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Hi everyone! If you saw my last email, then you know that right now there is a really great special offer…
Hi everyone! If you saw my last email, then you know that right now there is a really great special offer…

$30 OFF Psychic Readings--Limited Time!

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Hi everyone!

I hope you are experiencing a great start to the New Year, are ready to make some real shifts and changes in your life, and begin to really manifest!

Right now I'm doing a New Year special on psychic readings! A psychic reading will focus on what is in store for you and what you can look forward to in the coming year ahead.


Are you wondering what 2018 has in store for you? Wouldn't

you like to know about the good things coming your way?


And wouldn't you like to have a heads up about any challenges

so you can plan accordingly rather than be blindsided?


I absolutely love doing psychic readings! I've been providing psychic advice to others for more than 25 years. As a young child, I began having spiritual visions and encounters with the spiritual realm. My gifts grew over the years as I developed a natural ability to receive spiritual messages through sight, hearing, touch, empathic feeling, dreams, and more.

Using my natural-born intuitive abilities, I can answer your questions about love, career, money, health, life purpose, psychic protection, spirit guides, angels, connecting with your loved ones on the other side, and so much more. 


Here are a few of the many techniques that I use during

psychic readings:


✠ Oracle cards-Oracle cards are a great way to teach us tools for living and get us in touch with our true divinity. Each Oracle deck is completely different from the other. Their main focus can be on animals, angels, trees, Gods, Chakras, and more. I chose the deck that resonates with your energy during the reading.

✠ Pendulum energy-healers use a pendulum for measuring energy fields or as a type of 'dowsing tool' to connect with universal divine energy. During the session, I use the pendulum to get specific answers and guidance for you.

✠ Angels-during a reading I work with my guides and your guides to get specific information and answers from both our spirit guides. Your guides want to help you and give you information so you can be prepared and take specific action. 

✠ Intuitive messages-I have spent years developing and enhancing my intuitive skills, including 4 main intuitive senses: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. I have enhanced my skills over many years, in order to clearly receive universal information in these 4 ways.   


My approach is honest, straight-forward, and compassionate-my

goal is to help you live your life with purpose and empowerment.


Having a glimpse into your future will help you make the best decisions possible so you can make this the best year yet.


As a highly sought-after psychic reader, the investment for a reading with me is usually $125 for 30 minutes, and I rarely ever have sales. 

This may be your ONLY chance this year to receive

$30 off and get a 30-minute psychic reading for only $95!

Here are the different ways you can receive your reading: Your psychic reading can be done:  

✠ By phone.

✠ By video (via Zoom or Facetime). Readings done by Zoom video can be recorded for you at no extra charge so you can watch the reading again and again.

✠ By Facebook Messenger text.

✠ In person in Tonganoxie, KS. 

It's up to you! Think of the investment you'll be making in YOURSELF!

Sale ends January 31 and spots really ARE limited!

When all the spots fill, the discount goes away.



Maya's Consistent 5-Star Reviews from readings:

"Thank you MAYA!!! Loved your reading and I’m so glad I chatted with you today :). " 

"Absolutely love her! Can’t wait to see her predictions."

"She is very good. She explained things very well and with lots of original specific detail. I was really impressed! Her timelines are longer but would rather that than false expectations. I would definitely read with her again." 

"Fast, direct and honest. No sugar coating, honest and felt a warm friendly aura from her."




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