocks? Is your partner cheating?

Are they telling the truth? Why have they been distant or moody? 


During a psychic reading, I can see the energy that is running between you and another person, and determine if the energy is real and honest, or if there are other factors involved. During the painful and stressful times of discord, negative energy going between two people can intensify. I can help clear any energy that may be blocking the truth, as well as identify other energy that might be part of the dynamic going on. Negative energy that runs between people in relationships can create havoc and make you ill, weak, unable to set boundaries, and much more.


Are you just starting in a new relationship? Is this

person interested in you?  Is there potential for a

relationship here? What will the relationship

be like? Will it last? 


New relationships are always so exciting! Anything we enjoy that is new makes us feel good...that new pair of shoes, or a new shirt. That is because we are hardwired in our brain to seek out new things, because our brain associates it with learning, and reward-seeking motivation. The downside is that the new love interest may have energy that will not serve you well, or personality characteristics that will not resonate energetically with you. The excitement can blind you to the downside that you are not seeing, or not wanting to see. 

During a psychic reading I can see how your energy responds to them and see if their energy is a vibrational match. Sometimes past-lifetimes, soul agreements, or karma with the other person need to be cleared in order for the relationship to work smoothly. I can also tell if there is a lot of light around the new relationship, which might indicate it can be something strong and long-lasting.


Looking for marriage? Will my current partner

ever propose? If so, when? 


Timing is everything in the universal sense, and sometimes one person has a different mindset of where a relationship is going than the other. During a personal reading, I can help you determine the energy of your relationship and see the energetic peaks and valleys that help give you a sense of timing for future events. If a person in a relationship has some energetic things that need to be cleared, that could be what is holding the other person back. There are many variables as to why a relationship may be stalled and not moving forward-I can help you identify them all and shift the energy that keeps you stuck.


What are my partner's feelings and intentions? How can I

bring us closer?


If you believe you are in a good relationship but want to take it to the next level, having an understanding of how the two of you are energetically connected can help fine tune some ways for becoming closer, and understanding where the partner is coming from-their point of view. By clearing energy, karma, or past-lifetimes during a psychic reading (that you both carry into the relationship) it frees you up to move forward in more love and light, and become closer.



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