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  Hello friends,   I'm really excited to announce that I'll be offering a 14-Day FREE online Spiritual…
  Hello friends,   I'm really excited to announce that I'll be offering a 14-Day FREE online Spiritual…

How Big Will Your Jump Be?

By: Maya Zahira | Tags: shift, stuck, trauma, rocking the boat, patterns, unhealed, aura, abuse, neglect, self-care, emotional wound disconnect, energetic body, Addictions, Exhausted, family dynamic, stress, Psychic attack, Psychic protection, Entities, Attachments, Paranormal, Intuitive, Lightworker, Boundaries, Discern, Spiritual, Vibration, Hooks, Tubes, Cords, triggers, practitioner, life purpose, Energy healing

Happy Holidays everyone!

I love this time of year for a number of reasons. There is a certain energy and excitement in the air, and despite the stress and hustle bustle, it gives a sense of anticipation for something greater.

 With a New Year within arm's reach now, this is the time to really dig in and think about the year behind, and the year ahead. 

 What was great for you in 2017?

Did you land a great new job this year, start a wonderful new love or friend relationship, have a financial windfall, or take a trip? Reflect all the way back to January and think about everything great that happened since then? Is that list of great things as long as you would like it to be? Did you make the changes you said you would in your New Year's resolution? Or was it another year of the same thing? 

Right now is the time to start doing whatever it takes to shift

your energy for 2018, so you CAN manifest your goals.

But, just making a list of goals and dreams will always prove futile if there is not specific action and changes, that will shift your consciousness into accepting those dreams as your reality. 

Our subconscious mind is a very powerful thing! In order to completely change a thought pattern, the old stuck energy has to be cleared. But why is it so hard? 

What exactly keeps you SO stuck and why is it SO hard to shift??


Being able to experience life at its best means fully

healing the following so you can move forward:

❄ Old emotional wounds and past traumas. As a child you may have experienced violence, neglect, or was traumatized by your situation. This might have triggered you to create a false-self, become passive-aggressive, or create a lifetime of negative victim self-talk.    

❄ Disconnection from your spiritual source. We are all spiritual, but most of us live in a spiritually disconnected environment most of the time. Our ego constantly wants us to deny our spiritual self. Some signs that you are spiritually disconnected are lying, unhealthy lifestyle/poor diet, dislike of being alone (triggering co-dependence), not being open to receiving, and always having a fear of 'not enough.'    

❄ Chronic negative beliefs that have kept you stuck. When the mind chatter keeps saying "I'm not good enough, I'm not smart enough, I'm not beautiful enough," etc, those thoughts keeps reinforcing themselves in your sub-conscious mind, creating a never ending cycle of negativity.

❄ Unconscious vows and agreements that no longer serve you. This is an area where many of you may not even be aware of. You may have made past-lifetime vows, contracts, or agreements that are still playing out in this lifetime. Or you have been subject to dark energy or entities that you have agreed to work with without your awareness. There may be a number of soul agreements in place that allow you to be abused. You may have taken poverty vows that are keeping you from living in abundance. This is a very extensive area and one of the most powerful areas to heal.

❄ Damage to your energy field that makes you vulnerable to illness, psychic attack, and much more. You have an energetic atmosphere that surrounds you, as well as every living thing. This includes your aura and chakra centers. When they get out of balance, that can allow entities to come in and attack you, or can weaken the physical body so you become ill. Maintaining your energetic bodies is equally as important as maintaining your physical body. I teach you how to keep your energy strong and protected at all times. 

You now have a unique opportunity to join a circle

of powerful and supportive men & women who are all

on a similar journey. 


It's time to work with a group that can lovingly hold

you accountable... The Sacred Healing Circle!


The Sacred Healing Circle will help you to: 

❄ break out of the dull routines of your life.

❄ Breakthrough the roadblocks preventing you from manifesting abundance.

❄ treat yourself better and heal yourself on all levels--physical, spiritual and emotional.

❄ have healthier, happier relationships with everyone in your life.

❄ find your true life's purpose.

❄ embark on your own spiritual journey toward wholeness of being.


APPLY NOW and receive my Empath Survival Kit

absolutely free! ($49 value!)


The Empath Survival Kit contains:


☯ A 25-question Empath Quiz.

☯ 8 downloadable worksheets full of information, including all the how-to details, and self-exploration exercises.

☯ 2 bonus worksheets.

☯ A 30-minute audio recorded guided meditation for daily clearing and protection. 

☯ A bonus quickie 7-minute version of the

30-minute daily clearing meditation. 

☯ A bonus guided meditation for grounding.



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